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Bibliography of Ellis Parker Butler

In the year(s) '1905...'

    'The Incubator Baby' from Good Housekeeping magazine (January, 1905)


  1. Good Housekeeping (January, 1905)   "The Incubator Baby" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. Part 3 of 3. With illustrations by May Wilson Preston. p 45-50.  [HARPER]
  2. Judicious Advertising (February, 1905)   "The Great Perkins Trio"   A Perkins of Portland story.  [HARPER]
  3. Saturday Evening Post (March 25, 1905)   "Eliph' Hewlitt, Book Agent" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. "How the Compendium of Universal Knowledge Secured a Maid for Mrs. Tarbro-Smith." Illustrated by May Wilson Preston. Later reworked into a chapter of Kilo. The name was spelled "Eliph Hewlett" in this edition. p 8-9.  [HANNIGAN]
  4. Ladies' Home Journal (April, 1905)   "An Amateur in the Baby Business"   A story. "A Father's Story of His First Baby." Drawings by Peter Newell. p 5, 64.  [RGTPL]
  5. Youth's Companion (April 20, 1905)   "A Quiet Night with Joseph" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. "Easter Number 1905." Drawings by W. B. Brown. p 186-188.  [CUTTS, HARPER]
  6. Leslie's Monthly (May, 1905)   "To May"   A poem.  [EPBLIB]
  7. _____ (May, 1905)   "The Twenty Hoss-Power Shay"   A poem about an automobile. A parody of Oliver Wendell Holmes's well-known "The Deacon's Masterpiece or, the Wonderful One-Hoss Shay" that can be found online here.  [EPBLIB]
  8. Good Housekeeping (July, 1905)   "Our Extravagant Neighbors"   A story. Illustrations by Karl Anderson. p 32-36.  [HARPER]
  9. 'A Quiet Night with Joseph' from Youth's Companion magazine (April 20, 1905)
  10. Smart Set (July, 1905)   "The Grafters"    [HARPER]
  11. American Magazine (September, 1905)   "Pigs is Pigs"   Original publication of the famous story. With drawings by Will Crawford. The original Mike Flannery story. This publication is a continuation of "Leslie's Monthly Magazine." The name was changed to "American Illustrated Magazine" for the first time with this issue. p 496-502.  [RGTPL]
  12. _____ (September, 1905)   "The Water Nymphs"   A poem in eight verses. With photograph by Alice Boughton. Not indexed in RGTPL. p 577.  [HARPER]
  13. _____ (September, 1905)   "The Wood Nymph"   A poem in eight verses. With photograph by Alice Boughton. Not indexed in RGTPL. p 576.  [HARPER]
  14. Argosy (September, 1905)   "The Guide to Book-Agenting" Click here to see a picture of this item.An Eliph' Hewlitt story. Not indexed in PULP. "How a harking back to the past provided a boomerang for the present." p 238-242.  [ARGOSY]
  15. Century Magazine (September, 1905)   "The Tearful Tale of Captain Dan" Click here to see a picture of this item.A poem. With pictures by May Wilson Preston. Published in the "In Lighter Vein" section. p 797-798.  [RGTPL]
  16. Cosmopolitan (September, 1905)   "A Midsummer Madness"   A story. Illustrated by William Hurd Lawrence. p 490-98.  [RGTPL]
  17. 'Young Bob Kemp' from Harper's Monthly Magazine (September, 1905)
  18. Harper's Monthly Magazine (September, 1905)   "Young Bob Kemp" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. Two illustrations by T. Oakley.  [RGTPL]
  19. Ideal House (September, 1905)   "Fatima's Rug"    [HARPER]
  20. Saturday Evening Post (September 23, 1905)   "Pete, the Circassian Horse" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. "The story of a Hairy Wonder." Drawn by John Sloan. p 6-7,19.  [HANNIGAN]
  21. American Magazine (October, 1905)   "The Man With the Glass Front"   A story. Illustrated by Hermann Heyer. p 712-716.  [RGTPL]
  22. Century Magazine (November, 1905)   "Why Washington Retreated"   A poem. p 161-162.  [RGTPL]
  23. Smart Set (November, 1905)   "Mrs. Madden's Golden-Wedding"    [HARPER]
  24. American Magazine (December, 1905)   "The Ballade of the Mistletoe Bough"   A poem. With a full-page illustration by Boyd Dillon. p 220-221.  [RGTPL]
  25. _____ (December, 1905)   "Portrait"   This issue includes a photograph of the author including the commentary: "This magazine has received hundreds of inquiries regarding the author of 'Pigs is Pigs,' in the September number. Mr. Butler will contribute a series of whimsical stories to the magazine next year." p 121.  [EPBLIB]
  26. Smart Set (December, 1905)   "But Once a Year"    [HARPER]
  27. 'A Blue-label Saint' from Success Magazine (December, 1905)
  28. Success Magazine (December, 1905)   "A Blue-label Saint" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story. "How Kriss Kringle, St. Patrick, and the Labor Union Delegates Got Mixed." Illustrated by Horace Taylor. p 802-04.  [EPBLIB]


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