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Reading Room Featured Selections

1921: You Folks in the Audience
You Folks in the Audience
1915: The Prophet Man
The Prophet Man
1918: The Ginger Jar
The Ginger Jar
1912: Amos Hopstone
Amos Hopstone
1913: Emancipating Mother
Emancipating Mother
1926: How to Raise Children
How to Raise Children
1922: Hon. Lemuel Hooper, J. P., on Matrimony
Hon. Lemuel Hooper, J. P., on Matrimony
(Judge Hooper)
1930: Gustapher Plogs and the Spotted Cow
Gustapher Plogs and the Spotted Cow
1927: Alibi

Ellis Parker Butler Reading Room

Betty Bliss   (BY DATE)
  1. The Boiled Ham Mystery (American Girl)
  2. The Detective Club (American Girl)
  3. The Flat-Tire Mystery (American Girl)
  4. The Goldfish Mystery (American Girl)
  5. The Hurry-Up Mystery (American Girl)
  6. The Locked Drawer Mystery (American Girl)
  7. The Red Avengers' Mystery (American Girl)
  8. The Red Hand Bag Mystery (American Girl)
  9. The Stolen Mascot (American Girl)
  10. The Thirty-Nine Dimes Mystery (American Girl)
  11. The White Blackbird Mystery (American Girl)
  12. The White Rabbit Mystery (American Girl)

Billy Brad   (BY DATE)
  1. Billy Brad and Everybody Else (Red Cross Magazine)
  2. Billy Brad and His Lease (Red Cross Magazine)
  3. Billy Brad and the Forbidden Fruit (McClure's Magazine)
  4. Billy Brad and the Middleman (Red Cross Magazine)
  5. Billy Brad, Convict (Saturday Evening Post)
  6. Billy Brad Discovers Capital (Red Cross Magazine)
  7. Billy Brad Meets Rent and Taxes (Red Cross Magazine)
  8. Billy Brad, the Free and Equal (Red Cross Magazine)
  9. Billy Brad's Bank Book (Red Cross Magazine)
  10. Billy Brad's Wonderful Story (People's Home Journal)
  11. Brad & Dunk, Junkmen (Red Cross Magazine)
  12. The High Cost of Living Hits Billy Brad (Red Cross Magazine)
  13. Wings (Ladies' World)

Books   (BY DATE)
  1. Ghosts What Ain't
  2. Goat-Feathers
  3. The Great American Pie Company
  4. Millingham's Cat-Fooler
  5. Robinson Crusoe and Thrift Stamps

Cheerful Smugglers   (BY DATE)
  1. The Fenelby Smugglers (Good Housekeeping)

Eliph' Hewlitt   (BY DATE)
  1. Eliph' Hewlitt, Book Agent (Saturday Evening Post)
  2. Eliph' Hewlitt, Castaway (Century Magazine)
  3. The Guide to Book-Agenting (Argosy)

Essays   (BY DATE)
  1. Ain't Got Time! (Rotarian)
  2. Beloved Humans: It's Going to Be a Great Life (Success Magazine)
  3. Black Hens and White Eggs (American Legion Magazine)
  4. Boom! Boom! Boom! (Outlook)
  5. The Christmas Complex (Fruit Garden and Home)
  6. The Collecting Mania (American Legion Magazine)
  7. Do You Still Believe in Fairies? (Sunset Magazine)
  8. Does Your Budget Budge Much? (Better Homes and Gardens)
  9. Dollarature (Atlantic Monthly)
  10. Exit Mr. Tumult and Miss Shouting (Carry On)
  11. Get Your Family Roots Into Your Own Soil (Better Homes and Gardens)
  12. The Ginger Jar (McClure's Magazine)
  13. Home Grown Whetstones (Fruit Garden and Home)
  14. Honoring Adam, the First Farmer (Farm Life)
  15. How It Feels To Be The Father Of Twins (American Magazine)
  16. How's Your Soil? (Better Homes and Gardens)
  17. Is the Radish Unconstitutional? (Better Homes and Gardens)
  18. It Might Be (Film Fun)
  19. Kitchen Efficiency (Fruit Garden and Home)
  20. The Little Tin Godlets (Rotarian)
  21. The Mayor of Moravia (Fruit Garden and Home)
  22. Movies Is Movies (Photoplay Magazine)
  23. My Neighbor's Chickens (Fruit Garden and Home)
  24. My Neighbor's Dog (Fruit Garden and Home)
  25. The Neighbor's Kids (Fruit Garden and Home)
  26. Our Friends, the Bees (Better Homes and Gardens)
  27. Pansies for Thoughts (Fruit Garden and Home)
  28. Plagiarists Are Thieves (Plagiarism the "Art" of Stealing Literary Material)
  29. Playing the Game (Seng Book)
  30. Bonds Are Certainly Bonds (Putnam's Investment Handbook)
  31. The Romance Trust (Leslie's Monthly)
  32. Save Your Neck (Rotarian)
  33. Spare Which -- The Rod or the Child? (Better Homes and Gardens)
  34. Stamp Collecting (Hobbies for Everybody)
  35. Strike Your Average -- Early! (Rotarian)
  36. Thank God For a Garden (Fruit Garden and Home)
  37. The Theatre, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Theatre Magazine)
  38. What it Cost Me To Score One Big Success (Cosmopolitan)
  39. What Should the Adult Beginner Collect? (Stamps)
  40. What Would the Boys We Were Think of Us Now? (Saturday Evening Post)
  41. What's This Success Thing? (Rotarian)
  42. What's Wrong with the Home? (Fruit Garden and Home)
  43. Who's Your Friend? (Rotarian)
  44. Why the Who's Are Who (Outlook)
  45. The Windiest Corner in the World (Brown Book of Boston)
  46. You Folks in the Audience (American Magazine)

Humor   (BY DATE)
  1. Alice and the Book Worm (Leslie's Monthly)
  2. The Amalgamated Book Insurance Club (Atlantic Monthly)
  3. Appropriate Telephone Numbers (Judge)
  4. The Automatic Baby (Success Magazine)
  5. The Babaw Club (Atlantic Monthly)
  6. Behaviorism Made Plain (Judge)
  7. A Brief Consideration (Bookman)
  8. Bull Hyde and Little Peewee (College Humor)
  9. Charles Darwin (Saturday Evening Post)
  10. Civilization Smashes Up (Saturday Review)
  11. Confessions of a Bank Burglar (Judge)
  12. The Correspondence School of Poetry (Leslie's Monthly)
  13. Cut That Waste! (New Yorker)
  14. The Dit School of Fiction (Bookman)
  15. Easy as Pie (Atlantic Monthly)
  16. Favorite Joke (Favorite Jokes of Famous People)
  17. The Financial Structure (Atlantic Monthly)
  18. The Funniest Stories I've Heard (Success Magazine)
  19. Getting Material (Bookman)
  20. Graft Elimination (Saturday Evening Post)
  21. Great Discoveries (Judge)
  22. Health-Laughing (Goblin)
  23. The History of the Tuscarora Club (The Tuscarora Club's Forty Year History: 1901-1941)
  24. How to Appreciate the Stars (Judge)
  25. How to Raise Children (Judge)
  26. How to Write Humorous Verse (Success Magazine)
  27. I Install My Receiving Set (Popular Radio)
  28. The 'Interoceanic Magazine' Takes After the Radio (New Yorker)
  29. Let Us Also Prohibit ---- (Judge)
  30. Let Us Jump (New Yorker)
  31. Let's All Go Crazy! (Judge)
  32. The Memoir Aristocratic (Saturday Evening Post)
  33. A Message from Mr. Barr Leecorn (Bookman)
  34. My Greek Novel (Bookman)
  35. The New Novel Menace (Atlantic Monthly)
  36. The Old Swimming Hole (College Humor)
  37. On Jury Duty (Success Magazine)
  38. On Phonetic Spelling (Atlantic Monthly)
  39. Our National Game (Success Magazine)
  40. Personally Painted (Fruit Garden and Home)
  41. A Specimen of Prose Libre (Pleiades Club Year Book)
  42. Poetification, A New Style (Atlantic Monthly)
  43. The Scarlet Orchid (Bookman)
  44. The Scenic Novel (Atlantic Monthly)
  45. Serio-Piffle Architecture (Architectural Record)
  46. Shakespeare-Bacon Controversy Solved (Bookman)
  47. Something for the Kid (Cosmopolitan)
  48. The Synthetic Cow (Red Book)
  49. Uncle Ashdod and the Fishschutzenfest (Judge)
  50. Uncle Jass Says (Judge)
  51. Uncle Jass Says (Judge)
  52. Unpublished Reviews (Bookman)
  53. Washington and Egypt's First King (Judge)
  54. What Happens When a Chicken Crosses the Road? (Judge)
  55. What I Don't Want (Good Housekeeping)
  56. What to Do Till the Doctor Comes (Goblin)

Jibby Jones   (BY DATE)
  1. Stoopid Went Fishing (Target)
  2. Too Much Horse (The American Boy Anthology)

Jo Ann   (BY DATE)
  1. Jo Ann and April Fool (American Girl)
  2. Jo Ann and Santa Claus (American Girl)
  3. Jo Ann and the Bird (American Girl)
  4. Jo Ann and the Garden (American Girl)
  5. Jo Ann and the Good Resolution (American Girl)
  6. Jo Ann and the Jokes (American Girl)
  7. Jo Ann and the Joop (American Girl)
  8. Jo Ann and the Lamb (American Girl)
  9. Jo Ann and the Last Straw (American Girl)
  10. Jo Ann and the Princess (American Girl)
  11. Jo Ann and the Pup! (American Girl)
  12. Jo Ann and the Sense of Humor (American Girl)
  13. Jo Ann Cleans House (American Girl)
  14. Jo Ann's Bandit (American Girl)
  15. Jo Ann's Christmas Mystery (American Girl)
  16. Jo Ann's Christmas Mystery (American Girl)
  17. Jo Ann's Drama (American Girl)
  18. Jo Ann's Haunted House (American Girl)
  19. Jo Ann's Musketeers (American Girl)

Judge Hooper   (BY DATE)
  1. The Bloc (Independent)
  2. Civic Virtue (Independent)
  3. Foreign Propagandists (Independent)
  4. Hon. Lemuel Hooper, J. P., on Matrimony (Independent)
  5. Hooper, J. P., on the Law's Delays (Independent)
  6. The Irish Settlement (Independent)
  7. Judge Hooper on an Archaic Peculiarity (Independent)
  8. Judge Hooper on Luxury (Independent)
  9. Judge Hooper on Propaganda (Independent)
  10. Judge Hooper on the By-Laws (Independent)
  11. Judge Hooper on the Club of Nations (Independent)
  12. Judge Hooper on the Four-Power Treaty (Independent)
  13. Judge Hooper on the Melting Pot (Independent)
  14. Judge Hooper on the Middle Classes (Independent)
  15. Judge Hooper on the Strike Situation (Independent)
  16. Judge Hooper on Troubled Waters (Independent)
  17. Judge Hooper on Under Dogs (Independent)
  18. Lem Hooper Discovers Our President (Independent)
  19. Lem Hooper Explains the Chinese Puzzle (Independent)
  20. Lem Hooper Improves Ford's Currency Plan (Independent)
  21. Lem Hooper on Bitter Bread (Independent)
  22. Lem Hooper on Censorships (Independent)
  23. Lem Hooper on Dictators (Independent)
  24. Lem Hooper on Evolution (Independent)
  25. Lem Hooper on Free Verse (Independent)
  26. Lem Hooper on Genoa (Independent)
  27. Lem Hooper on Text-Books (Independent)
  28. Lem Hooper on the Constitution (Independent)
  29. Old Mother Hubbard and the Bonus (Independent)
  30. Pessimism and Petunias (Independent)
  31. The Plesiosaurus in Politics (Independent)

Oliver Spotts   (BY DATE)
  1. $100 Thousand Reward; Oliver Spotts, Near-Detective (Illustrated Detective Magazine)
  2. The Ace of Death (Illustrated Detective Magazine)
  3. The Heckby Hill Murder (Illustrated Detective Magazine)
  4. Oliver Spotts, Near-Detective (Illustrated Detective Magazine)
  5. The Third-Grade Watson (Illustrated Detective Magazine)

On Writing   (BY DATE)
  1. Are Sidelines Helpful? (Writer's Year Book and Market Guide)
  2. An Author Glares at Editors (Bookman)
  3. Ellis Parker Butler Talks on Humor (Writer's Digest)
  4. Finding the Idea (Writer's Digest)
  5. How I Sell My Stories (Writer's Digest)
  6. How 'Pigs is Pigs' Was Written (Writer)
  7. Humor in Writing (Writer's Markets and Methods)
  8. More Laughs in Literature, Please! (Author & Journalist)
  9. Selling 'Second Rights' (Writer's Digest)
  10. Story of Pigs is Pigs (Bookman)
  11. Ten Rules for Humor (Photoplay Magazine)
  12. This Funny Business (Writer's Digest)

Other   (BY DATE)
  1. Bloody Tuesday Is Coming! (Dutch Treat Club Year Book)
  2. The Bone-Crackers (Munsey's Magazine)
  3. Bouillabaisse Joe Tilden (The Stag Cookbook)
  4. The Chewing Gum Issue (New York Times)
  5. Chris Marie Meeker (America's Humor)
  6. Dear House of Harper (Harper Centennial)
  7. E. P. Butler Literature Factory (Century Magazine)
  8. I Was the Boy Whom That Tomboy Mopped Up (Writing Books for Boys and Girls)
  9. An Innocent Abroad (Atlantic Monthly)
  10. Introduction (Putnam's Two-Way Question Book)
  11. Introduction (The Talmadge Sisters)
  12. Magazine Men (Saturday Evening Post)
  13. Mr. Gilder's Choice of Words (New York Times)
  14. Restitution and Reparation (America in the War)
  15. Thrift-Spending and Spend-Thrifting (Hopewell Herald)
  16. What Is the Dutch Treat Club? (Dutch Treat Club Year Book)
  17. Why I Live In Flushing (Illustrated Flushing and Vicinity)

Perkins of Portland   (BY DATE)
  1. The Adventure of the Fifth Street Church (Leslie's Monthly)
  2. The Adventure of the Lame and the Halt (Leslie's Monthly)
  3. The Crimson Cord (Leslie's Monthly)
  4. Don't Swear! (Collier's)
  5. A Fortune in Hot Air (People's Home Journal)
  6. Mr. Perkins of Portland (Century Magazine)

Philo Gubb   (BY DATE)
  1. The Pet (Red Book)
  2. Philo Gubb's Greatest Case (Mississippi River Tales)

Pigs is Pigs   (BY DATE)
  1. Pigs is Pigs (American Magazine)
  2. Pigs is Pigs
  3. Pigs is Pigs (Sears Catalog)
  4. The 'Pigs Is Pigs' Phenomenon (The Iowan)
  5. Review of Pigs is Pigs (Oshkosh Daily Northwestern)

Poetry   (BY DATE)
  1. Anticipation (New England Magazine)
  2. At Variance (Middletown Daily Argus)
  3. The Ballad of a Bachelor (Century Magazine)
  4. The Ballade of the Automobile (Leslie's Monthly)
  5. The Ballade of the Mistletoe Bough (American Magazine)
  6. Bird Nesting (American Magazine)
  7. The Charge of the Second Iowa Cavalry (Iowa City Citizen)
  8. Circumstantial Evidence (New England Magazine)
  9. A Culinary Puzzle (Truth)
  10. Cupid Caught Napping (Munsey's Magazine)
  11. The Cut Finger (Century Magazine)
  12. The Daughter of the Year (New England Magazine)
  13. Deer (Toaster's Handbook)
  14. Djolan (Bookman)
  15. Dogs (Toaster's Handbook)
  16. An Exception (Marion Daily Star)
  17. The Final Tax (Red Book)
  18. Golden Silence (Munsey's Magazine)
  19. The Golf Walk (Leslie's Monthly)
  20. Good - Better - Best (New England Magazine)
  21. How'd You Like It? (Judge)
  22. The Hunter (Leslie's Monthly)
  23. Immortality (Munsey's Magazine)
  24. Jabed Meeker, Humorist (Everybody's Magazine)
  25. Judgment Day (The Tuscarora Club's Forty Year History: 1901-1941)
  26. Little Ballads of Timely Warning; I: On Dishonesty Arising from Ignorance (Bookman)
  27. Little Ballads of Timely Warning; II: On Malicious Cruelty to Harmless Creatures (Bookman)
  28. Little Ballads of Timely Warning; III: On Laziness and Its Resultant Ills (Bookman)
  29. A Lost Angel (National Magazine)
  30. Maude's Valentine (New England Magazine)
  31. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (St. Nicholas Magazine)
  32. Millennium (Saturday Evening Post)
  33. A Minute (New England Magazine)
  34. Mouths of Hippopotami and Some Recent Novels (Bookman)
  35. Nature's Wisdom (Saturday Evening Post)
  36. Night In the City (New England Magazine)
  37. No Beer, No Work (Snappy Stories)
  38. October (New England Magazine)
  39. An Old-Fashioned Garden (Leslie's Monthly)
  40. Outbid (New England Magazine)
  41. A Parisian Episode (Bookman)
  42. Partners (Century Magazine)
  43. A Pastoral (Judge)
  44. The Poor Boy's Christmas (Leslie's Monthly)
  45. A Question (Leslie's Monthly)
  46. Reasonable Interest (Bookman)
  47. The Rich Boy's Christmas (Leslie's Monthly)
  48. Ridden Down (Puck)
  49. The Romance of Patrolman Casey (Sunset Magazine)
  50. A Satisfactory Reform (Newark Daily Advocate)
  51. Says Mister Doojabs (New York Times)
  52. The Secret Combination (Taken From Life)
  53. The Sheep (Saturday Evening Post)
  54. Song For Heroes (New Yorker)
  55. Speaking of Operations (Judge)
  56. A St. Valentine's Day Tragedy (Leslie's Monthly)
  57. A Study in Feeling (Leslie's Monthly)
  58. The Tearful Tale of Captain Dan (Century Magazine)
  59. To G. M. W. and G. F. W. (On the Tibur Road)
  60. To Jessica, Gone Back to the City (Century Magazine)
  61. To Kate. (In Lieu of a Valentine) (Munsey's Magazine)
  62. To Lovers (New England Magazine)
  63. To Marguerite (New England Magazine)
  64. To May (Leslie's Monthly)
  65. To Phyllis and May (Leslie's Monthly)
  66. Trespassers (New England Magazine)
  67. The Twenty Hoss-Power Shay (Leslie's Monthly)
  68. Underneath the Rose (Dutch Treat Club Year Book)
  69. Untitled (Bedford Gazette)
  70. Untitled (Bridgeport Telegram)
  71. Valentine to the Girl in Black (Leslie's Monthly)
  72. The Water Nymphs (American Magazine)
  73. Western (Saturday Evening Post)
  74. The Whale (Saturday Evening Post)
  75. When Ida Puts Her Armor On (Oshkosh Daily Northwestern)
  76. Why I Went to the Foot (Leslie's Monthly)
  77. Why Washington Retreated (Century Magazine)
  78. Womanly Qualms (Leslie's Monthly)
  79. The Wood Nymph (American Magazine)
  80. Would You Believe It? (Life)

Related Material   (BY DATE)
  1. An Autobiography (Saturday Evening Post)
  2. Benefit for Needy Writers (Author's Weekly)
  3. Beside the Mississippi (Historic Midwest Houses)
  4. Breaking Into Literary Game (Dearborn Independent)
  5. Down with Poison Ivy! (New York Times)
  6. E. P. Butler Dead; Noted Humorist (New York Times)
  7. Ellis P. Butler, of 'Pigs Is Pigs' Fame, Is Dead (New York Herald Tribune)
  8. Ellis Parker Butler (A Book of Iowa Authors By Iowa Authors)
  9. Ellis Parker Butler (Authors' League Bulletin)
  10. Ellis Parker Butler (Handwriting Analysis)
  11. Ellis Parker Butler (Iowa Authors)
  12. Ellis Parker Butler (My Maiden Effort)
  13. Ellis Parker Butler (Our American Humorists)
  14. Ellis Parker Butler (People's Home Journal)
  15. Ellis Parker Butler (Twentieth Century Authors)
  16. Ellis Parker Butler Emerges from the West (Boston Evening Transcript)
  17. Ellis Parker Butler: Popular Humorist at the Turn of the Century (Western Illinois Regional Studies)
  18. Friends and Crooks (The Happy Profession)
  19. Glamorous As Kashmir (Little Known Stories of Muscatine)
  20. He Lives On (American Boy)
  21. Introducing Some 'American Girl' Authors and Artists (American Girl)
  22. The Jack-Knife Man (King Vidor)
  23. Laughing Philosophers (Good Housekeeping)
  24. The Man Who Made Pigs and Pups Famous Tells How He Did It (New York Times)
  25. The Men Who Make the Argosy (Argosy)
  26. Method In Their Madness (Bookman)
  27. Milestones (Time Magazine)
  28. The Origin of the Dutch Treat Club (New York City Folklore)
  29. Portrait (American Magazine)
  30. Portrait (Book News Monthly)
  31. Portrait (Ladies' Home Journal)
  32. Portrait (St. Nicholas Magazine)
  33. Portrait (Sunset Magazine)
  34. Portrait (The Best Stort Stories of 1918)
  35. Queens Houses Loathe to Use New Numbers (New York Times)
  36. Review (Book News Monthly)
  37. Review (Judge)
  38. Some Amazing Figures (20 Best Short Stories in Ray Long's 20 Years as an Editor)
  39. Some Memoirs of a Very, Very, Very Old Dutch Treater (Dutch Treat Club Year Book)
  40. The Story in Pigs is Pigs (The Book of Wonders)
  41. Ten Humor Rules Given by Author of 'Pigs is Pigs' (Los Angeles Evening Herald)
  42. Verse Means to Get About Queens (New York Times)
  43. Who's Who In This Issue (American Girl)
  44. Writers Among 200 at Butler Funeral (New York Times)
  45. The Year 1905 (What Grandpa Laughed At)

S. Potts and Daniel   (BY DATE)
  1. The Exciting Life (Collier's)
  2. The Power Behind the Throne (Illustrated Sunday Magazine)
  3. Teeth is Teeth (Cosmopolitan)

Stories   (BY DATE)
  1. The Adopted Baby (Munsey's Magazine)
  2. Ads Is Ads (Judge)
  3. Alibi (Short Stories)
  4. The Ambition of Barnabee Holt (Popular Magazine)
  5. Amos Hopstone (Black Cat)
  6. An Arkansas Pastel (Freeborn County Standard)
  7. Being Happy with Walter (Saturday Evening Post)
  8. Below Zero (Argosy)
  9. Big Money Billings (Saturday Evening Post)
  10. Billy Bain, the Boy Detective (Detective Story)
  11. Bit by Snake (Judge)
  12. The Blind Ass of the 'Dobe Mill (Century Magazine)
  13. A Blue-label Saint (Success Magazine)
  14. The Boom in Spooks (Saturday Evening Post)
  15. The Bowlegged Horse (Open Road For Boys)
  16. Bread Upon the Waters (Detective Story)
  17. Bull Hyde and Little Peewee (College Humor)
  18. A Bump on the Head (Country Gentleman)
  19. The Bum's Rush (Saturday Evening Post)
  20. The Canned Plum Pudding (Delineator)
  21. Car No. 1297 (Argosy)
  22. Carden - The Conqueror (Rotarian)
  23. The Case of Henry Beemis (Atlantic Monthly)
  24. Casey Goes Through (Milestones)
  25. The Casey-Murphy Handicap (Success Magazine)
  26. Casey Puts One Over (Milestones)
  27. The Cave Men (Sunset Magazine)
  28. Chicken Bait (Best Detective Magazine)
  29. Chips (Liberty)
  30. Christmas Grouch (Fireside Book of Canadian Christmas)
  31. A Christmas Present for Grandpa (Liberty)
  32. A Christmas Stop-Over (Monthly Story Magazine)
  33. The Chromatic Ghosts of Thomas (Woman's Home Companion)
  34. Collar-Button Casey (Rotarian)
  35. Consider Mr. Barsh (New Yorker)
  36. Cousin May (Red Book)
  37. Cowpuncher's Paradise (Complete Western Book)
  38. The Crisis (Ladies' Home Journal)
  39. A Cross-stitch Penance (Ladies' World)
  40. The Day of the Spank (American Magazine)
  41. The Day on the Roof (Century Magazine)
  42. Dey Ain't No Ghosts (Century Magazine)
  43. Dictated to Doris (Saturday Evening Post)
  44. The Dog That Returned to Mexico (St. Nicholas Magazine)
  45. Dora's Easter Service (Naugatuck Daily News)
  46. The Doves of Sandona (Liberty)
  47. Economic Waste (Everybody's Magazine)
  48. The Eighty-Seven Napoleans (College Humor)
  49. Emancipating Mother (Woman's World)
  50. The Ethiopian Dip (Century Magazine)
  51. An Experiment in Gyro-Hats (Hampton's Magazine)
  52. The Extroducer (Argosy)
  53. The False Gods of Doc Weaver (Century Magazine)
  54. Father (Rotarian)
  55. The Feet of the Detwilers (Leslie's Monthly)
  56. Fenderton Roper, Hero (Every Week)
  57. Fenderton Roper, Pressman (Liberty)
  58. The Fifth Commandment (Harper's Bazar)
  59. First Aid (Christian Herald)
  60. The First Day of School (Red Cross Magazine)
  61. For Good Old Wumpus (College Humor)
  62. A Fortune in Hot Air (Leslie's Monthly)
  63. Freedom from the Press (Judge)
  64. From Peak to Peak (Gentlewoman Magazine)
  65. Geoffrey's Panklaggephone (Cosmopolitan)
  66. The Girl With the Gilded Nose (Brown Book of Boston)
  67. A Good fer Nawthin' (Criterion)
  68. The Head of the Department (Good Housekeeping)
  69. The Great Hartsock Boom (Brown Book of Boston)
  70. The Great Park Strike (Leslie's Monthly)
  71. The Great Timascheff-Servadac Duel (Appleton's Magazine)
  72. The Great Yarvard Mystery (College Humor)
  73. Green Eyes (Best Detective Magazine)
  74. Green Paint (Saturday Evening Post)
  75. Gull Ledge (American Girl)
  76. Gustapher Plogs and the Spotted Cow (Ballyhoo)
  77. The Gymkhana at Milkville (Leslie's Monthly)
  78. The Hanging-On of 'By Jocks' (Century Magazine)
  79. He Saw Washington (Holland's Magazine)
  80. The Heart of a Man (Leslie's Monthly)
  81. Henri's Niece (Red Book)
  82. Here Comes the Groom (Laughter)
  83. Hidden Death (Best Detective Magazine)
  84. I Gae Doon the Doone Dune (Appleton's Magazine)
  85. The Idealist (Bookman)
  86. In the Next Cot (Leslie's Monthly)
  87. International Skull and Cross Bones, Ltd. (Saturday Evening Post)
  88. It Ran Over Rabbits (Motor)
  89. Jerry's Pachyderm (Century Magazine)
  90. Jiffers on the Job (Grit (Story Section))
  91. John Scott's Affectionate Pup (Judge)
  92. Keeping Up Grandma's Morale (Red Cross Magazine)
  93. The Kick-Off (Success Magazine)
  94. Kidnaping Insurance (Argosy)
  95. Kissing Hannah (Pall Mall Magazine)
  96. A Knight Without Reproach (Saturday Evening Post)
  97. The Last Conversion of Sally-in-the-Hollow (Century Magazine)
  98. The Last Man (Blue Book)
  99. The Last Quart (Judge)
  100. The Last Step (Woman's World)
  101. The Late John Wiggins (Everybody's Magazine)
  102. Legg of Lamb (College Humor)
  103. Letters from the Back (Saturday Evening Post)
  104. The Letters in the Sky (Detective Magazine)
  105. The Liar (Sunset Magazine)
  106. The Literary Graveyard (Leslie's Monthly)
  107. The Log of a Lost Soul (Judge)
  108. Long Sam "Takes Out" (Century Magazine)
  109. Lover's Leap (Harper's Monthly Magazine)
  110. Lunk-head Johnson (Short Stories)
  111. Mamie (Country Gentleman)
  112. A Man, a Boy, and a Dog (Rotarian)
  113. The Man from '20 (Judge)
  114. The Man Who Did Not Go to Heaven on Tuesday (Century Magazine)
  115. The Man Who Murdered a Fairy (Pictorial Review)
  116. The Man Who Was Someone Else (Century Magazine)
  117. The Man With the Glass Front (American Magazine)
  118. Mascot (Saturday Evening Post)
  119. Matey (Saturday Evening Post)
  120. A Matter of Economy (Century Magazine)
  121. A Midsummer Madness (Cosmopolitan)
  122. Mike Flannery, Detective (Short Stories)
  123. Millington's Motor Mystery (Century Magazine)
  124. A Miserable Business (Judge)
  125. Montana Golf (Saturday Evening Post)
  126. Mourning for Yonks (McCall's)
  127. Mr. and Mrs. Brownlee Hold Hands (Radio News)
  128. Mr. Gimp Attends the Horse Show (Judge)
  129. Mr. Jern's Ambition (Woman's Home Companion)
  130. Mr. Jesty and the Auto-Top (Motor)
  131. Mr. Klinsky's Even Mind (Argosy)
  132. Mr. Middlemay's Alibi (Pictorial Review)
  133. Mr. Murchison's Radio Party (Radio News)
  134. Mr. Wellaway's Host (Century Magazine)
  135. Mrs. Casey's Dollar (Success Magazine)
  136. Mrs. Dugan's Discovery (Good Housekeeping)
  137. Mrs. Dugan's Husbands (Sunset Magazine)
  138. Murchison's Dog (People's Home Journal)
  139. Mustapha Ali (Chicago Herald American)
  140. Mutual Spurs, Limited (Saturday Evening Post)
  141. My Cyclone-proof House (Century Magazine)
  142. My Housebreaker (Munsey's Magazine)
  143. My Valet (Green Book)
  144. Mystery House (Munsey's Magazine)
  145. A Nameless Gift (Shippensburg News)
  146. Nobility, What? (Goblin)
  147. Organizing Grandpa (Ladies' Home Journal)
  148. Our First Burglar (Everybody's Magazine)
  149. Our Lease (Ainslee's)
  150. Our Neighbor's Children (Leslie's Monthly)
  151. Pap Briggs's Phenomenal Hen-Food (Century Magazine)
  152. Pete, the Circassian Horse (Saturday Evening Post)
  153. The Pirut Crue of the Red Dagger (Red Cross Magazine)
  154. The Pishylogical Momentum (Success Magazine)
  155. Pollywog Pearls (Argosy)
  156. Princess Fifi (Judge)
  157. The Prodigal's Return (Argosy)
  158. Prohibiting the Movies, or the 87th Amendment (Judge)
  159. The Prophet Man (Popular Magazine)
  160. A Quiet Night with Joseph (Youth's Companion)
  161. Real Money (Liberty)
  162. The Reformation of Uncle Billy (Century Magazine)
  163. Remember the Can-opener! (Family Circle)
  164. The Republic of Susan B. (Ainslee's)
  165. The Role of the Doldrums (Judge)
  166. Romance (Saturday Evening Post)
  167. The Rowena O'Toole Company (St. Nicholas Magazine)
  168. Safety First (Collier's)
  169. Say Wen (College Humor)
  170. Scratch-Cat (Every Week)
  171. The Sectional House (Century Magazine)
  172. The "Setting Out" at Big'Low's (Century Magazine)
  173. She Doted on Lobster (Country Home)
  174. She Liked His Face (Green Book)
  175. Slim Finnegan (Saturday Evening Post)
  176. Solander's Radio Tomb (Radio News)
  177. Something Unusual (Outdoor America)
  178. Speaking of the Weather (New York Times)
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  180. The Super-Cook (Blue Book)
  181. Susie (Delineator)
  182. Tears and Temperament (Popular Magazine)
  183. Telling Jedbury (Saturday Evening Post)
  184. Temporary Editor (Leslie's Monthly)
  185. The Tenth Mrs. Tulkington (Marriage)
  186. Testy and Stubborn (Blue Book)
  187. The Thin Santa Claus (Saturday Evening Post)
  188. Thinner and Thinner (Argosy)
  189. Thompson's Truthful Graveyard (Sunset Magazine)
  190. The Three Hundred (Saturday Evening Post)
  191. Time Isn't Time (Judge)
  192. A Tip from Fogarty (Red Book)
  193. Tom Betts' Dog (St. Nicholas Magazine)
  194. Too Long and Too Loose (Munsey's Magazine)
  195. Too Many Runs (Maclean's)
  196. The Tragedy of Toto (New York Times)
  197. Tug of War (Short Stories)
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  207. Why He Married Her (Green Book)
  208. The Witness (Detective Story)
  209. Wodelbert's Pseudo-Uncle (Woman's World)


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