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Bibliography of Ellis Parker Butler

Other materials relating to Ellis Parker Butler


  1. New York Herald Magazine (March 3, 1907)   "After Dinner With the Literary Chaps"   About the Dutch Treat Club. Illustrations by James Montgomery Flagg. Includes a sketch of Ellis Parker Butler titled "Butlers Is Butlers." p 4.  [NYPL]
  2. 1909

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  4. 1911

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  6. _____ (March 29, 1911)   "A Solemn Protest"   A letter to the editor by Mrs. R. P. Mulligan. The last of four letters in a series. p 12.  [NYTIMES]
  7. 1913

  8. New York Times (October 2, 1913)   "Down with Poison Ivy!"   An article. "Ellis Parker Butler Organizes a League to Suppress It." p 5.  [NYTIMES]
  9. 1915

  10. American Magazine (July, 1915)   "A Letter to Ellis Parker Butler"   "From the real father in 'The Son and Father Movement.'" Volume 80. Number 1.  [EPBLIB]
  11. 'The Story in Pigs is Pigs' from The Book of Wonders (1915)
  12. BOOK: The Book of Wonders (1915) "The Story in Pigs is Pigs" Click here to see a picture of this item.Article. Edited and Arranged by Rudolph John Bodmer. "The Book of Wonders, gives plain and simple answers to the thousands of everyday questions that are asked and which all should be able to, but cannot answer." "Fully illustrated with hundreds of educational pictures which stimulate the mind and give a bird's eye view of the wonders of nature and the wonders produced by man." Article on page 374 tells of the production of the 1914 film starring John Bunny, illustrated with several photographs. Presbrey Syndicate, Inc. New York. 1915.  [EPBLIB]
  13. 1918

  14. Authors' League Bulletin (April, 1918)   "Mr. Butler Gets a Present"   p 12-14.  [HARPER]
  15. Indianapolis Star (May 8, 1918)   "A Reader's Notes"   Article about the Vigilantes organization. Indianpolis Star, May 8, 1918.  [NPA]
  16. BOOK: Sears Catalog (1918) "Pigs is Pigs" Click here to see a picture of this item.Sears sold copies of Pigs is Pigs for twenty-five cents in their 1918 catalog.  [MISC]
  17. 1919

  18. BOOK: Putnam's Investment Handbook (1919) "Bonds Are Certainly Bonds"   An extended quotation. Book by Albert W. Atwood. G. P. Putnam's Sons: New York. p 82-90.  [GOOGLE BOOKS]
  19. 1920

  20. Los Angeles Evening Herald (March 9, 1920)   "Ten Humor Rules Given by Author of 'Pigs is Pigs'"   Written by Adela Rogers St. John (b. 1894, d. 1988). Includes a photo of the author (the same photo as printed in July 1925 issue of Sunset Magazine) and a photo of the elder Butler with his son Ellis Olmsted (called "Ellis, Jr." in the caption). The similarly named article in Photoplay Magazine reprints major portions of this article. Ms. St. John was acting as publicist for King Vidor's film company (First National Pictures), which made the motion picture version of "Jack-Knife Man" this same year. Page 1 of Section 2.  [EPBLIB, HARPER]
  21. 1922

  22. Washington Post (December 10, 1922)   "Ellis Parker Butler Head of Authors' Clan"   A notice. p 67.  [WASHPOST]
  23. 1923

  24. New York Times (March 4, 1923)   "Lighter Side of an Author's Life Seen by Men Who Write Our Yarns"   An article with an extensive section on Ellis Parker Butler.  [EPBLIB]
  25. 'Pigs is Pigs' from Sears Catalog (1918)


  26. Vanity Fair (June, 1925)   "We Nominate for the Hall of Fame"   By Robert H. Davis. Includes a photo of Butler. Ad/promotional item includes by name Theodore Dreiser, Ring Lardner, H.I. Phillips, Ellis Parker Butler, James J. Montague.  [EPBLIB]
  27. Dutch Treat Club Year Book (1925)   "Some Memoirs of a Very, Very, Very Old Dutch Treater" Click here to see a picture of this item.By Julian Street. There is no material attributed to Butler in this volume, but he is referenced extensively in this humorous tribute to several Dutch Treat Club members. p 21-28. Butler is also listed as a member of the Board of Governors for the club. p 7.  [EPBLIB]
  28. 1926

  29. American Magazine (December, 1926)   The name "Ellis Parker Butler" appears on the cover, but there is no Butler story in this issue.  [EPBLIB]
  30. New York Times (December 3, 1926)   "Verse Means to Get About Queens"   A verse from Ellis Parker Butler makes the news.  [NYTIMES]
  31. 1927

  32. Dearborn Independent (June 11, 1927)   "Breaking Into Literary Game" Click here to see a picture of this item.by Thomas L. Masson. This article about succeeding as a writer starts with a long anecdote about Ellis Parker Butler's arrival in New York City. p 6-7, 20-21.  [EPBLIB]
  33. New York Times (August 21, 1927)   "Queens Houses Loathe to Use New Numbers"   A page one news story.  [NYTIMES]
  34. Syracuse Herald (November 6, 1927)   "Literary Parasites"   By Arthur Strawn. Includes an extensive quote from Butler. p 5-6.  [NPA]
  35. 'Breaking Into Literary Game' from Dearborn Independent (June 11, 1927)


  36. North American Review (August, 1929)   "Has America a Sense of Humor?"   By Thomas Lansing Masson. North American Review 228, page 178.  [CHAPIN]
  37. 1931

  38. Author's Weekly (June 20, 1931)   "Benefit for Needy Writers"   Butler is quoted and referenced by name in this article. The full title of this publication is "The Author's Weekly - The Editor."  [LOCKE]
  39. BOOK: Authors Digest (1931)   "The world's greatest stories in brief, prepared by a staff of literary experts, with the assistance of many living novelists." Selected and edited by the committee of the Authors Club of New York. OCLC: 17746218. New York: Authors Press.  [WORLDCAT]
  40. 1932

  41. Bookman (June and July, 1932)   "Method In Their Madness"   By Edward Weeks. "Sidelights on the Writing Habits of Authors -- Part Two." There's a brief reference to Ellis Parker Butler on page 228. p 225-232.  [EPBLIB]
  42. 1933

  43. BOOK: Over Here (1933)   By Mark Sullivan. Volume V of Our Times. New York: Scribner's.  [HARPER]
  44. 1935

  45. Top-Notch (May, 1935)   "Letter"   Testimonial in the Silver Anniversary Issue.  [LOCKE]
  46. Writer's Digest (June, 1935)   "Ellis Parker Butler Talks on Humor"   By Henry Harrison. "Interviews With Notable Authors". p 11-13.  [LOCKE]
  47. 1938

  48. Author & Journalist (February, 1938)   "Literary Lessons from Ellis Parker Butler"   by Harry M. East. Includes an extensive quote from Butler. p 14-15.  [LOCKE]
  49. BOOK: 1885-1905: A History of American Magazines (1938)   By Frank Luther Mott. Volume IV of A History of American Magazines. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.  [HARPER]
  50. 1939

  51. BOOK: My Day in Court (1939) "The Authors' League"   By Arthur Train. About the founding of the Authors' League in 1911 and later. Ellis Parker Butler is credited as being elected Secretary and Treasurer pro tem and as having signed the incorporation papers filed in Albany on December 18, 1912. Chapter 27. p 308-313. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons.  [HARPER]
  52. 'Beside the Mississippi' from Historic Midwest Houses (1947)


  53. BOOK: Historic Midwest Houses (1947) "Beside the Mississippi" Click here to see a picture of this item."Ellis Parker Butler House, Muscatine, Built in 1860's." Includes a black and white photograph of the home at 607 Third Street in Muscatine, Iowa. University of Minnesota. Bonanza Books. Crown Publishers. New York. Pages 133-134. Reprinted in 1975.  [EPBLIB]
  54. 1948

  55. BOOK: What Grandpa Laughed At (1948) "The Year 1905"   "Homer Croy's roundup of the best in American Humor from the World's Fair 0f 1893 to the First World War." By Homer Croy. Duell, Sloan and Pearce. New York. Page 109.  [CHAPIN]
  56. 1954

  57. Muscatine Journal (August 19, 1954)   "Diary of Ellis Parker Butler Is Found at Jensen Residence"    [HARPER]
  58. 1956

  59. BOOK: New York City Folklore (1956) "The Origin of the Dutch Treat Club" Click here to see a picture of this item.Edited by B. A. Botkin. Westport Connecticut: Greenwood Press. Reprinted 1976. ISBN 0-8371-9310-9.  [EPBLIB]
  60. 1959

  61. BOOK: Handwriting Analysis (1959) "Ellis Parker Butler" Click here to see a picture of this item.This book contains a brief analysis of Butler's character from a sample of his handwriting. "The Art and Science of Reading Character" by M. N. Bunker, founder, International Grapho Analysis Society. Chicago: Nelson-Hall Company, Publishers. Pages 27-29.  [EPBLIB]
  62. 1964

  63. The Iowan (Winter, 1964)   "The 'Pigs Is Pigs' Phenomenon" Click here to see a picture of this item.By Fred W. Lorch (b.1893, d.1967), Iowa State University. Lorch received degrees from Knox College (B.A. 1918) and the State University of Iowa (M.A. & Ph.D.). Lorch joined the Iowa State staff in 1921 and was professor and head of the Department of English and Speech from 1942 to 1959. Includes a photo of Butler and a hand-drawn autobiographical map made by him. p 9-11, 52.  [CHAPIN]
  64. 1968

  65. BOOK: Sketches of 21 Magazines, 1905-1930 (1968)   By Frank Luther Mott. With a cumulative Index to the Five Volumes. Vol V of A History of American Magazines. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.  [HARPER]
  66. 1969

  67. BOOK: Queen's Quorum (1969)   By Ellery Queen (Frederick Dannay and Manfred B. Lee). "A History of the Detective Crime Short Story as revealed in the 106 most important books published in the field since 1845." Includes the selection of Philo Gubb as one of those most important books. New York: Biblo and Tannen.  [HARPER]
  68. 'The 'Pigs Is Pigs' Phenomenon' from The Iowan (Winter, 1964)


  69. Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin (June, 1979)   "Folk Humor in the Stories of Ellis Parker Butler"   By Jeffrey J. Folks. Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin 45, No. 11 (June 1979). p 79-84. Tennessee Folklore Society.  [CHAPIN]
  70. 1980

  71. BOOK: Little Known Stories of Muscatine (1980) "Glamorous As Kashmir" Click here to see a picture of this item.By William D. Randall. Edited by members of the Friends of the Musser Public Library. Written from scripts of a radio program on local radio stations KWPC and KFMH. The initial series was broadcast on Sunday afternoons June 5 through August 28, 1949. Muscatine Iowa: Friends of the Musser Public Library. Volume 1. p 21-25. Copies are available for purchase at the Musser Public Library; 304 Iowa Avenue; Muscatine, Iowa 52761-3875. telephone: (563) 263-3472.  [EPBLIB]
  72. 1982

  73. Books at Iowa 37 (November, 1982)   "Lighting Out for the Territory Back East: Ellis Parker Butler, American Humorist"   By Henry B. Chapin.  [WEB]
  74. Western Illinois Regional Studies (1982)   "Ellis Parker Butler: Popular Humorist at the Turn of the Century"   By Jeffrey J. Folks. Includes a photograph of Ellis Parker Butler. Volume 5.1. p 38-53.  [HARPER]
  75. 1986

  76. Journals of the Butler Society (1986)   "Ellis Parker Butler: American Humorist"   By Henry B. Chapin. Volume 3:1 (1986-1987). p 90-93.  [HARPER]
  77. 1987

  78. BOOK: American Humor Magazines and Comic Periodicals (1987)   David E. E. Sloane, editor. An overview and history of many Americn publications. Included are remarks about Ellis Parker Butler being published in "America's Humor" (p 333); "Laughter" (p 420); "Judges' Library" and "Sis Hopkin's Own Book" and "Magazine of Fun" published from 1912 to 1915 (later becoming "Film Fun") (p 426); "Up to Date" which was subtitled "Everybody's Magazine" (p 480-1); and "The Yellow Kid" and "The Yellow Book" published from March 20, 1897 and July 17, 1897 respectively (p 496-7). Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press. LOC: 86-27155. ISBN: 0-313-23956-8.  [HARPER]
  79. 1988

  80. BOOK: King Vidor (1988) "The Jack-Knife Man"   An extended oral history of King Vidor who directed the film made from Ellis Parker Butler's book The Jack-Knife Man. Interviewed by Nancy Dowd and David Shepard. Metuchen NJ and London: The Directors Guild of America and The Scarecrow Press. p 21-25. ISBN 0-8108-2161-3.  [EPBLIB]
  81. 1997

  82. Yellowback Library (October, 1997)   "Ellis Parker Butler and Jibby Jones"   By Gil O'Gara. Number 160. p 12-16. Informed commentary on the Jibby Jones stories, especially when viewed as collectables along with "serial books, dime novels and related literature."  [EPBLIB]
  83. 'Glamorous As Kashmir' from Little Known Stories of Muscatine (1980)


  84. BOOK: Hog Ties: What Pigs Tell Us about America (2002)   by Richard P. Horwitz. Extensive analysis of "Pigs is Pigs". ISBN: 0816641838. Publisher: University of Minnesota Press. Aug 1, 2002. p 241-251.  [GOOGLE BOOKS]
  85. 2003

  86. Iowa Heritage Illustrated (Fall, 2003)   "In Commemoration of Ellis: The Iowa Beginnings of a Great American Humorist"   An article by Katherine Harper. "He wrote the story "Pigs Is Pigs" -- and a few thousand more." Vol. 84. Published by the State Historical Society of Iowa.  [WEB]


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