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Bibliography of Ellis Parker Butler

In the year(s) '1935...'

    'The Boiled Ham Mystery' from American Girl magazine (January, 1935)


  1. American Girl (January, 1935)   "The Boiled Ham Mystery" Click here to see a picture of this item.A Betty Bliss story. "Betty Bliss and the Detective Club are called in to work on a burglary which baffles the police." Illustrated by Leslie Turner. p 16-18, 32.  [HARPER]
  2. Writer's Review (February, 1935)   "What to Write"    [LOCKE]
  3. Boys' and Girls' Newspaper (February 24, 1935)   "The Mud Creek Rattlers"    [HARPER]
  4. American Girl (March, 1935)   "The White Rabbit Mystery" Click here to see a picture of this item.A Betty Bliss story. "There wasn't a crime in the neighborhood for the Detective Club to solve till Art's rabbits vanished." Illustrations by Leslie Turner. p 16-18, 42-43.  [HARPER]
  5. Woman's Home Companion (March, 1935)   "Pride of Mrs. Pelty"   A story. Illustrated by Rico Le Brun.  [RGTPL]
  6. Argosy (March 9, 1935)   "Murder Money"   A short story. "A careful clueless murder. A murderer often leaves behind a clue for the law -- but in this clueless crime the law unwittingly provided its own solution." One illustration.  [ARGOSY, PULP]
  7. Every Week (March 1, 1935)   "Take It and Like It"   A story. "Her name was Cast-iron Annie, and a young man in love -- and in trouble -- found her a friend indeed." Illustrated by Harry Grissinger. Found in the Lima (Ohio) News.  [NPA]
  8. Boys' and Girls' Newspaper (March 3, 1935)   "The Mud Creek Rattlers"    [HARPER]
  9. _____ (March 10, 1935)   "The Mud Creek Rattlers"    [HARPER]
  10. 'Lunk-head Johnson' from Short Stories magazine (March 10, 1935)
  11. Short Stories (March 10, 1935)   "Lunk-head Johnson" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. "Running for Mayor of Dog Leg on the Reform Ticket. Reformation of the Mayor Ticket!" p 144-150.  [HARPER]
  12. Boys' and Girls' Newspaper (March 17, 1935)   "The Mud Creek Rattlers"    [HARPER]
  13. Every Week (March 17, 1935)   "Cloudburst"   A story. "Very sorry plight indeed of Ed Chambers, who was marooned in a flood on his wedding day." Illustrated by Joe King. Found in the Lima (Ohio) News.  [NPA]
  14. Boys' and Girls' Newspaper (March 24, 1935)   "The Mud Creek Rattlers"    [HARPER]
  15. American Boy (April, 1935)   "Binkey Brothers"   A story. "They came to town and Westcote madly plunged into the stock market!" Illustrations by R. M. Brinkerhoff. Babe Ruth cover.  [EPBLIB]
  16. Esquire (April, 1935)   "Helping Arthur" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. "A satire." "A couple of amateur actors come close to bungling their lines in one of life's standby farces."  [EPBLIB, ESQUIRE]
  17. Boys' and Girls' Newspaper (April 1, 1935)   "The Mud Creek Rattlers"    [HARPER]
  18. _____ (April 8, 1935)   "The Mud Creek Rattlers"    [HARPER]
  19. _____ (April 15, 1935)   "The Mud Creek Rattlers"    [HARPER]
  20. Family Circle (April 26, 1935)   "A Present for Arthur"   Illustrated by Herbert Roese.  [EBAY]
  21. 'The Cruise of the Nancy Bell' from Blue Book magazine (May, 1935)
  22. Blue Book (May, 1935)   "The Cruise of the Nancy Bell" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. "Lying done in a large way may be amusing indeed." Illustrated by Bert Salg. Volume 61. Number 1.  [EPBLIB, PULP]
  23. Good Housekeeping (May, 1935)   "Mrs. Dugan's Discovery"   Humor. Golden Anniversary Edition. This reprint carries this editor's note: "At 50 one may be permitted to reminisce, so Good Housekeeping recalls this story it laughed at over 30 years ago. Read by the author at a "Discovery" dinner at the Hotel Astor in 1905, it has been three times reprinted -- in 1908, '11, '18 -- because of reader request for copies. For our birthday we print it for the fifth time."  [RGTPL]
  24. Story Magazine (May, 1935)   "The Tuckle Beard"   A story. Also printed in the London Sunday Express.  [EPBLIB]
  25. Top-Notch (May, 1935)   "Letter"   Testimonial in the Silver Anniversary Issue.  [LOCKE]
  26. This Week (May 5, 1935)   "Detour"   The copy in EPBLIB is from the Sunday Star, Washington D.C. The name "Ellis Parker Butler" appears on the cover.  [EPBLIB]
  27. Writer's Digest (June, 1935)   "Ellis Parker Butler Talks on Humor"   By Henry Harrison. "Interviews With Notable Authors". p 11-13.  [LOCKE]
  28. This Week (June 9, 1935)   "Wedding Guest"    [HARPER]
  29. Every Week (June 17, 1935)   "Ask Papa"   A story. "Joe Beck sold cars -- but he could have sold anything." Illustrated by Ethel Hays. Found in the Helena (Montana) Independent.  [NPA]
  30. This Week (June 30, 1935)   "Mrs. Pentwater's Worry"    [HARPER]
  31. Washington Post (June 30, 1935)   "Oh, Fenderton"   A Fenderton Roper story. Illustrated by Ethel Hays. p SM8+.  [WASHPOST]
  32. Golden Book Magazine (July, 1935)   "Our First Burglar"   A story. This story also appears in The Water Goats and Other Troubles. One original illustration.  [EPBLIB, FICTIONMAGS]
  33. 'Jiffers on the Job' from Grit (Story Section) magazine (July 7, 1935)
  34. Grit (Story Section) (July 7, 1935)   "Jiffers on the Job" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. "The mystery of the stolen dog." p 2-3, 26-28.  [EPBLIB]
  35. American Girl (August, 1935)   "The Thirty-Nine Dimes Mystery" Click here to see a picture of this item.A Betty Bliss story. "The Detective Club goes sleuthing once again and enables innocence to triumph." Illustrated by Leslie Turner. p 5-8, 45.  [HARPER]
  36. Complete Western Book (August, 1935)   "Cowpuncher's Paradise" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. "In which a couple of punchers find a Utopian range -- no dudes -- no woman -- no cattle." One illustration. Same as "Bruce of the Bar-None". The name "Ellis Parker Butler" appears on the cover. p 89-94.  [PULPGEN]
  37. Street & Smith's Complete Magazine (August, 1935)   "The Ufa Cheese"   A story.  [PULPGEN]
  38. This Week (August 18, 1935)   "Sitting Pretty"    [HARPER]
  39. St. Nicholas Magazine (September, 1935)   "Rajah's Vase"   A story. Illustrations by W. P. Couse.  [RGTPL]
  40. Every Week (September 1, 1935)   "Eddie and the Right Idea"   A story. "The Dolans were on relief, and Ma Dolan thought the discouragement of not being able to find work might ruin her boy, so she found a plan." Illustrated by Ethel Hays. Found in the Lima (Ohio) News. Also, Washington Post on the same date; p SM8.  [NPA, WASHPOST]
  41. Argosy (September 21, 1935)   "The Prodigal's Return" Click here to see a picture of this item.A short story. "A family black sheep returns home in a strange way." Volume 258. Number 5. "The dusty remains of Henry Okth arrived at the old homestead in a candy box, but the funeral was postponed indefinitely." One illustration.  [ARGOSY, PULP]
  42. 'The Prodigal's Return' from Argosy magazine (September 21, 1935)
  43. Washington Post (September 29, 1935)   "On A Summer Day"   A story. Illustrated by Ethel Hays. p SM6.  [WASHPOST]
  44. Boys' and Girls' Newspaper (October, 1935)   "Indian Giver"    [HARPER]
  45. St. Nicholas Magazine (November, 1935)   "Portrait"   Cited by CHAPIN and listed in RGTPL, this portrait of the author consists of a single paragraph and a black and white photo on page 1.  [CHAPIN, RGTPL]
  46. McCall's (December, 1935)   "The Misses Meekins"   A story. "Ellis Parker Butler tells a merry story of the Misses Meekins who raise the roof fund in a most peculiar way." Illustrated by F. R. Gruger. As a side note, there is an unrelated "Pigs is Pigs" article in the March 1944 issue of McCall's.  [EPBLIB]
  47. St. Nicholas Magazine (December, 1935)   "Wiffenpoof Island"   A story. Illustrations are attributed to R. W. Brinkerhoff... do they mean R. M. Brinkerhoff?  [RGTPL]
  48. ANTHOLOGY: A Preface to College Prose (1935) "The Financial Structure"   Humor. Edited by Charles Gott and John A. Behnke. New York: Macmillan. p 224-29.  [HARPER]
  49. ANTHOLOGY: Junior Fun in Bed: Making a Holiday of Convalescence (1935) "The Stolen Mascot"   Virginia Kirkus and Frank Scully, editors. New York: Simon and Shuster.  [HARPER]
  50. MOTION PICTURE: The Great American Pie Company (1935)   MGM. Director: Nick Grinde. Performers: Chic Sale, Spencer Charters.  [HARPER]
  51. ANTHOLOGY: Today's Literature (1935) "Nature's Wisdom"   A poem. Dudley Chadwick Gordon, Vernon Rupert King and William Whittingham Lyman, editors. New York: American Book Company. p 332. ISBN 0848666283.  [HARPER, ROTH]


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