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  1. To document and preserve the published works of Ellis Parker Butler.
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Hello from Texas---

My name is John Martin and I am the editor and publisher of this web site.

In late 1991 when I was rummaging through a box of old books in an antique shop somewhere between Houston and Austin, I stumbled upon a copy of Pigs is Pigs. I wasn't sure what I had found, but I bought it anyway (for $2.00) and brought it home, unread. That little book sat at home, still unread, until I rediscovered it months later. Like so many readers in years past, I read it from cover to cover in just a few minutes, laughing hysterically most of the time.

Such a funny and complex story told in so few words!

I looked for additional books by the same author but I couldn't find any in the shops in Houston and Southeast Texas. It was a full two years later that I found a copy of The Incubator Baby in a gift shop on the Northwest side of Houston.

After several years of looking during my occasional trips to antique shops and used book stores, the technological marvel of this age changed my browsing habits forever: I found plenty of Butler's works available for sale on eBay!

Now I'm the proud owner of copies of almost all of Butler's books and hundreds of other Butler pieces: magazines, anthologies, newspapers, yearbooks, program guides... just about anything I could find (and afford) on eBay or in second-hand book shops around the country. I have a lot of stuff, but I'm always looking for more!

I'm an Ellis Parker Butler fan (and maybe a Butler fanatic). I'm always looking for copies of stories I don't have and for Butler memorabilia that sparks my interest.

Like any fan, I want to share my interest with others. I've put up this web site to create a place where the works of Ellis Parker Butler can be read, enjoyed and appreciated. I'll post whatever material I can find (as long as I can verify that it's accurate) including the text and illustrations for stories and books as they become available.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you're enjoying yourself... and I hope you consider yourself a Butler fan, too!

John Martin

John Martin
Editor/Publisher, www.EllisParkerButler.Info

P.S.   If you have something you'd like to share with me, contact me by phone at 800-445-9980 or by email at andmore@alief.com. I'm always ready to talk with another Butler fan!



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