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Bibliography of Ellis Parker Butler

In the year(s) '1911...'


  1. Bookman (January, 1911)   "Unpublished Reviews"   Humor. Tongue-in-cheek reviews of books by Julius Caesar, Marco Polo, Baron von Munchhausen and the Greek poet Homer. p 544-45.  [RGTPL]
  2. Canada West Monthly (January, 1911)   "The House That Wouldn't Wait"   A Betzville Tales story. Illustrations by Peter Newell. Same as "Pilgath Gubb's Auto-House"? p 178-181.  [EPBLIB]
  3. Cosmopolitan (January, 1911)   "Something for the Kid"   Humor. Butler's contribution to a section called "An Up-to-the-Minute XMas." Illustrated in color by Horace Taylor. p 168-70.  [RGTPL]
  4. Pall Mall Magazine (January, 1911)   "The Exciting Life"    [HARPER]
  5. Red Book (January, 1911)   "Anabasco Betz and Her Back"   "A story of a strenuous piano." A story. p 479-481.  [HARPER]
  6. Smart Set (January, 1911)   "Travel Broadens One So"    [HARPER]
  7. Illustrated Sunday Magazine (January 8, 1911)   "The Philosophy of Love"   A story. The copy in EPBLIB is from the Minneapolis Tribune Sunday Magazine. "S. Potts and Daniel." Illustrated by Dan Sayre Groesbeck. p 8, 17-18.  [HARPER]
  8. Judge (January 14, 1911)   "Thoughts about Exotic Poetry"    [HARPER]
  9. Illustrated Sunday Magazine (January 22, 1911)   "The Danger of Tainted Money"    [HARPER]
  10. Judge (January 28, 1911)   "Uncle Ashdod, Skipper of the Sally Ann"   p 14-15.  [HARPER]
  11. Short Stories (February, 1911)   "Harrod's Synthetic Bingo"    [HARPER]
  12. Judge (February 11, 1911)   "Fatma, the Fortune-Teller"    [HARPER]
  13. Illustrated Sunday Magazine (February 19, 1911)   "A Homily on Dogs"    [HARPER]
  14. Judge (February 25, 1911)   "Anent George W."   p 5-6.  [HARPER]
  15. 'The Scenic Novel' from Atlantic Monthly magazine (March, 1911)
  16. Atlantic Monthly (March, 1911)   "The Scenic Novel" Click here to see a picture of this item.Humor.  [RGTPL]
  17. Judge's Library (March, 1911)   "The Suffra-Jane and the Suffra-Joseph"   "(A Prefectly Idiotic Suffra-Jingle)"  [HARPER]
  18. Judge (March 4, 1911)   "Appropriate Telephone Numbers"   p 3.  [HARPER]
  19. _____ (March 11, 1911)   "The Enthusiastic Moment"    [HARPER]
  20. _____ (March 18, 1911)   "John Scott's Affectionate Pup" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. p 15-16 (pages are unnumbered).  [HARPER]
  21. New York Times (March 19, 1911)   "My Selective Garden"   A story. "An Experiment that Should Have Revolutionized the Art of Gardening in a Jiffy, Being Worked by an Infallible System -- But It Didn't." p V-14.  [NYTIMES]
  22. _____ (March 24, 1911)   ""Yawp," "Yoppox," "Faryawp," "Yawpists," "Yawpers," "Jang," "Hellogram""   A letter to the editor. The first of four letters in a series. p 10.  [NYTIMES]
  23. Judge (March 25, 1911)   "Uncle Ashdod and the B. B. S. Club"   p 9-10.  [HARPER]
  24. New York Times (March 27, 1911)   "Telephonic Messages"   A letter to the editor by W. J. Lampton. The second of four letters in a series. p 10.  [NYTIMES]
  25. 'John Scott's Affectionate Pup' from Judge magazine (March 18, 1911)
  26. _____ (March 29, 1911)   ""Yawp""   A letter to the editor. "Ellis Parker Butler Identifies the Lampton with the Telephonic Variety." The third of four letters in a series. p 12.  [NYTIMES]
  27. _____ (March 29, 1911)   "A Solemn Protest"   A letter to the editor by Mrs. R. P. Mulligan. The last of four letters in a series. p 12.  [NYTIMES]
  28. Century Magazine (April, 1911)   "The Last Conversion of Sally-in-the-Hollow"   A story. With pictures by F. R. Gruger. p 890-894.  [RGTPL]
  29. Human Life (April, 1911)   "King Kelly and the Rinky-Forry"    [HARPER]
  30. Pacific Monthly (April, 1911)   "The Man That Was Squelched"   A story. This magazine merged with Sunset Magazine after December 1911. p 381-389.  [HARPER]
  31. Short Stories (April, 1911)   "Sir Algernon Saint-Montgomery"    [HARPER]
  32. Judge (April 1, 1911)   "The Complete Letter Writer"    [HARPER]
  33. Betzville Tales (April 9, 1911)   "Mrs. Betz and the Ballot"   A Betzville Tales story. One illustration by Peter Newell. "Aunt Rhinocolura Betz is always in the forefront of progress, and leads our village with a strong but gentle hand; and when she said she was going to flop over and be a suffragette, the City Council immediately met and voted that every lady in town could vote any time she felt like it." Washington Post; April 9, 1911; pg. SM4, 2 pgs.  [WASHPOST]
  34. Judge (April 15, 1911)   "Uncle Ashdod and the Easter Eggs"    [HARPER]
  35. Illustrated Sunday Magazine (April 16, 1911)   "Daniel and His New Shoes"   A story. "S. Potts Spouts Wisdom". Illustrated by Dan Sayre Groesbeck.  [HARPER]
  36. Judge (April 29, 1911)   "An Accommodating Gentleman"    [HARPER]
  37. 'The Bone-Crackers' from Munsey's Magazine (May, 1911)
  38. Munsey's Magazine (May, 1911)   "The Bone-Crackers" Click here to see a picture of this item.A play. "A Dietetic Comedy in One Act." p 203-208.  [HANNIGAN]
  39. Red Book (May, 1911)   "Mr. Peevy on Votes for Women"    [HARPER]
  40. Short Stories (May, 1911)   "Aunt Betsy"   As Sage O. Vesey.  [HARPER]
  41. Judge (May 13, 1911)   "The Seed Catalog"    [HARPER]
  42. _____ (May 27, 1911)   "All for the Best"   p 13-15.  [HARPER]
  43. Bookman (June, 1911)   "A Brief Consideration"   Humor. Full title: "A Brief Consideration of the Present Disheartening Condition and Quality of Fictional Literature Written in the English Languages." p 399-401.  [RGTPL]
  44. Judge's Library (June, 1911)   "Millington's Motor Boat"    [HARPER]
  45. Lippincott's Monthly Magazine (June, 1911)   "The Scoop"   A story.  [RGTPL]
  46. Short Stories (June, 1911)   "The Ghost Plumber's Courtship"   As Sage O. Vesey.  [HARPER]
  47. Sunset Magazine (June, 1911)    [RANDLEMAN]
  48. Judge (June 3, 1911)   "Uncle Ashdod and the Fishschutzenfest" Click here to see a picture of this item.Humor.  [HARPER]
  49. _____ (June 10, 1911)   "Judge's Condensed Book Guide"    [HARPER]
  50. 'Uncle Ashdod and the Fishschutzenfest' from Judge magazine (June 3, 1911)
  51. Good Housekeeping (July, 1911)   "Mrs. Dugan's Discovery"   Humor. A reprint of the now famous piece. Includes the Strothmann illustrations from 1908, printed in black only. An editor's note says this is a reprint from August 1909 (which is probably an error and should have referred to August 1906 or August 1908). p 142-144.  [RGTPL]
  52. Red Book (July, 1911)   "The Whiggin"   A story. "Later She Married a Plipp." One of the "Built-by-Speculator" series. p 546-49.  [EPBLIB]
  53. Smart Set (July, 1911)   "The Days We Celebrate"    [HARPER]
  54. Success Magazine (July, 1911)   "The Automatic Baby" Click here to see a picture of this item.Humor. "A New Generation of Infants Germless, Voiceless and Hopeless." Illustrated by Rodney Thomson. p 10, 43.  [HARPER]
  55. Judge (July 8, 1911)   "Uncle Ashdod and Votes for Women"    [HARPER]
  56. _____ (July 15, 1911)   "Bit by Snake" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. "A thrilling story of circus life." p 6-8.  [HARPER]
  57. _____ (June 17, 1911)   "The Politeness of William Higgel"    [HARPER]
  58. _____ (July 22, 1911)   "Uncle Ashdod and the Ruling Passion"    [HARPER]
  59. Puck (July 26, 1911)   "Harold's Picnic Shoes"    [HARPER]
  60. Judge (July 29, 1911)   "Judge's Dictionary of Business Terms"    [HARPER]
  61. 'The Super-Cook' from Blue Book magazine (August, 1911)
  62. Blue Book (August, 1911)   "The Super-Cook" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. "A lightsome tale of an amusing domestic dilemma." p 894-896. Text and images contributed by John Locke.  [LOCKE, PULP]
  63. Bookman (August, 1911)   "Djolan" Click here to see a picture of this item.A poem. A "djolan" is a bird (although you'll have trouble getting a dictionary that says so) and the "d" is silent, which is the whole point of the poem. p 625.  [RGTPL]
  64. Century Magazine (August, 1911)   "The Blind Ass of the 'Dobe Mill"   A story. Illustration by F. R. Gruger. Truly a unique Butler piece; an allegory set in a rural Mexican village. p 607-610.  [CHAPIN, RGTPL]
  65. Lippincott's Monthly Magazine (August, 1911)   "Where There's a Will"   A story.  [RGTPL]
  66. New Story Magazine (August, 1911)   "The Innocence of Mr. Canning"    [HARPER]
  67. Red Book (August, 1911)   "The Snuffle-Sneeze"   A story. One of the "Built-by-Speculator" series. p 669-72.  [HARPER]
  68. Short Stories (August, 1911)   "The Admirable John"    [HARPER]
  69. Judge (August 12, 1911)   "Judge's Jokester's Guide to New York"    [HARPER]
  70. _____ (August 19, 1911)   "Mr. Gimp Kills a Fly"    [HARPER]
  71. Bookman (September, 1911)   "Reasonable Interest"   A poem in 24 verses. p 23.  [EPBLIB]
  72. 'Djolan' from Bookman magazine (August, 1911)
  73. Judge's Library (September, 1911)   "A New England Courtship"   The full title of this publication is "Judge's Library and Sis Hopkins Own Book Combined: A Magazine of Fun."  [HARPER]
  74. Red Book (September, 1911)   "Mr. Migswitch"   A story. One of the "Built-by-Speculator" series.  [HARPER]
  75. Short Stories (September, 1911)   "The Shyster"    [HARPER]
  76. Judge (September 2, 1911)   "The Flight of Gaffney Greene"    [HARPER]
  77. Associated Sunday Magazines (September 3, 1911)   "The Healer of Sore Minds"   A story. One illustration. "Entry No. 49 in Our Prize Story Competition". Found in Sunday Magazine of the Boston Sunday Post. p 6-7.  [HARPER]
  78. Judge (September 9, 1911)   "Mr. Gimp Mends the Faucet"    [HARPER]
  79. New York Times (September 10, 1911)   "Reasonable Interest"   A poem. Printed in the "New York Times Review of Books" section. First page of the September 10 edition. Credited as from the Bookman. p 537.  [NYTIMES]
  80. Judge (September 16, 1911)   "Fixing Sammy"    [HARPER]
  81. New York Times (September 17, 1911)   "Uncle Ashdod, Humorist, Tells a Variegated Codfish Yarn"   A story. p V-14.  [NYTIMES]
  82. Life (September 21, 1911)   "Reasonable Interest" Click here to see a picture of this item.A poem. Credited as from the Bookman. p 463.  [EPBLIB]
  83. 'Princess Fifi' from Judge magazine (September 30, 1911)
  84. Judge (September 30, 1911)   "Princess Fifi" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. p 6-8.  [HARPER]
  85. Bookman (October, 1911)   "Mouths of Hippopotami and Some Recent Novels"   A poem. The apology is probably a reference to a series of similarly named articles by Frederic Taber Cooper in this publication. p 207.  [RGTPL]
  86. Magazine Maker (October, 1911)   "How I Wrote My First Funny Story"    [HARPER]
  87. Red Book (October, 1911)   "Aunt Coruna"   A story. One of the "Built-by-Speculator" series. p 1050-1054.  [HARPER]
  88. Short Stories (October, 1911)   "The Ink Bottle"    [HARPER]
  89. New York Times (October 1, 1911)   "Truthful Thomas Frisbee"   "The Yarn of a Scientific Agriculturalist." V:14. Also reprinted in Dallas Morning News, October 8, 1911.  [HARPER]
  90. Puck (October 4, 1911)   "The New Reporter"    [HARPER]
  91. Judge (October 7, 1911)   "The Curse of Wealth"    [HARPER]
  92. _____ (October 14, 1911)   "Four Little Tales"    [HARPER]
  93. _____ (October 21, 1911)   "Mr. Gimp Attends the Horse Show" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story.  [HARPER]
  94. Adventure (November, 1911)   "The Verdon Jewels"    [HARPER]
  95. 'Mr. Gimp Attends the Horse Show' from Judge magazine (October 21, 1911)
  96. Architectural Record (November, 1911)   "The Client"   A story. Illustrations by J. M. Rose. p 441-49.  [RGTPL]
  97. Red Book (November, 1911)   "The Bay Window"   A story. One of the "Built-by-Speculator" series.  [HARPER]
  98. Short Stories (November, 1911)   "Miss Rosenbloom"    [HARPER]
  99. Judge (November 4, 1911)   "Making It Clear"    [HARPER]
  100. Associated Sunday Magazines (November 12, 1911)   "Fogarty's Thirteen"    [HARPER]
  101. Judge (November 18, 1911)   "Mr. Griggs Invests"    [HARPER]
  102. New Story Magazine (December, 1911)   "In Time For Tea"    [HARPER]
  103. Pall Mall Magazine (December, 1911)   "Mr. Marston's Chauffeurette"   A story. p 1035-42.  [HARPER]
  104. Red Book (December, 1911)   "The Burglar"   A story. One of the "Built-by-Speculator" series. "persistency is its own reward." p 240-244.  [HARPER]
  105. Short Stories (December, 1911)   "Easy Money"    [HARPER]
  106. ANTHOLOGY: Caricature (1911)   "Caricature: The Wit and Humor of a Nation in Picture, Song and Story, Illustrated by America's greatest artists." Short stories by Ellis Parker Butler: "Mr. Sonderby Hurries", "John Smith". 8th edition. Leslie-Judge Company.  [EPBLIB]
  107. ANTHOLOGY: Caricature (1911)   "Caricature: The Wit and Humor of a Nation in Picture, Song and Story, Illustrated by America's greatest artists." Short stories by Ellis Parker Butler: "The Enthusiastic Motorist" and "Uncle Ashdod and the B. B. S. Club." 13th edition. Leslie-Judge Company. OCLC 22973870.  [HARPER]
  108. ADAPTATION: Pigs is Pigs: A Comedy in One Act (1911)   A play. By John Jex. Copyrighted but unpublished(?).  [HARPER]
  109. BOOK: The Adventures of a Suburbanite (1911)   Thirteen loosely related stories. Illustrations by A. B. Phelan. Garden City: Doubleday, Page and Company. The Bookman JAN-1912 (p 567) listed this book as just received.  [EPBLIB]


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