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Six-Gun Western [2010] Spring 2010 - Jan-2011 WFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Six Gun Westerns (Australia) late 1940s WFI Missing: all except #2
Issue Checklist
Six-Gun Western Stories (Australia) in 1950s WFI Issue Checklist
Six-Gun Western Stories (UK) - see under New All-Action Stories
The Sixpenny Magazine Jul-1861 - Mar-1868    
Six Shooter Western - Spoof magazine listed on the Adventure House website on April 1st 2001, together with a faked cover.
Six Star Books 1946 StyIdx  
6 Star Western Stories (Australia) ? WFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
1632 & Beyond Sep-2023 - present SFI Missing: any after Mar-2024
Issue Checklist
Sizzle 1959 - 1962? FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Sizzling Detective Mysteries - see under Snappy Detective Mysteries
Sizzling Romances - see under Snappy Romances
Sizzling Stories Mar-1934   Issue Checklist
Skeleton Crew
» Skeleton Crew
#1, 1988 - #5, 1989
Jul-1990 - Apr-1991
Issue Checklist
Skelos Summer 2016 - Fall 2020 SFI Issue Checklist
The Sketch 1-Feb-1893 - 17-Jun-1959 FicMags sample issues only
Sketch Book and Printer's Pie - see under Printers' Pie
The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent 23-Jun-1819 - 13-Sep-1820 FicMags  
Sketchy Bits 29-Apr-1895 - 9-May-1910 FicMags sample issue only
Skewed 1982    
Skinned Alive 1991? - Aug-1993 SFI Issue Checklist
The Skipper [1930] 6-Sep-1930 - 1-Feb-1941 StyIdx sample issues only
The Skipper [1936] Dec-1936 - Dec-1937 AFI; PMI1 Issue Checklist
The Skipper [1947] Jul-1947 - Feb-1972    
Skug Jun-1977 - Apr-2008    
Skull v1 #1, 1994 - v1 #2, 1994 SFI Issue Checklist
» Spiderweb
Jan-1980 - Fall 1981
Winter 1982 - Spring 1983
Issue Checklist
Sky Aces Jun-1938 - Apr-1941 AFI; PMI1 Issue Checklist
Sky Birds
» Headquarters Detective
Jan-1929 - Dec-1935
May-1936 - Mar-1937?
Issue Checklist
Sky Birds (Canada) in 1930s AFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Sky Blazers Dec-1941 - Apr-1942? AFI Issue Checklist
Sky Devils Mar-1938 - Feb-1940 AFI; PMI1 Issue Checklist
Sky Fighters Jul-1932 - Spring 1950 AFI; PMI1 Issue Checklist
Sky Fighters (Canada) in 1940s AFI sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Sky-High Library Magazine Feb-1930 AFI Issue Checklist
Sky Hook Winter 1948 - Autumn 1957    
Sky Raiders [1942] Dec-1942 - Summer 1944 AFI; PMI1 Missing: Dec-1943, Summer 1944
Issue Checklist
Sky Raiders [1939] - see also under Air Action
Sky Raiders (UK) - see also under Air Action (UK)
Sky Riders
» merges with War Aces
Nov-1928 - May-1931
Issue Checklist
Skyworlds Nov-1977 - Aug-1978 SFI Issue Checklist
Slant #1, 1948 - #7, 1952 SFI Issue Checklist
The Slate 1995? - 1998?    
Slate 1996 - present FicMags sample issues only
Slave Girl Aug-1948 FicMags  
Sleepytime Stories
» incorporated into Golden Hours
Sleuthhound 1997 - Winter 1998/1999 CFI Missing: Coffin Edition
Issue Checklist
Sleuth Magazine Summer 2015 - present CFI Issue Checklist
Sleuth Mystery Magazine Oct-1958 - Dec-1958 CFI Issue Checklist
Slick Bedtime Stories c. 1950    
Slick Detective Yarns Jun-1951 CFI Issue Checklist
Slimmer Bedtime Stories c. 1952 FicMags  
Slinky in 1950s    
Slinky Bedtime Stories c. 1950    
Slinky Stories in 1950s    
Slipstream [1940s] in 1940s FicMags sample issue only
Slipstream [1981] 1981 - present    
Small Wonders Feb-2023 - present SFI Missing: any after Apr-2024
Issue Checklist
Smart Fiction
» merges with Smart Novels
1913 - 1924
sample issues only
Smart Love Stories - see under Ainslee's Smart Love Stories
The Duchess Novelette
» Smart Novels
» merges with Christian Novels
17-Sep-1894 - 15-Sep-1902
22-Sep-1902 - 29-Aug-1966
sample issues only
Smart Romance Stories in 1930s FicMags sample issue only
The Smart Set
» Smart Set
» The New Smart Set
Mar-1900 - Jun-1924
Jul-1924 - Mar-1930
Apr-1930 - Jul-1930
Issue Checklist
The Smart Set (UK)
» merges with Standard Stories
May-1901 - Jun-1925
sample issues only
Smash! 1961 - 1963? FicMags partial issue only
Issue Checklist
Smash Detective Cases 1945 - ?    
Smash Detective-Crime Cases in 1950s    
Smashing Detective (Australia) c. 1954 CFI Missing: all except #2
Issue Checklist
Smashing Detective Stories
» Fast Action Detective and Mystery Stories
Mar-1951 - Nov-1956
Jan-1957 - Feb-1958
Issue Checklist
Smashing Detective Stories (UK) c. 1952 CFI Missing: any after #11
Issue Checklist
Smashing Novels Magazine
» Adventure Novels Magazine
» Adventure Novels and Short Stories
May-1936 - Nov-1936
Jul-1937 - Dec-1939
Missing: Apr-1938
Issue Checklist
Smashing Western Sep-1936 - Oct-1939 WFI Missing: Sep-1937; Aug-1938
Issue Checklist
Smashing Western (Stories) (Canada) 1941 - 1942? WFI sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Smash Stories Oct-1941 - Dec-1941? FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
The Smith - see under Pulpsmith
Smith's Magazine
» merges with Love Story Magazine
Apr-1905 - Feb-1922
Issue Checklist
Smith's Monthly
» Smith's Monthly
Oct-2013 - May-2017
Jan-2021 - present
Missing: any after #67, Nov-2022
Issue Checklist
Smith's Weekly - see under Magazine of Short Stories
Smoked Glass 1985    
Smokehouse Monthly 1926 - ?    
Snake Nation Review Fall 1989 - present    
Snap (UK) 1950? FicMags  
Snap (US) 1958 - 1974? FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Snapdragon c. 1924    
Snappy Magazine Nov-1929? - Jun-1938? FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Snappy (UK) [1930s] Fall 1937 - Winter 1937 FicMags Issue Checklist
Snappy (UK) [1950s] c. 1950    
Snappy Adventure Stories Jul-1934 - May-1935 AFI Issue Checklist
Snappy Detective Mysteries
» Sizzling Detective Mysteries
May-1935 - Jun-1935
Jul-1935 - Sep-1935
Issue Checklist
Snappy Detective Stories Jul-1934 - May-1935 CFI Issue Checklist
Snappy Mystery Stories Jul-1934 - May-1935 CFI Missing: May-1935
Issue Checklist
Snappy Romances
» Sizzling Romances
» Real Breezy Romances
May-1935 - Jun-1935
Jul-1935 - Sep-1935
Jan-1936 - Jul-1936
Missing: Jun-1935
Missing: Sep-1935
Missing: Jan-1936
Issue Checklist
Snappy Stories
» Snappy Stories and Pictures
» Snappy Stories
Aug-1912 - Mar-1927
Apr-1927 - May-1928
1930 - 1932?
sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Snappy Stories [1948] (UK) c. 1948 FicMags  
Snappy Stories [1949] (UK) Mar-1949    
Snaps 11-Oct-1899 - 20-Feb-1901    
Snap-Shots 9-Aug-1890 - 19-Nov-1907    
S1ngularity Mar-2003 - Apr-2003    
The Society of Misfit Stories Presents… Feb-2019 - present SFI Missing: any after Sep-2022
Issue Checklist
Society Spanking Stories in 1930s   Issue Checklist
Sociopathic Times Summer 1993 - ? FicMags sample issue only
The Sockdolager Spring 2015 - Summer 2017    
Socko in 1950s    
Solarpunk Magazine Jan/Feb-2022 - present SFI Missing: any after #14, Mar/Apr-2024
Issue Checklist
Soldiers of Fortune Oct-1931 - May-1932 AFI Issue Checklist
Soldier Stories - see under Detective Classics
Solo 1969 - 1973? FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Sol Plus 1975 - Mar-1981    
Sol Reader Apr-1962 - ? FicMags sample issue only
Something Doing in 1900s FicMags sample issue only
Something Else Summer 1980 - Spring 1984 SFI Issue Checklist
Something to Read 15-Mar-1881 - ?    
Something Wicked Spring 2006 - Feb-2010 SFI Issue Checklist
Sonar4 Aug-2008 - Spring 2010    
Songs of Innocence #1, 1999 - #5, 2004 SFI Issue Checklist
Sonora Review 1980 - present    
The Sons of Albion 11-Jul-1870 - 6-Mar-1871    
Sons of Britannia
» becomes The Champion Journal for Boys
14-May-1870 - 15-Jul-1877
Sons of Merry England 18-Sep-1880    
Sons of Old England [1870] 16-Nov-1870    
Sons of Old England [1883] 18-Aug-1883 - 23-Feb-1884    
Sons of Temperance 1881 - ?    
Sons of the Brave 1896 - ?    
Sophy 2000 - 2004 FicMags sample issues only
Sorcerer's Apprentice #1, 1978 - #17, 1983 SFI only fiction and selected articles indexed
Issue Checklist
Sorcerous Signals Feb-2007 - Aug-2015    
So to Speak ? - present    
Soul Fire - see under Midnight
Sound SF: The Tape Magazine 1993 SFI Issue Checklist
Sounds of the Night Aug-2007 - Feb-2012 SFI Missing: #7
Issue Checklist
South Atlantic Quarterly Jan-1902 - Fall 2004 Poole to 1906 only
South Carolina Review Jan-1969 - present FicMags incomplete
South Dakota Review Winter 1963 - present FicMags sample issue only
The Southern and Western Monthly Magazine and Review Jan-1845 - Dec-1845    
Southern Exposure Spring 1973 - 2011?    
Southern Humanities Review 1967 - present ShStIdx Missing: all before 1974 at least
The Southern Literary Magazine
» The Southern Magazine
Jul-1923 - Feb-1924
Mar-1924 - Jul-1924
partial issue only
Southern Literary Messenger Aug-1834 - Jun-1864 Poole  
Southern Magazine [1986] Oct-1986 - ? FicMags sample issues only
The Southern Quarterly 1962 - present FicMags sample issue only
The Southern Quarterly Review Jan-1842 - Feb-1857    
The Southern Review [1828] 1828 - 1832 Poole  
The Southern Review [1867] Jan-1867 - Oct-1879 Poole  
The Southern Review [1935]
» The Southern Review [1935]
Summer 1935 - Spring 1942
Winter 1965 - present
ShStIdx; FicMags
ShStIdx missing all before 1974 at least; FicMags sample issues only
The Southern Star 1941 - 1945    
Southern Woman's Magazine May-1913 - Dec-1918 FicMags partial issues only
Southern World in 1980s FicMags sample issue only
South Sea Stories [1939] Dec-1939 - Oct-1940 AFI; PMI1 Issue Checklist
South Sea Stories [1960] Jul-1960 - Nov-1964 FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Southwest Airlines Magazine - see under Spirit

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