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Midnight [1960]

Issues & Index Sources

  1960 – 1969?


  in 1961: American Art Agency, Inc., 7311 Fulton Avenue, North Hollywood, CA.
  in 1970: Jaybird Enterprises, Inc., 7311 Fulton Avenue, North Hollywood, CA.


  in 1961: Ron Black
  in 1964: Colin Stanley
  in 1966 – 1969: Phillip Sparrow
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Midnight Carnival

Total Issues: 4

Issues & Index Sources:  v1 #1, 1998 – v1 #4, 2002: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Pentagram Publications; Kirkland, WA
Editors:   John Navroth
Formats:   octavo
Prices:   $3.00
Frequency:   irregular
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Midnight Echo

Total Issues: 12 (as at Jan-2019)

The Magazine of the Australian Horror Writers Association.

Issues & Index Sources:  Oct-2008 – present: Science Fiction Index (Missing: any after #12, Dec-2017)
Publishers:   The Australian Horror Writers' Association, Elphinstone, Victoria
Editors:   various
Formats:   A4 (Oct-2008 - Nov-2013); ebook (Apr-2015 - present)
Prices:   $12.95
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The Midnight Gallery

Total Issues: 9?


Issues & Index Sources:  1997 – 1999?: FictionMags Index
Publishers:   Jennifer Hardin
Editors:   Jennifer Hardin

Midnight Gayeties

Total Issues: 3?

Issues & Index Sources:  Nov-1937 – ?
Publishers:   Newsdealers Magazine Corp.
Sources:   Ultimate Guide to the Pulps, Uncovered: The Hidden Art of Girlie Pulps
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Midnight Graffiti

Total Issues: 8

Amateur magazine.

Issues & Index Sources:  #1, 1988 – Winter/Spring 1997: Science Fiction Index (Only fiction indexed)
Publishers:   Midnight Graffiti Publishing, CA
Editors:   Jessica Horsting and James Van Hise
Formats:   quarto slick
Prices:   $4.95
Pagecounts:   80pp
Frequency:   two per year
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Midnight Graffiti Special

Total Issues: 1

Issues & Index Sources:  #1, 1994: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Midnight Graffiti Publishing, Sherman Oaks, CA.
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Midnight Hour

Total Issues: 1

Issues & Index Sources:  Spring 2000: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Midnight House Publishing, Calera, AL
Editors:   Mike Paduana
Formats:   quarto
Prices:   $4.95
Pagecounts:   80pp
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Midnight Mind

Total Issues: 6

Issues & Index Sources:  Spring 2001 – Fall 2003
Publishers:   3 A.M. Publishing, PO BOX 146912, Chicago, IL 60614
Editors:   Brett Van Emst
Prices:   $7.95

Midnight Mysteries

see under Midnight

Midnight Shambler

Total Issues: 11

A fanzine begun by David Barker and revived by Robert M. Price.

Issues & Index Sources:  1988 – 1999: Science Fiction Index
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Midnight Street

Total Issues: 13+3+1=17

Small press SF magazine.

Issues & Index Sources

  Winter/Spring 2004 – Autumn 2009: Science Fiction Index
  Autumn/Winter 2010 – Autumn/Winter 2011: Science Fiction Index
  Sep-2017: Science Fiction Index


  Trevor Denyer


  Trevor Denyer


  Winter/Spring 2004 – Autumn 2009: A4
  Autumn/Winter 2010 – Autumn/Winter 2011: PDF download
  Sep-2017: ebook





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Midnight Sun

Total Issues: 5

Semi-professional magazine.

Issues & Index Sources:  #1, 1974 – #5, 1979: Science Fiction Index
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Midnight Wine


Issues & Index Sources:  in 1980s
Editors:   J.L. Lancer

Midnight Zoo

Total Issues: 25

Fanzine, formerly Amazing Experiences.

Issues & Index Sources:  v1 #1, 1991 – v4 #1, 1994: Science Fiction Index
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Mid Nite Frolics

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1930s: FictionMags Index
Publishers:   Consolidated Magazine Co.
Prices:   25c
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Focus on Jewish issues and Zionist concerns.

Issues & Index Sources:  1955 – present
Publishers:   633 Third Avenue, 21st floor, New York, NY 10017-6706 (in 2002); 110 East 59th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10022 (in 1998 - 2000)
Editors:   Joel Carmichael (in 1998 - 2002)
Frequency:   monthly
Sources:   O. Henry Awards Website (in 2002)
Email Address:

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