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Macfadden's Fiction Lover's Magazine - see under Metropolitan Magazine
Macho Mar-1983 - Sep-1983?   Issue Checklist
MacKill's Mystery Magazine Sep-1952 - Jun-1954 CFI Issue Checklist
MacKill's Mystery Magazine (US) Dec-1952? - Aug-1954 CFI Issue Checklist
Mack's Pocket Detective Stories Magazine Nov-1930 CFI Issue Checklist
» The Business Magazine
» The Busy Man's Magazine
» MacLean's Magazine
» MacLean's
» Maclean's
1896 - Sep-1905?
Oct-1905 - Nov-1905
Dec-1905 - Feb-1911
Mar-1911 - Apr-1918
May-1918 - 15-Oct-1931
1-Nov-1931 - present
Missing: Dec-1905; Aug-1908 - Feb-1911
sample issues only
sample issues only
sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Macmillan's Magazine Nov-1859 - Oct-1907 Poole; FicMags Poole to 1906 only, FicMags sample issue only
Macmillan's Novelists' Library Apr-1895 - Apr-1896 DimeNvl incomplete
Macrocosm Dec-1971 - Summer 1972 SFI Issue Checklist
Macy's Popular "Star" Novels in 1890s    
» 38-26-34
1962 - 1966
1966 - 1982?
sample issues only
sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Mademoiselle Feb-1935 - Nov-2001 FicMags sample issues only
Madge's Prize MSS. Oct-1938 FicMags  
Madison Magazine ? - present    
The Madison Review early 1970s - present    
Madison Square Series 1888 - Sep-1902 DimeNvl incomplete
Maelstrom #1, 1987 - Summer 2001 SFI Issue Checklist
Maelstrom Speculative Fiction Summer 1998 - Oct-2001 SFI Missing: #1, #2
Issue Checklist
The Mag! 1995 - ?    
Magabook [1963] #1, 1963 - #3, 1965 SFI Issue Checklist
Mag-a-Book [1982] #1, 1982 - #32, 1982 FicMags  
Magazine for Boys - Listed by Lofts as a title that ran 1862-1889, but a subsequent note (p19) explains that this is a combination by Lofts of the run of {Every Boys' Magazine} and its subsequent title changes. see under Every Boy's Magazine (UK)
Magazine for the Young 1842 - 1875    
The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction #1, 2007 - Winter 2013 SFI Issue Checklist
The Magazine of Edgar Rice Burroughs 2007 - 2009 SFI Issue Checklist
The Magazine of Fantasy
» The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Fall 1949
Winter 1950 - present
Missing: any after Mar/Apr-2022
Issue Checklist
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (UK)
» The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (UK)
Oct-1953 - Sep-1954
Dec-1959 - Jun-1964
Issue Checklist
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (Australia) #1, 1954 - #14, 1958 SFI Issue Checklist
Magazine of Fiction - see under Monthly Magazine of Fiction
Magazine of Horror Aug-1963 - Apr-1971 SFI Issue Checklist
Magazine of Short Stories
» Short Stories
» Smith's Weekly
12-Jan-1889 - 8-Jul-1893
15-Jul-1893 - 18-Jun-1904
25-Jun-1904 - 10-Aug-1907
first volume only
sample issues only
sample issues only
The Magazine of Speculative Poetry Winter 1984 - Fall 2013 SFI Missing: #2; #24; #26; #33
Issue Checklist
The Magazine of the Year Mar-1947 - 1948 FicMags sample issue only
Magazine World 1925 - 1931 FicMags sample issue only
The Mage
» The Best of the Mage
» The Mage
#1, 198? - #7, 1987
#8, 1987
#9, 1988 - #13, 1990
Missing: #13, Fall 1990
Issue Checklist
The Magi 1979 FicMags  
Magical Blend 1980 - 2007    
The Magic Carpet Magazine - see under Oriental Stories
Magic Love Sep-1945 - Jan-1947 FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Magic Realism #1, 1990 - #10, 1995 SFI Missing: #1, #2, #3
Issue Checklist
The Magic Wand Sep-1910 - Dec-1957    
The Magnet Library
» The Magnet
15-Feb-1908 - 3-Aug-1929
10-Aug-1929 - 18-May-1940
StyIdx; IdxMgn
StyIdx; IdxMgn
StyIdx: incomplete; IdxMgn: lead stories only
StyIdx: incomplete; IdxMgn: lead stories only
Magnet Library (US) 1897 - 1934    
Magnet Series 9-Apr-1892 - 16-Jul-1892 DimeNvl Missing: #5-#8
The Magnificat Nov-1907 - Jun-1968 FicMags partial issues only
Magnitude Winter 1955 - ?    
The Southern Ladies' Book
» The Magnolia or Southern Monthly
» The Magnolia, or Southern Apalachian
Jan-1840 - Dec-1840
Jan-1841 - Jun-1842
Jul-1842 - Jun-1843
The Magpie [1911] Aug-1912 - Dec-1914   Issue Checklist
The Magpie [1923] Summer 1923 - Winter 1924 FicMags sample issues only
Magpie [1951] Apr-1951 - May-1953 FicMags  
Mainstream in 1980s    
Main Street Mar-1929 - Jul-1929 FicMags Missing: Mar-1929
Majestic Series 1896 DimeNvl  
The Malahat Review Jan-1967 - present    
Malayan Police Magazine 1928 - ?    
Malcolm's Jan-1954 - May-1954 CFI Missing: Possible 4th issue
Issue Checklist
Male Jun-1950 - Mar-1981? FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Male & Femail c. 1988    
The Male Home Companion Oct-1942 FicMags Issue Checklist
Male Mag Dec-1947/Jan-1948 - Aug-1949 FicMags  
Malevolence #1, 199? - #4, 1997 SFI Missing: #1, #2
Issue Checklist
Mammoth Adventure Jul-1946 - Sep-1947 AFI; PMI1 Issue Checklist
Mammoth Book for Boys in 1930s FicMags sample issues only
Mammoth Book for Girls in 1930s FicMags sample issues only
Mammoth Detective May-1942 - Sep-1947 CFI; PMI1 Issue Checklist
Mammoth Mystery Feb-1945 - Aug-1947 CFI; PMI1 Issue Checklist
Mammoth Sky Birds Nov-1935 AFI Issue Checklist
Mammoth Western Sep-1945 - Jan-1951 WFI Missing: Aug-1946
Issue Checklist
Mammoth Western Quarterly Summer 1948 - Spring 1951? WFI Missing: Fall 1949, Spring 1950, Summer 1950
Issue Checklist
Man: Australian Magazine for Men Dec-1936 - May-1974 FicMags sample issues only
The Man (UK) Oct-1938 - ? FicMags sample issues only
Man (US) c. 1951    
Man About Town (UK)
» About Town
» Town (for Men)
Spring 1953 - Feb-1961
Mar-1961 - Jun-1962
Jul-1962 - c. 1967
sample issue only
sample issue only
sample issue only
Man About Town (US) May-1939 - ?    
The Manchester Guardian - see under The Guardian
Mandrake May-1945 - 1956? FicMags sample issues only
Manford's Monthly Magazine
» Manford's New Monthly Magazine
1859 - 1861
1861 - 1895
sample issue only
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Magazine Feb-1966 - Jan-1968 AFI Issue Checklist
The Manhattan Jan-1883 - Sep-1884    
Manhattan Library 27-Mar-1894 - 1895? DimeNvl  
Manhattan Library of New Copyright Fiction 1902 - 1903 DimeNvl  
The Manhattan Quarterly in 1940s    
Manhattan Scandals in 1940s    
Manhattan Series of Popular American Novels Sep-1888 - Oct-1889 DimeNvl  
Manhood 1962 - 1963? FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Manhunt Jan-1953 - Apr/May-1967 CFI Issue Checklist
Manhunt Detective Story Magazine (Australia) Oct-1953 - Oct-1954 CFI Issue Checklist
Manhunt (UK) Aug-1953 - Sep-1954 CFI Issue Checklist
Manhunt Stories ? CFI Issue Checklist
Manifest Destiny #1, 1993 - #2, 1994 SFI Issue Checklist
Man Junior
» Man Junior
Oct-1937 - Oct-1942
Sep-1945 - Jun-1973
sample issues only
Mãnoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing Fall 1989 - present    
Man's Action Sep-1957 - Apr-1977 FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Man's Adventure
» Man's Adventure
May-1957 - Jun-1968
Mar-1971 - Nov-1971
sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Man's Adventure (Australia) in 1970s   Issue Checklist
Man's Age May-1962? - Dec-1962   Issue Checklist
Man's Best
» Man's Best
Sep-1961 - May-1963
Mar-1966 - Mar-1967
  Issue Checklist
Man's Book Periodical Mar-1962 - Sep-1971 FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Man's Cavalcade - see under Cavalcade (US)
Man's Combat Jun-1969 - Autumn 1970   Issue Checklist
» Man's Conquest
Jun-1955 - Apr-1972
sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Man's Conquest (UK) ? FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Man's Courage Oct-1963   Issue Checklist
Man's Daring Action
» Man's Daring
» Daring
Jun-1959 - Oct-1959
Mar-1960 - Dec-1966
Feb-1967 - Jun-1975?
sample issues only
sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Man's Daring Adventures Nov-1955 - Oct-1956   Issue Checklist
Man's Day
» Man's Day
Aug-1952 - Aug-1953
Dec-1960 - Apr/May-1961
sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Man Senior in 1950s FicMags sample issue only
Man's Epic Sep-1963 - Oct-1973 FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Man's Epic (Australia) Oct-1967 - 1978? FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Man's Era Jun-1963   Issue Checklist
Man's Escape Apr-1963 - Feb-1964 FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Man's Exploits
» Man's Exploits
Jun-1957 - Apr-1958
Feb-1963 - Mar-1964
  Issue Checklist
Man's Fate Nov-1962 - Jan-1963   Issue Checklist
Man's Favourite Pastime 1958 - 1969? FicMags sample issues only
Man's Guts May-1989 FicMags Issue Checklist
Man's Hour Nov-1963 - ?    
Man's Illustrated
» Adventures for Men
» Man's Illustrated
Jul-1955 - Mar-1959
Apr-1959 - Oct-1959
Nov-1959 - Apr-1975
sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Man's Illustrated (Australia) in 1960s   Issue Checklist
Man's Illustrated (UK) 1966 - ?   Issue Checklist
Man's Life Nov-1952 - Sep-1975 FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Man's Life (Australia) Sep-1967 - ?   Issue Checklist
Man's Look Aug-1961 - Feb-1962   Issue Checklist
Man's Magazine Oct-1952 - Oct-1976 FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Man's Odyssey Jan-1958 - Mar-1958   Issue Checklist
Man's Peril - see under Peril
Man's Power Feb-1963 - Apr-1963   Issue Checklist
Man's Prime Jul-1963 - Mar-1967   Issue Checklist
Man's Report c. 1960   spoof
Man's Smashing Stories Jun-1959 - Sep-1959   Issue Checklist
Man's Story Feb-1960 - Dec-1975 FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Man's Thrills Jan-1961 - Oct-1961 FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Man's Time Jan-1962 - Oct-1962?   Issue Checklist
Man Stories
» Popular Fiction
» Nickel Detective
» Strange Detective Stories
Oct-1930 - Jul-1931
Nov-1931 - Sep-1932
Jan-1933 - Aug-1933
Nov-1933 - Feb-1934
Issue Checklist
Man's Trend Apr-1963   Issue Checklist
Man's True Action Oct-1955 - Sep-1956   Issue Checklist
Man's True Danger Jun-1962 - Feb-1972   Issue Checklist
Man's Way Mar-1956 - Feb-1957?   Issue Checklist
Man's Western Aug/Sep-1958 - Jan-1959   Issue Checklist
Man's World
» Man's World
Jan-1951 - Feb-1951
Nov-1955? - Jan-1978
sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Man's World (Australia) in 1970s FicMags sample issue only
Mantid Magazine Winter 2016 - v3, 2018 SFI Issue Checklist
Man-to-Man [1910] - see under Westward Ho!
Man to Man [1949] Dec-1949 - Sep-1976? FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Mantrap Jul-1956 - Oct-1956 CFI Issue Checklist
Manuscript Jun-1941 - ? FicMags sample issues only
Many Mountains Moving Spring 1995 - 2014?    
The Many Worlds of Jack Vance Spring 1977 - Jan-1978    
Maplecade Sep/Oct-1981 - Jul-1986    
Marco-Botsaris Series 1892 DimeNvl sample issues only
Marginal Boundaries Spring 2010    

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