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Dearborn Series 2-Jan-1890 - Aug-1893 DimeNvl  
Death Ray May-2007 - Oct-2009    
Deathrealm Spring 1987 - Summer 1997 SFI Issue Checklist
Debonair Dec-1960 - Dec-1979? FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Decade of Short Stories May-1939 - Spring 1952? FicMags sample issues only
December: A Magazine of the Arts & Opinion 1958 - present Sader1 to 1970 only
Deciduous Tales Fall/Winter 2017 - Nov-2018 SFI Issue Checklist
Decision: A Review of Free Culture Jan-1941 - Jan/Feb-1942 Sader1  
Deep Magic
» Deep Magic
Jun-2002 - Jun-2006
Jun-2016 - Summer 2021
Issue Checklist
Deep Outside - see under Outside
Deliberately Thirsty in 1990s FicMags sample issue only
Delicious Stories c. 1951    
Delights for the Ingenious 1711    
The Delineator
» merges with The Pictorial Review
Jan-1873 - Apr-1937
FicMags sample issues only
The Delineator (UK) in 1910s FicMags sample issues only
Delirium #1, 2000 - #4, 2001 SFI Issue Checklist
Dell Mystery Novels Magazine Jan/Mar-1955 CFI Issue Checklist
Delphic Series in 1890s DimeNvl sample issues only
Demensions Fall 1999 - Nov-2003    
Dementia #1, 1986 SFI Issue Checklist
Dementia 13 1989 - 1994 FicMags sample issues only
Democratic Review Oct-1837 - Oct-1859 Poole  
Demorest's Illustrated Monthly
» Demorest's Monthly Magazine
» Demorest's Family Magazine
Sep-1864 - Dec-1865
Jan-1866 - Oct-1889
Nov-1889 - Oct-1899
sample issue only
sample issues only
Demure c. 1953    
Denali ? - present    
Denver Quarterly Spring 1966 - present    
Departure Mirror Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 SFI Issue Checklist
Descant (Canada) Nov-1970 - Jan-2015 FicMags sample issue only
Descant (US) 1957 - present    
Descend Dec-2002 - ?    
Descent Into Darkness Feb-2018 - Mar-2020 SFI Issue Checklist
Desert Sun in 1980s FicMags sample issues only
Standard Designer
» The Designer
» The Designer and The Woman's Magazine
1894? - Jul-1898
Aug-1898 - Mar-1920
Apr-1920 - Oct-1926
sample issue only
Desires of Darkness c. 1950    
Destinies Nov-1978 - Aug-1981 SFI Issue Checklist
Destiny [1950] Summer 1950 - Fall 1954 SFI Issue Checklist
Destiny [1975] 1975    
Destiny [1991] 1991    
Detective [1933] Nov-1933 - Jan-1934 CFI Missing: Jan-1934
Issue Checklist
Detective [1940] 1940 - ?    
Detective [1947] Jan-1947 - ?    
Detective [1949] - Although listed in CookMDE as a 64pp pocketbook that appeared bimonthly for 24 issues in 1949, this is actually an anonymous anthology called DETECTIVE: 24 COMPLETE YARNS.
Detective [1951]
» True Crime Detective
Winter 1951 - Summer 1951
Fall 1951 - Fall 1953
sample issues only
Detective Aces early 1950s CFI Issue Checklist
Detective Action Stories
» Detective Action Stories
Oct-1930 - Apr-1932
Oct-1936 - Oct/Nov-1937
Issue Checklist
Detective Adventures May-1935 CFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
The Detective and Adventure Library 1889 DimeNvl Missing: #10
Detective and Murder Mysteries [1939]
» Detective and Murder Mysteries [1939]
Mar-1939 - Nov-1939
Issue Checklist
Detective and Murder Mysteries [1936] - see also under Murder Mysteries
Detective and Mystery Stories 1930 DimeNvl  
Detective Annual ?    
Detective Book Magazine
» Detective Book Magazine
Apr-1930 - Sep-1931
Fall 1937 - Winter 1952/1953
Issue Checklist
Fireside Detective Casebook
» Bedside Detective Casebook
» Keyhole Detective Casebook
Issue Checklist
Detective Cases 1955 - ?    
Soldier Stories
» Detective Classics
Apr-1929 - Sep-1929
Nov-1929 - Sep-1931
Issue Checklist
Detective Crime Stories - Mentioned in Haining's "American Pulp Magazines", but actually an anthology featuring a story of that title by Lee Dexter.
Detective Diary in 1980s    
Detective Digest Jan-1937 - Aug-1937?    
Detective Dime Novels
» Red Star Detective
Jun-1940 - Oct-1940
Issue Checklist
Detective Dragnet in 1990s    
Detective-Dragnet Magazine - see under The Dragnet Magazine
Detective Fiction Dec-1948 - Mar-1949 CFI Missing: #4, Mar-1949
Issue Checklist
Detective Fiction (Weekly) - see under Flynn's (Weekly Detective)
Detective Fiction Weekly (Canada) - see under Flynn's (Weekly Detective) (Canada)
Detective Files 1956 CFI Issue Checklist
Detective Library [1895] 1895    
Detective Library [1917] 7-Feb-1917 - 24-Jan-1918 DimeNvl  
Detective Library [1919] 2-Aug-1919 - 10-Jul-1920    
Detective Library [1932] Mar-1932 - Jun-1932 CFI Issue Checklist
Detective Line-up in 1960s    
The Detective Magazine 24-Nov-1922 - 8-May-1925 CFI Issue Checklist
Detective Monthly (Australia) c. 1952 - c. 1953 CFI Missing: #5, #8, #9, #10
Issue Checklist
Detective Monthly (UK) - see under Street & Smith's Detective Monthly
Detective Mysteries Nov-1938 CFI; PMI1 Issue Checklist
Detective Mystery Magazine Feb-2020 - May-2020 CFI Issue Checklist
Detective Mystery Novel Magazine - see under Thrilling Mystery
Detective Mystery Novel Magazine (Canada) - see under Thrilling Mystery (Canada)
Detective Mystery Stories Dec-1998 - Dec-2004 CFI Issue Checklist
Detective News Mar-1956 - ?    
Detective Novel Classics - It has been suggested that a magazine of this title is rumored to have been published by Hillman, but this was actually the title of a series of books published by Hillman, not a magazine.
Detective Novels Magazine
» Detective Novel Magazine
Jan/Feb-1938 - Jun-1944
Aug-1944 - Summer 1949
Issue Checklist
Detective Novels Magazine (Canada) in 1940s CFI sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Detective Novels Magazine (UK) in 1950s CFI Missing: all except #3
Issue Checklist
Detective Parade 1945 CFI Issue Checklist
Detective Picture Stories Dec-1936 - ?    
Detective Reporter Sep-1937 FicMags  
Detective Romances - see under Ace Mystery
Detective Romances (Canada) in 1930s CFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Detective Series in 1910s DimeNvl  
Detective Shorts Oct-1945 - 1946 CFI Missing: #3
Issue Checklist
Detective Short Stories
» Detective Short Stories
Aug-1937 - Oct-1943
Issue Checklist
Detective Star Magazine - This is listed in John Locke's Pulp Title Index as a detective pulp, but JL has subsequently confirmed it was an error for {Star Detective}.
Detective Stories [1910] in 1910s DimeNvl  
Detective Stories [1952] Jun-1952? - ? CFI sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Detective Story Annual 1941 - 1949 CFI Missing: 1945, 1947 - may not exist
Issue Checklist
Detective Story Magazine [1915]
» Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine
5-Oct-1915 - 14-Feb-1931
21-Feb-1931 - Summer 1949
Issue Checklist
Detective Story Magazine [1952] Nov-1952 - Sep-1953 CFI; PMI4 Issue Checklist
Detective Story Magazine (UK) - see under Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine (UK)
Detective Story Magazine [1988] - see under Hardboiled (Detective)
Detective Story Magazine (Australia) Dec-1947 CFI Issue Checklist
Detective Tabloid - see under Daring Detective
Detective Tales [1922] - see also under Real Detective Tales (and Mystery Stories)
Detective Tales [1935]
» merges with New Detective Magazine
Aug-1935 - Aug-1953
Issue Checklist
Detective Tales (Canada) in 1940s CFI sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Detective Tales (UK) [1940] c. 1940 CFI Issue Checklist
Detective Tales (UK) [1946] Oct-1946 - Dec-1946 CFI Issue Checklist
Detective Tales (UK) [1949] - Some confusion surrounds this title. Mike Cook in MYSTERY, DETECTIVE, AND ESPIONAGE MAGAZINES lists a T.V. Boardman {Detective Tales} that he claims ran for 119 issues (with the first two issues entitled {New Detective Tales}) from 1949-1951. This seems unlikely and it is possible that this was confused with the {Boardman Pocket Reader} series (whose numbering began at #101).
Detective Tales (UK) [1950] c. 1950 CFI Issue Checklist
Detective Tales (UK) [1952] Apr-1952 - Apr-1962? CFI Missing: April-1957
Issue Checklist
Detective Tales (UK) - see also under Aldine Detective Tales and Pocket Reader Series
Detective Thriller Library
» Detective Thriller Library
1949 - 1950
Spring 1960 - Autumn 1960
Missing: Autumn 1960
Detective Thrillers Jan-1933 CFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Detective Trails Nov-1929 - Feb-1930 CFI; PMI3 Issue Checklist
Detective Weekly 25-Feb-1933 - 25-May-1940 CFI Issue Checklist
Detective World 1942 - ? FicMags sample issue only
Detective Yarns - see under Crack Detective (and Mystery) (Stories)
Detective Yearbook in 1950s    
Detroit Free Press 5-May-1831 - present FicMags sample issues only
Detroit Monthly - see under Wayside Tales
Detroit Sunday News 14-Oct-1917 - 5-Dec-1920 FicMags partial issue only
Deviant Mar-1954 - Dec-1954    
Devolution Z Aug-2015 - Apr-2017 SFI Issue Checklist
The Dew-Drop. A magazine for the young Apr-1848 - 1884    
Dew Drop and Young Herald. A magazine for the Young Jan-1905 - Feb-1905    
DeWitt's Black Bess Series 1866 DimeNvl  
DeWitt's Blueskin Series 1866 DimeNvl  
DeWitt's Cheap Edition of Marryat's Novels in 1870s DimeNvl  
DeWitt's Choice Fiction 1866 - 1868 DimeNvl  
DeWitt's Claude Duval Series 1865 - 1867 DimeNvl  
DeWitt's Fifteen Cent Novels in 1870s    
DeWitt's "Good Book" Series in 1860s DimeNvl  
DeWitt's Handsome Jack Series in 1860s DimeNvl  
DeWitt's Jack Harold Series in 1870s DimeNvl  
DeWitt's Jonathan Wild Series in 1860s DimeNvl  
DeWitt's Model Library 1866? DimeNvl  
DeWitt's Nightshade Series in 1860s DimeNvl  
DeWitt's Romances 1866 - 1868 DimeNvl  
DeWitt's Stories of New York Life in 1860s    
DeWitt's Stories of the Sea 1866 - 1868? DimeNvl  
DeWitt's Ten Cent Romances May-1867 - 1873 DimeNvl  
DeWitt's Twenty-Five Cent Nov. in 1860s DimeNvl  
Dhana 1971 - Jun-1995 FicMags sample issue only
Diabolical Plots Mar-2015 - present SFI Missing: any after Mar-2024
Diabolique Summer 2002 SFI Issue Checklist
The Dial
» The Dial
» The Dial
Jul-1840 - Apr-1844
Jan-1860 - Dec-1860
May-1880 - Jul-1929
to 1906 only
The Dial [1960] Fall 1959 - 1962 FicMags sample issue only
Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Spring 1966 - present FicMags sample issue only
Diamond Dick, Jr. - see under New York Five Cent Library
Diamond Dick Library - see under New York Five Cent Library
Diamond Library
» Diamond Library
» becomes Aldine Detective Tales
11-Oct-1907 - Aug-1913
18-Sep-1913 - Jan-1922

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