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Random Realities #1, 1992 - #8, 1995 SFI Issue Checklist
Rangeland Love Stories [1950] Aug-1950 - Sep-1954 WFI Missing: Apr-1952 to Aug-1952; Aug-1953 to Feb-1954
Issue Checklist
Rangeland Love Stories [1950] (Canada) in 1950s WFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Rangeland Love Stories [1933] - see also under Rangeland Stories
Rangeland Love Stories [1936] - see also under Rangeland Romances
Rangeland Love Story Magazine - see under Rangeland Stories
Rangeland Love Story Magazine (Canada) in 1930s WFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Rangeland Romances
» Rangeland Love Stories
» Rangeland Romances
» Western Story Roundup
» merges with Dime Western Magazine
Jun-1935 - Jul-1936
Aug-1936 - May-1937
Jun-1937 - May-1955
Aug-1955 - Dec-1955
Issue Checklist
Rangeland Romances (Canada) in 1940s WFI sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Rangeland Romances (UK) late 1940s WFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Rangeland Stories
» Rangeland Love Story Magazine
» Rangeland Love Stories
Nov-1928 - Oct-1929
Nov-1929 - Dec-1932
Jan-1933 - Jul-1934
Missing: Nov-1928; Dec-1928
Missing: Nov-1932
Missing: Jan-1933; May/Jun-1933
Issue Checklist
Rangeland Sweethearts Oct-1940 - Apr-1941 WFI Missing: Feb-1941
Issue Checklist
Rangeland Westerns (Australia) late 1940s WFI Missing: all except #2
Issue Checklist
The Ranger [1931]
» becomes The Ranger (New Series)
14-Feb-1931 - 5-Aug-1933
The Ranger (New Series)
» becomes Pilot
12-Aug-1933 - 28-Sep-1935
Ranger [1965]
» incorporated into Look and Learn
18-Sep-1965 - 18-Jun-1966
Range Riders
» Range Riders Western
Dec-1938 - Feb-1940
Fall 1940 - Apr-1953
Missing: Winter 1942, Summer 1942
Issue Checklist
Range Riders Western (Canada) c. 1950 WFI sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Range Riders Western (UK) in 1950s WFI Missing: #2-#8; #10; any after #13
Issue Checklist
Range Riders (UK) Mar/Apr-1960 - ? WFI Missing: all after Mar/Apr-1960
Issue Checklist
Range Western in 1940s WFI sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Ransom! Jan-1933    
Rapid - see under The Rapid Review
Rapid-Fire Action Stories Nov-1932 - Dec-1932 FicMags; AFI Issue Checklist
Rapid-Fire Detective Stories Oct-1932 - May-1933 CFI; PMI3 Issue Checklist
Rapid-Fire Western Stories Oct-1932 - May-1933 WFI Missing: Mar-1933
Issue Checklist
The Rapid Review
» The Rapid
» The Rapid
Feb-1904 - Nov-1906
Dec-1906 - Mar-1907
Apr-1907 - Sep-1907
Missing: May-1907, Jun-1907, Jul-1907
Rapture 1959 - 1968 FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Rare Constellations #1, 1993 - #2, 1993 SFI Missing: #1
Issue Checklist
Rare Crime Cases in 1940s    
Rare Detective Cases in 1940s    
Rare Detective (Stories) in 1940s    
Raritan Summer 1981 - present FicMags sample issue only
Rascal in 1960s   Issue Checklist
Rats c. 1972 - ? FicMags sample issues only
Rattapallax ? - present    
Rattler's Tale c. 1992 FicMags sample issue only
Rave 1964 - early 1970s    
The Raven Chronicles Summer/Fall 1991 - present    
Ravenwood Quarterly Jun-2016 - present SFI Missing: any after #2, 2016
Issue Checklist
Ray Gun Revival Jul-2006 - #57, 2010 SFI Issue Checklist
Razar Magazine 2006 - 2007 SFI Issue Checklist
Read [1943] Jan-1943 - ?    
Read [1970] 197? - ? FicMags sample issue only
The Reader
» The Reader Magazine
» The Reader
» merges with Putnam's Monthly
Dec-1902 - Feb-1904
Mar-1904 - Nov-1905
Dec-1905 - Feb-1908
The Reader's Digest Feb-1922 - present    
The Reader's Library Apr-1932 - Jul-1932 GFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Picture Scope
» Reader's Scope
Oct-1942 - Jul-1944
Aug-1944 - Jul-1948
The Readerville Journal c. 2003 FicMags sample issue only
The Reading Room Spring 2000 - present    
Real Oct-1952 - Dec-1967 FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Re: Artes Liberales
» Re: Arts & Letters
» RE:AL: The Journal of Liberal Arts
Fall 1974 - Spring/Fall 1988
1989? - 1995?
Spring 1996 - ?
Real Action Jun-1963 - Jun-1964   Issue Checklist
Real Action for Men Apr-1957 - Jan-1958   Issue Checklist
Real Adventure
» Real Adventure
» Real Adventure
» Real Adventure
Mar-1955 - Nov-1958
Nov-1960 - May/Jun-1961
Sep-1963 - Nov-1963
Aug-1969 - Nov-1970?
some issues as Real Adventures
Issue Checklist
Real America Feb-1933 - ?    
Real Bedtime Tales - see under Real Boudoir Tales
Real Bedtime Tales
» Real Boudoir Tales
» Boudoir Tales
Oct-1934 - Mar-1935
  Issue Checklist
Real Breezy Romances - see under Snappy Romances
Real Combat Stories Oct-1963 - Apr-1972   Issue Checklist
Real Confessions Mar-1937 - Jul-1938?   Issue Checklist
Real Crime Cases Mar-1943 - ?    
Real Crime Detective 1953 - ?    
Real Detective Stories ?    
Detective Tales
» Real Detective Tales
» Real Detective Tales and Mystery Stories
» Real Detective
1-Oct-1922 - Apr-1924
May-1924 - Dec-1924
Jan-1925 - Apr-1931
May-1931 - ?
Missing: Nov-1923
Missing Jul-1924, Aug-1924, Sep/Oct-1924, Dec-1924
Missing: Jul-1934; Nov-1934; any issues after Dec-1934 containing fiction
Issue Checklist
Real F.B.I. Detective Case Stories c. 1949 CFI sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Real Forbidden Sweets - see under Stolen Sweets
Real French Capers
» French Capers
Sep-1934 - Mar-1935
Apr-1935 - ?
sample issue only
sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Realistic and Other Gems in 1890s    
Realistic Series 1910 - 1920    
Reality 1936 - ?    
Real Life Adventures - see under Adventure Life
Real Life Confessions - see under Scarlet Confessions
Hollywood Confessions
» Real Life Stories
Dec-1922 - Sep-1923
Oct-1923 - 1928?
sample issue only
Real Life Stories (1940s) c. 1940    
Real Love Jan-1938   Issue Checklist
Real Love (Australia) in 1950s    
Real Love Magazine - see under Live Girl Stories
The Realm Apr-1904 - Sep-1904   Issue Checklist
The Realm Beyond in 2000s    
Real Men Mar-1956 - Feb-1975 FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Real Men in Action in 1960s   Issue Checklist
Realm of Fantasy in 1960s    
Realm of Fun and Fiction
» becomes Screen Stories
16-Feb-1929 - 1-Feb-1930
» Realms
v1 #1, 198? - v1 #3, 1989
Winter 2010 - May-2010
Missing: #1
Issue Checklist
Realms of Fantasy Oct-1994 - Oct-2011 SFI Issue Checklist
Real Mystery Magazine Apr-1940 - Jul-1940 CFI Issue Checklist
Real Northwest - see under Mystery Novels Magazine (Quarterly)
Real Northwest Adventures - see under Mystery Novels Magazine (Quarterly)
Real Police Cases ?    
Real Police Stories ?    
Real Police Stories (UK) ?    
Real Police Story 1937    
Real Romances Feb-1943 - Jul/Aug-1961 FicMags sample issue only
Real Romances (Australia) in 1950s    
Real Screen Fun Aug-1934 - Nov-1942?   Issue Checklist
Real Smart Mar-1930 - Jan/Feb-1931? FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Real Spicy Horror Tales Apr-1937 SFI Issue Checklist
Real Sports
» Real Sports
Feb-1938 - Apr-1939
Oct-1947 - Nov-1948
Issue Checklist
Real Stolen Sweets - see under Stolen Sweets
Real Story c. 1950    
Real Story Book
» Real Story Book Frolics
» Frolics
» Paris Frolics
Nov-1928 - Jun-1930
Jul-1930 - Nov-1930
Dec-1930 - Jun-1931
Jun-1931 - Apr-1932?
sample issues only
sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Real Telling Tales - see under Real Tempting Tales
Real Telling Tales
» Real Tempting Tales
Oct-1934 - Apr-1935
  Issue Checklist
Real War Oct-1957 - Nov-1958 FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Real West 196? - 197?    
Real Western
» Real Western Stories
Jan-1935 - Oct-1949
Dec-1949 - Apr-1960
Missing: Feb-1950; Jun-1950; Oct-1950; Feb-1951; Jun-1951
Issue Checklist
Real Western (Canada)
» Western Magazine (Canada)
» Real Western (Canada)
? - Dec-1944
Jan-1945 - Feb-1945
c. 1948
sample issues only
Missing: all issues
Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Real Western Mystery Novels ? CFI; WFI Missing: all issues; possibly phantom
Issue Checklist
Real Western Romances
» Western Romances
» Real Western Romances
» Western Romances
Dec-1949 - Dec-1951
Apr-1952 - Jul-1952
Oct-1952 - Mar-1957
May-1957 - Dec-1960?
Missing: Jul-1952
Missing: Apr-1953, Oct-1953, Jul-1954, Nov-1954, Jan-1957, Mar-1957
Missing: Nov-1958, Jul-1959, Nov-1959, Dec-1960
Issue Checklist
Real Western Stories - see under Real Western (Stories)
Real Western Stories (UK) in 1950s WFI Missing: #1, #2, any after #6
Issue Checklist
Recent Detective Cases Jul-1946 - ?    
The Recluse #1, 1927 SFI Issue Checklist
Recompose Nov-2015 - present    
Records of Love, or Monthly Amusement for the Fair 1710    
Red Arrow
» incorporated into Adventure
19-Mar-1932 - 18-Mar-1933
Red-Blooded Stories
» Tales of Danger & Daring
Oct-1928 - Feb-1929
Mar-1929 - Jun-1929
FicMags; AFI
FicMags; AFI
Issue Checklist
The Red Book Illustrated
» The Red Book
» The Red Book Magazine
» Redbook Magazine
» Redbook
Jun-1903 - Apr-1905
May-1905 - Dec-1929
Jan-1930 - Nov-1942
Dec-1942 - Aug-1983
incomplete after 1950; continued without fiction
Issue Checklist
Red Clay Reader 1964 - 1970 FicMags sample issues only
Red Cover Series 1880 - 1890    
Red Dime Detective c. 1949 CFI Issue Checklist
The Red Dragon Feb-1882 - Jun-1887 FicMags sample issues only
Red Eft Jul-1994 - Fall 1997 SFI Missing: #1, Jul-1994
Issue Checklist
Red Guerilla 1943    
Red Heart Novels 1940    
Red Herring Mystery Magazine Summer 1994? - Summer 1997? CFI Missing: v2 #1, 1995; v3 #2, 1996
Issue Checklist
Red Hood Detective Stories - see under Red Mask Detective Stories
Red Letter (UK) 1899 - 1987 FicMags sample issues only
The Red Letter (US) Aug-1896 - Apr-1897    
Red Letter Series [1889] 1889 - 1890    
Red Letter Series [1894] 1894 - 1895    
Red Letter Series [1903] 1903    
The Red Magazine Jun-1908 - Sep-1939 SR1; FicMags SR1 sf & fantasy only; FicMags incomplete
Issue Checklist
Red Mask Detective Stories
» Red Hood Detective Stories
Mar-1941 - May-1941
Issue Checklist
Redpath's Books for the Camp Fires 1864    
Red Planet Earth #1, 1974 - #6, 197? SFI Missing: #3, 1974; #5, 1974
Issue Checklist
The Red Raven Library
» Paul Jones Weekly
7-Jan-1905 - 23-Sep-2905
30-Sep-1905 - 3-Feb-1906
sample issue only
Red Rock Review 1996 - present    
Red Room Fall 2017 - present SFI Missing: any after Fall 2017
Issue Checklist
Red Rose Magazine - see under Red Rose Novels
Red Rose Novels [1908]
» Red Rose Magazine
» Red Rose Magazine
» Home Weekly
31-Oct-1908 - 3-Apr-1909
10-Apr-1909 - 19-Jun-1909
19-Jun-1909 - 21-Dec-1912
28-Dec-1912 - 24-Nov-1923
Red Rose Novels [1919] 1919 - 1922    
Red Rover Library 17-Oct-1903 - Jan-1904    
Red Scream Apr/May-2005 - Winter 2005 SFI Issue Checklist
Red Seal Detective Stories c. 1940 CFI Missing: all issues; possibly phantom
Issue Checklist
Red Seal Library [1897] 1897 - 1898    
Red Seal Library [1915] May-1915 - ?    
Red Seal Mystery Magazine Jun-1940 - ? CFI Missing: all issues; possibly phantom
Issue Checklist
Red Seal Western Aug-1935 - Jul-1941? WFI Missing: May 1936, Jul-1936, Aug-1936, Oct-1936, Mar-1939, Mar-1941
Issue Checklist

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