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Because of the vast number of magazines covered by this site (over 9000 at last count) and the varying degrees of interest that different magazines command, I have attempted to structure this part of the web site so that everyone (within reason) can get rapid access to the information they are looking for.

For general browsing, or to locate a particular magazine by name, the best place to start is the top level index to All Magazines as this includes all the magazines and the story papers in the list. However, if you are interested in a particular genre/style of magazine, there are also twelve additional subsets:

Similarly, if you are interested in magazines published in a particular country, there are a further five subsets:

In a number of cases I've had to guess at the contents of a magazine I did not recognise, and/or the country in which it was published (particularly with some of the more recent online magazines for whom country boundaries are much less relevant), so there could well be some errors in attribution and/or country – please feel free to let me know of any mistakes I have made.

In each list, the magazine data is subdivided into four hierarchical levels providing more and more detail about fewer and fewer magazines. These levels are as follows:

Illustrated Checklists are provided for about 3850 of the more popular magazines (such as pulp magazines and SF/Fantasy magazines). Each contains a full checklist of all known issues of the magazine in question, illustrated, where possible, with thumbnail cover scans of each issue (which, as always, may be "clicked" to display a larger cover image). As mentioned above, this are linked from both the Magazine List and Magazine Data pages for the magazines in question. In addition, there are a series of summary pages for the key members of the FictionMags Index Family. For a small number of magazines (such as Argosy and New Worlds) these pages also contain detailed discussions of the magazines in question. In due course I would like to add similar information for all magazines but, at the current rate, this will take about another 200 years.

In some extreme cases (e.g. Argosy with over 2500 issues) I have split the checklists across multiple pages, but I have tried to avoid this. Note that these pages, like the rest of the site, are optimised for a display resolution of 1024x768 although they should display reasonably on lower resolutions. There are also a small number of checklists that are organised by publisher rather than genre:

Finally, there are five additional resources that might be of interest: