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Bibliography of Ellis Parker Butler

In the year(s) '1919...'


  1. American Magazine (January, 1919)   "I Gather Too Many Goat-Feathers - Do You?"   This is the same essay as Goat-Feathers with a different (if similar) title. Includes a full-page photo of the author. "Twelve years ago Ellis Parker Butler set the whole country laughing over "Pigs is Pigs." He followed that shot out of his locker with "The Incubator Baby," "The Great American Pie Company," "Water Goats," and other wonderful yarns. He was born forty-nine years ago in Muscatine, Iowa, is married, and now lives in Flushing, a suburb of Brooklyn. He has four children, one of whom is shown here." Volume 87. Number 1.  [RGTPL]
  2. Metropolitan (January, 1919)   "Sterling Steele"   Humor. Includes a cartoon by Tony Sarg. p 38.  [HARPER]
  3. 'Was Patagonia Neutral?' from Judge magazine (January 25, 1919)
  4. Judge (January 25, 1919)   "Was Patagonia Neutral?" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. Illustrations by Wilfred Jones. The name "Ellis Parker Butler" appears on the cover. "But all might still have been well had we not run aginst th' question iv th' loyalty iv th' Republic iv Patagonia."  [EPBLIB]
  5. Association Men (February, 1919)   "Why Step on Your Face, George?"    [HARPER]
  6. Authors' League Bulletin (February, 1919)   "A Letter to the Members"    [HARPER]
  7. Judge (March 29, 1919)   "Uncle Jass Says" Click here to see a picture of this item.Humor. A selection of nine humorous and witty statements. p 7.  [HARPER]
  8. _____ (April 5, 1919)   "Uncle Jass Says"    [HARPER]
  9. _____ (April 12, 1919)   "Uncle Jass Says" Click here to see a picture of this item.Humor. A selection of ten humorous and witty statements. p 6 (unnumbered).  [HARPER]
  10. Authors' League Bulletin (May, 1919)   "A Constructive Program for the League"    [HARPER]
  11. Red Cross Magazine (May, 1919)   "Keeping Up Grandma's Morale"   A story. Illustrated by J. R. Shaver. Also, an editor's note on page 51 in the April 1919 issue calls attention to this story. p 39-43.  [HARPER]
  12. Saturday Evening Post (May 10, 1919)   "Romance" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. Illustration by Will Grefe. p 12, 109.  [HARPER]
  13. 'Lover's Leap' from Harper's Monthly Magazine (June, 1919)
  14. Harper's Monthly Magazine (June, 1919)   "Lover's Leap" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. Published in the "Editor's Drawer" section. Illustrated by A. B. Walker. p 137-41.  [EPBLIB]
  15. World Magazine (June 1, 1919)   "The Return of the Gods"    [HARPER]
  16. Washington Post (June 22, 1919)   "An Experiment in Gyro-Hats"   A story. Illustrated by Albert Levering. p SM2+.  [WASHPOST]
  17. Bookman (July, 1919)   "Getting Material"   Humor. Printed in the "Complaint Department." HARPER incorrectly lists this in the JUN-1919 issue, but does show the correct page numbers. Volume XLIX. Number 5. p 581-582.  [HARPER, RGTPL]
  18. Red Cross Magazine (July, 1919)   "Brad & Dunk, Junkmen"   A Billy Brad story. Illustrated by Maginel Wright Enright. p 16-20.  [HARPER]
  19. Green Book (August, 1919)   "A Career of Crime"   A Jane Sprood story. p 68-71+.  [HARPER]
  20. Modern Priscilla (August, 1919)   "Jailing Father"   A story. Illustrated by F. Strothmann. p22-23+.  [EPBLIB]
  21. Snappy Stories (August 4, 1919)   "No Beer, No Work" Click here to see a picture of this item.A poem in 25 verses. p 1.  [EPBLIB]
  22. 'No Beer, No Work' from Snappy Stories magazine (August 4, 1919)
  23. Green Book (September, 1919)   "The Avalanche"   A story. "A new adventure of Jane Sprood, Detective." Illustrated by Rea Irvin. p 77-79, 96-97.  [HARPER]
  24. Metropolitan (September, 1919)   "Number Five"   A story. "The four surplus young women felt a sort of tremulous expectancy. Their time would soon come." Illustrations by M. L. Blumenthal. p 17-18, 65.  [HARPER]
  25. People's Popular Monthly (September, 1919)   "You Know Best"    [HARPER]
  26. Red Cross Magazine (September, 1919)   "The High Cost of Living Hits Billy Brad" Click here to see a picture of this item.A Billy Brad story. Illustrations by J. R. Shaver. p 27-29, 72.  [HARPER]
  27. World Magazine (September 14, 1919)   "How Near at Hand Is the End of the World?"    [HARPER]
  28. Collier's (September 27, 1919)   "The Dried Goldfish"   Illustrated by A. B. Frost. "When with ladies Mr. Scoggins was almost boyish in his manner!" Not listed in RGTPL.  [EPBLIB, FICTIONMAGS]
  29. Judge (September 27, 1919)   "The Doodlebirds"    [HARPER]
  30. Bookman (October, 1919)   "A Message from Mr. Barr Leecorn"   Humor. Printed in the "Complaint Department." p 187-9.  [RGTPL]
  31. Everybody's Magazine (October, 1919)   "Economic Waste" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. "The story of a hard-hit conscience." Illustrated by Edward M. Ashe. The name Ellis Parker Butler appears on the cover. p 46+  [RGTPL]
  32. 'Economic Waste' from Everybody's Magazine (October, 1919)
  33. Green Book (October, 1919)   "Toluardorol"   A Jane Sprood story. p 76-79+.  [HARPER]
  34. People's Popular Monthly (October, 1919)   "You Know Best"    [HARPER]
  35. Red Cross Magazine (October, 1919)   "The First Day of School" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. Four illustrations by Maginel Wright Enright. "Ethelbert stood for a brief second on the stairs looking down. He was vastly unhappy." p 23-26, 66.  [HARPER]
  36. Green Book (November, 1919)   "On Suspicion"   A Jane Sprood story. p 67-69+.  [HARPER]
  37. People's Popular Monthly (November, 1919)   "You Know Best"    [HARPER]
  38. World Outlook (November, 1919)   "False Retentions or Something"    [RGTPL]
  39. Judge (November 1, 1919)   "The Two Kisses"    [HARPER]
  40. Saturday Evening Post (November 8, 1919)   "A Knight Without Reproach" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. Illustration by S. Gordon Smyth. p 69-70.  [HARPER]
  41. American Magazine (December, 1919)   "Poor Old Ellis Parker Butler is 50 This Month"   "And glad of it! Here is his own story of how he feels at the half-century mark." An essay. Includes a photo of the author and his family, credited to L. L. Butler (relation?), Chicago, Ill.  [RGTPL]
  42. 'A Knight Without Reproach' from Saturday Evening Post magazine (November 8, 1919)
  43. Green Book (December, 1919)   "The Psychic Hunch"   A Jane Sprood story. p 67-69+.  [HARPER]
  44. People's Popular Monthly (December, 1919)   "You Know Best"   A story. Last of four parts. Illustrated. p 6, 26-27.  [HARPER]
  45. ANTHOLOGY: Best Ghost Stories (1919) "Dey Ain't No Ghosts"   Introduction by Arthur B. Reeve. This story forms the basis for the later "Ghosts What Ain't" essay and book. The Modern Library. New York: Boni and Liveright. p 177-87. Also published in 1943.  [EPBLIB]
  46. BOOK: Goat-Feathers (1919) Click here to see a picture of this item.An essay. This book is a critical self-assessment of Butler's own perceived failure to achieve more fame and fortune. Butler had hoped that personal insights into his own life would inspire readers to seek their own successes more aggressively. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.  [EPBLIB]
  47. Pleiades Club Year Book (1919)   "No Beer, No Work"   A poem. p 61. Book is dated 1918-1919. "Published in the year twenty-five of the Pleiades Club."  [EPBLIB]
  48. Putnam's Investment Handbook (1919) "Bonds Are Certainly Bonds"   An extended quotation. Book by Albert W. Atwood. G. P. Putnam's Sons: New York. p 82-90.  [GOOGLE BOOKS]
  49. 1919?

  50. MOTION PICTURE: An Author at Work (1919?)   Authors' League of America, ca 1919. Based on Goat-Feathers. Screenwriter and performer: Ellis Parker Butler. No copies seem to have survived.  [HARPER]


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