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Western Love Romances
» merges with Rangeland Romances
Nov-1949 - May-1950
Missing: Dec-1949; Jan-1950; Apr-1950
Issue Checklist
Western Love Romances (Canada) in 1950s WFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Western Love Stories
» My Love Story
» Love Classic
Dec-1930 - Jul-1932
Nov-1932 - Dec-1932
Mar-1933 - May/Jun-1933
Missing: all except Apr-1931, Jun-1931, Oct-1931
Issue Checklist
Western Love Story Magazine May-1938 - Dec-1938 WFI Issue Checklist
Western Magazine Jun-1955 - Feb-1958? WFI Issue Checklist
Western Magazine (Australia) in 1950s? WFI Issue Checklist
Western Magazine (Canada) - see under Real Western (Canada)
Western Magazine (UK) [1949] in 1940s WFI sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Western Magazine (UK) [1950s] - see under Real Western Stories (UK)
Western Magazine (UK) [1980] Oct-1980 - Jan-1981 WFI Issue Checklist
The Illinois Monthly Magazine
» The Western Monthly Magazine
Oct-1830 - Aug-1832
Sep-1832 - Jun-1837
The Western Monthly (1869) - see under The Lakeside Monthly
The Western Monthly (1898) c. 1898 - 1911    
Western Monthly (Australia) Apr-1948 - Aug-1961? WFI incomplete
Issue Checklist
Western Novelets [1936]
» Western Novelets [1936]
Jun-1936 - Nov-1936
Issue Checklist
Western Novelets [1939] - see under Complete Novel Magazine
Western Novel Magazine - see under Big Story Magazine
The Western Novel of the Month in 1930s    
Western Novels (Australia) ? WFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Western Novels (UK) c. 1956 WFI Issue Checklist
Western Novel and Short Stories
» Western Novels and Short Stories
» Western Novel and Short Stories
Apr-1934 - Nov-1946
Oct-1947 - Mar-1954
Oct-1954 - Jan-1957
Missing: Jul-1934; Sep-1934; Feb-1935; Nov-1935; Aug-1939; Oct-1939; Nov-1940; Jan-1942; Jul-1943
Missing: Dec-1952; Sep-1953
Missing: Apr-1955
Issue Checklist
Western Novels and Short Stories (UK) in 1950s WFI sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Western Outlaws
» Outlaws of the West
Nov-1929 - Mar-1930
Apr-1930 - Aug-1932
Missing: Apr-1930 - May/Jun-1931; Mar/Apr-1932 - Aug-1932
Issue Checklist
The Western Raider
» The Octopus
» The Scorpion
Aug/Sep-1938 - Dec-1938/Jan-1939
Issue Checklist
Western Rangers Oct-1930 - Apr-1932 WFI Missing: Nov-1930; Jan-1931; Sep-1931; Jan-1932
Issue Checklist
Western Rangers Stories Oct-1953 - Sep-1954 WFI Issue Checklist
Western Rodeo Romances - see under Rodeo Romances
Western Rodeo Romances (Canada) - see under Rodeo Romances (Canada)
Western Romance Anthology 1948 WFI Issue Checklist
Western Romances [1929] Nov-1929 - Dec-1939 WFI incomplete
Issue Checklist
Western Romances (UK) in 1940s WFI Missing: all issues; possibly phantom
Issue Checklist
Western Romances [1950s] - see under Real Western Romances
Western Romance Stories in 1950s WFI Issue Checklist
Western Round-Up Jul-1934 - Oct-1935 WFI Missing: Dec-1934; Jan-1935; Apr-1935
Issue Checklist
Western Series 1927 DimeNvl  
Western Shorts Feb-1944 - Nov-1946 WFI Missing: #4
Issue Checklist
Western Short Stories
» Western Short Stories
Dec-1936 - Jan-1944
Nov-1947 - Jun-1957
Missing: Oct-1941
Issue Checklist
Western Short Stories (UK) in 1950s WFI sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Western Star Adventure Nov-1946 WFI Issue Checklist
Western Star Series Sep-1887 - Mar-1888 DimeNvl  
Western Stories (Australia) late 1940s WFI Missing: any issues after #2
Issue Checklist
Western Stories (UK) - see under Pocket Reader Series
Western Story Annual 1941 - 1950 WFI Issue Checklist
Western Story Library Aug-1923 - Feb-1928    
The Buffalo Bill Stories
» New Buffalo Bill Weekly
» Western Story Magazine
» Western Story Magazine
» Street & Smith's Western Story Magazine
» Street & Smith's Western Story
» Western Story Magazine
18-May-1901 - 7-Sep-1912
14-Sep-1912 - 5-Jul-1919
12-Jul-1919 - 30-Aug-1919
5-Sep-1919 - 14-Mar-1931
21-Mar-1931 - 1-Jun-1940
8-Jun-1940 - Aug/Sep-1949
Oct-1952 - Jun-1954
sample issue only
Missing: 5-Sep-1919; 5-Oct-1919 - 5-Nov-1919 & 20-Apr-1920 - 20-Sep-1920
Missing: Apr-1954; Jun-1954
Issue Checklist
Western Story Magazine (Australia) - see under Street & Smith's Western Story Magazine (Australia)
Western Story Magazine (Canada) - see under Street & Smith's Western Story Magazine (Canada)
Street & Smith's Western Story Magazine (UK)
» Street & Smith's Western Story (UK)
» Western Story Magazine (UK)
» Western Story (UK)
» Western Story Magazine (UK)
1939? - Jul-1944?
Sep-1944? - Jan-1953
Mar-1953 - Mar-1955
Apr-1955 - Mar/Apr-1960
Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Western Story Magazine (UK) [1966] Jun-1966 - Jul-1966? WFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Western Story Roundup [1951] - see under All-Story Western
Western Story Roundup [1955] - see under Rangeland Romances
Western Supernovel Magazine - see under Complete Western Book Magazine
Western Tales [1941]
» Fifteen Western Tales
» Men's Pictorial
Dec-1941 - Feb-1942
Apr-1942 - Dec-1955
Feb-1956 - Feb-1958
Missing: Dec-1941
Missing: Jul-1954
sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Western Tales [1960] Apr-1960 - Jun-1960? WFI Missing: any after Jun-1960
Issue Checklist
Western Tales [1995] Summer 1995 WFI Issue Checklist
Western Tales (UK) [1948] Nov-1948 WFI Issue Checklist
Western Tales (UK) [1950] in 1950s WFI sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Western Trails Oct-1928 - Apr-1949 WFI incomplete
Issue Checklist
Western Trails (Canada) in 1940s WFI sample issues only
Issue Checklist
American Indian Weekly
» Western Weekly
1-Dec-1910 - 6-Jul-1911
13-Jul-1911 - 25-Apr-1912
sample issue only
Western Winners Feb-1935 - Jun-1936 WFI Issue Checklist
Western Yarns Jan-1938 - Summer 1944? WFI incomplete
Issue Checklist
Western Yarns (UK) [1942] c. 1942 WFI Issue Checklist
Western Yarns (UK) [1945] c. 1945 WFI Issue Checklist
West & Johnston's Standard Novels 1864 DimeNvl  
Westland Love Magazine Jan-1931 - Jul-1931 WFI sample issues only
Issue Checklist
West Magazine 1926 - 1953    
The Westminster Magazine Dec-1911 - Dec-1946    
Westminster Review 1824 - 1914 Poole; Well3 Poole to 1906 only; Well3 to 1900 only
Westward Ho!
» Man-to-Man
» British Columbia Magazine
Jul-1907 - May-1910
Jun-1910 - Jan-1911
Feb-1911 - Feb-1915
Touring Topics
» Westways
Feb-1909 - 1934
1934 - present
sample issues only
West Weekly - see under West
WestWind 1978? - ? FicMags sample issues only
Bones of the Children
» Wetbones
Fall 1996
Spring 1997 - Fall 1997
Issue Checklist
Wet Paint - see under Cygnus
Wham! c. 1950    
Wham Bedtime Stories c. 1950 FicMags  
What Micro?
» What PC?
Nov/Dec-1982 - Jul-1992
Aug-1992 - Oct-2002
sample issue only
What's New ?    
Wheaton's Adventure Library c. 1940 - ?    
Wheaton's Junior Adventure Library c. 1940 StyIdx  
Whetstone 1984 - May-2001?    
While You Were Sleeping 1997 - in 2000s FicMags sample issues only
Whiskey Island Magazine ? - present    
Whisper Apr-1946 - Sep-1953   Issue Checklist
Whispered Legends 1984 SFI Issue Checklist
The Whisperer
» The Whisperer
Oct-1936 - Dec-1937
Oct-1940 - Apr-1942
Issue Checklist
Whisperings in 2010s    
Whispering Spirits in 2000s    
Whispering Willow
» Whispering Willow Mysteries
Spring 1997
Summer 1997 - 1999
Missing: Poison Quill Edition
Issue Checklist
Whispers Jul-1973 - 1997 SFI Issue Checklist
Whispers (anthology) 1977 - 1987 SFI Issue Checklist
Whispers from Beyond #1, 1972 SFI Issue Checklist
Whispers from the Dark c. 1995    
Whispers From The Shattered Forum Oct-1999 - Jun-2003 SFI Issue Checklist
Whispers of Wickedness 2003? - 2009 SFI Issue Checklist
Whistling Shade: A Twin Cities Literary Journal Summer 2001 - present FicMags Missing: any after Spring/Summer 2019
Issue Checklist
White Dwarf Jun-1977 - 30-Jul-2016 FicMags sample issues only
Poker Chips
» The White Elephant
Jun-1896 - Nov-1896
Dec-1896 - Sep-1897
White House Fairy Corner Oct-1934 - Aug-1940    
White Knuckles Spring 1995 - Summer 1998 SFI Issue Checklist
The White Magazine Mar/Apr-1909 - Jul/Aug-1909 FicMags Issue Checklist
The White Mule in 1920s    
The White Owl Dec-1901 - Jun-1902    
White Pelican Winter 1971 - 1976? FicMags sample issue only
The White Rabbit Mar-1897 - Jul-1897    
The White Review Feb-2011 - present FicMags sample issue only
White Rose Library 1896    
White Star Magazine in 1910s FicMags sample issues only
White Wolf
» Inphobia
#1, 1986 - Nov-1994
Dec-1994 - Jul-1995
sample issue only
Who? Detective Magazine Jan-1950 - Feb-1950? CFI Missing: Jan-1950; any after Feb-1950
Issue Checklist
Whodunit? Sep/Oct-1967 CFI Issue Checklist
Who Knocks? #1, 2019 - present SFI Missing: any after #3, 2019
Issue Checklist
"Whoopee!" c. 1929 FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Whoops! c. 1950    
Wicked 1959 - 1961? FicMags partial issue only
Issue Checklist
Wicked Hollow Jan-2002 - Nov-2005 SFI Issue Checklist
Wicked Karnival #3, 2005 - #7, 2006 SFI Issue Checklist
Wicked Mystic #1, 199? - #25, 1996 FicMags sample issues only
Wide Awake
» merges with St. Nicholas
Jul-1875 - Aug-1893
Missing: Jul-1875 - Jun-1876
Wide Awake Library 7-Sep-1878 - 7-Jan-1898 DimeNvl sample issues only
Wide Awake Library Special 1883 - 1885    
Wide Awake Magazine - see under Tip Top Weekly
Wide Awake Weekly 20-Apr-1906 - 2-Jul-1909 DimeNvl  
Wide World 1860 - 1870    
Wide World Adventures - see under The Danger Trail
The Wide World Magazine (UK) Apr-1898 - Dec-1965 FicMags sample issues only
The Wide World Magazine (US) in 1910s FicMags sample issues only
Wide World Novelette 1888 - 1893    
Wigwag Oct-1989 - Feb-1991 FicMags sample issue only
Wild and Wooly Mammoth Detective 1991 CFI Issue Checklist
Wild Bill Hickock Western - According to DinWest, a magazine under this title was planned c.1950 by Don Wollheim, but never printed. The lead story for the first issue was written: "Two For Law and Order" by J. Edward Leithead.
Wildcat Adventures
» Wildcat
Jun-1959 - Aug-1964
Jan-1965 - Jan-1976?
sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Wild Cat Books Presents... #1, 1999 - #5, 1999 SFI Issue Checklist
Wild Cat Books Pulp Fiction Classics Nov-2004 SFI Issue Checklist
Wild Cat Books Special Edition #1, 1999 - #3, 1999 SFI Issue Checklist
Wild Cat Pulps Sep-2000 SFI Issue Checklist
Wild Cherries Summer 1933 - Nov/Dec-1933 FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Wild Fennel ? - Mar-1981    
Wild for Men Oct-1957 - Dec-1957   Issue Checklist
Wild Game Stories May/Jun-1926 - Dec-1926 AFI Missing: May/Jun-1926
Issue Checklist
Wild Oats 1870 - 1880    
Wildside #1, 199? - #2, 1993 SFI Missing: #1
Issue Checklist
Wild West - see under Wild West Weekly
Wild Western Novels Jan-1936 - Mar-1936? WFI Issue Checklist
Wild West Library
» becomes Lion Library
Jan-1903 - Feb-1909
Wild West Series 1910 - 1920    
Wild West Stories (Australia) c. 1950 WFI Issue Checklist
Wild West Stories and Complete Novel Magazine - see under Complete Novel Magazine
Wild West (UK) - see under Wild West Weekly (UK)

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