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Magazines Covered

The following is a list of all the magazines that are covered by the Crime Fiction Index. Magazines for which we have incomplete information are flagged (*) (and a full list of the information needed for these can be found here). Magazines flagged (**) are those for which we have no concrete information at all (and which, indeed, may not even exist). Each magazine name is hyperlinked to the associated illustrated checklist. Titles that have been explicitly excluded from the this index are discussed in more detail here.

When the original version of the Crime Fiction Index was released on CD in 2011, a formatted issue checklist in Microsoft Word format was made available for collectors who wished to keep track of the issues they owned/need. This is still available for download from here but has not been updated since 2011.

US UK & Ireland
Accused Detective Story Magazine Ace G-Man Stories (UK) (*)
Ace Detective Magazine Ace-High Detective Magazine (UK) (**)
Ace G-Man Stories Action Detective Tales
Ace-High Detective Magazine Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (UK)
Ace Mystery All Detective (UK)
Alcoholman All Star Detective Stories/All Detective Magazine (UK) (*)
Alfred Hitchcock's Anthology All-Story Detective (UK) (*)
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine Amazing Detective Mystery Stories (UK) (**)
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Sampler Bedside Detective Casebook
Alibi Big-Book Detective Magazine (UK)
All Detective Magazine Black Book Detective (UK)
All Due Respect Black Hood Detective (UK)
All Fiction Detective Stories/Anthology (*) Black Mask (Detective) (UK) (*)
All Fiction Stories Bloodhound Detective Story Magazine
All Mystery Bullet Magazine
All Star Detective (*) Crack Detective Stories (UK) (*)
All Star Detective Stories Crack Detective (Stories) (UK)
All-Story Detective The Creasey Mystery Magazine
Amazing Detective Stories (*) Crime Confessions (UK)
Amazing Detective Tales (*) Crime Detective (UK) (*)
The Angel Detective Crime Investigator
The Armchair Detective Crime Shorts
Austin Layman's Crimestalker Casebook Crime Stories
Avon Detective Mysteries Crime Time
Baffling Detective Mysteries Crimewave
Banner Mysteries Detective Aces
Best Detective (*) The Detective Magazine
Best Detective Magazine Detective Monthly (UK)
Bestseller Mystery Magazine Detective Novels (UK)
Betty Fedora Detective Shorts (*)
Big-Book Detective Magazine Detective Story Magazine (UK)
The Big Click Detective Tales (UK) [1940]
Big Double Feature Magazine Detective Tales (UK) [1949]
Bizarre Mystery Magazine Detective Tales (UK) [1950]
Black Aces Detective Tales (UK) [1952]
Black Bat Detective Mysteries (*) Detective Weekly
Black Book Detective (Magazine) Detective Yarns (UK)
Black Cat Mystery Magazine [2017] Dime Detective Magazine (UK) [1948]
Black Hood Detective Dime Detective Magazine (UK) [1950]
Black Mask (Detective) Dime Mystery Magazine (UK)
Blue Steel Magazine Dynamic Detective Cases
Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine
Bull's Eye Detective Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (UK)
Cabaret Stories (*) Exciting Detective Stories (UK)
Candid Detective Famous Detective Stories (UK) (*)
Captain Satan F.B.I. Detective Stories (UK) (*)
Charlie Chan Mystery Magazine Fireside Detective Casebook
Chase Four in One Gang and Thrills Shorts
Chief Detective Gang Shorts (*)
Clues (Detective Stories) Gangster Pay-Off (**)
Complete Detective G-Men Detective (UK) (*)
Complete Detective Novel Magazine Gripping Detective Stories (*)
Complete Gang Novel (Magazine) Hollywood Detective (UK) (*)
Complete Mystery Novelettes Homicide Reporter (UK)
Complete Underworld Novelettes Hooded Detective (UK) (1942) (*)
Conflict-Stories of Suspense Hooded Detective (UK) (1948)
Courtroom Stories Hush
Cosmic Crime Stories Hutchinson's Adventure & Mystery Story Magazine
The Cozy Detective Mystery Magazine Hutchinson's Mystery-Story Magazine
Crack Detective (and Mystery) Stories International Detective Cases (UK) (*)
Craig Rice Crime Digest John Creasey Mystery Magazine
The Craig Rice Mystery Digest Keyhole Detective Casebook
Crime and Justice Detective Story Magazine The London Mystery Magazine/Selection
Crime Busters MacKill's Mystery Magazine
Crime Digest Manhunt (UK)
Crime Fiction Stories Mask Detective
Crime Mysteries The Master Thriller Series
Crimespree Mercury Mystery Magazine (UK) (*)
Crimestalker Casebook Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine (UK)
Crime Stories Monthly (**) Murder Shorts (*)
Crime Syndicate Mysterious Suspense Stories
Dan Dunn Detective Magazine Mystery and Detection
Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective Mystery Crime Cases
Dell Mystery Novels Magazine Mystery Detective
Detective [1933] (*) Mystery Magazine (UK)
Detective Action Stories Mystery Stories (UK) [193?] (*)
Detective Adventures (**) Mystery Stories (UK) [195?]
Detective and Murder Mysteries [1936] (*) Mystery Thrillers
Detective and Murder Mysteries [1939] New All-Action Stories (*)
Detective Book Magazine New Detective Magazine (UK) [1940s] (*)
Detective Classics New Detective Magazine (UK) [1950s] (*)
Detective Dime Novels New Detective Tales
Detective-Dragnet Magazine The New Strand
Detective Fiction (Weekly) On the Spot Detective Tales
Detective Files Pep Tec (Tales) (*)
The Detective Library Phantom Detective (UK) (*)
Detective Mysteries Phantom Detective Cases
Detective Mystery Novel Magazine Phantom Mystery Magazine (UK)
Detective Mystery Stories Pocket Reader Series (*)
Detective Novel Classics Police Detective
Detective Novel(s) Magazine Popular Detective (UK) (*)
Detective Parade Private Detective (UK) (*)
Detective Romances Private Eye Detective Tales
Detective Short Stories Quick Action Detective Stories
Detective Story Annual (*) Racket-Buster Detective
Detective Story Magazine [1915] Real F.B.I. Detective Case Stories
Detective Story Magazine [1952] Red Dime Detective
Detective Story Magazine [1988] Red Star Detective (Ireland)
Detective Tales [1922] (*) The Saint (Detective/Mystery) Magazine (UK) (*)
Detective Tales [1935] Scarlet Gang Smashers (UK)
Detective Thrillers (**) Screen Crime Stories
Detective Trails Shadow Mystery Magazine (UK)
Detective Yarns (*) The Sherlock Holmes Gazette/Sherlock
Dime Detective Magazine A Shot in the Dark/Shots
Dime Mystery (Book) Magazine Slick Detective Yarns (UK)
Doctor Death Smashing Detective Stories (UK) (*)
Don Pendleton's The Executioner Mystery Magazine Startling Mystery (UK)
Double-Action Detective Stirring Detective Stories
Double-Action Detective (and Mystery) Stories (*) Strange Detective Mysteries (UK) (**)
Double-Action Gang Magazine Strange Detective Stories [2011]
Double Detective Street & Smith's Detective Monthly (UK)
Down & Out: The Magazine Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine (UK) (*)
The Dragnet Magazine Street & Smith's Mystery Detective
Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine (US) Street & Smith's Shadow Mystery Magazine
Ed McBain's 87th Precinct Mystery Magazine Super-Detective (UK) (*)
Ed McBain's Mystery Book Suspense [1958]
Ellery Queen's Anthology Suspense Stories
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Swan American Magazine
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine "Overseas Edition for the Armed Forces" 10-Story Detective (UK) (**)
Exciting Detective 10 Story Mystery Magazine [1946] (UK)
Exciting Mystery 10 Story Mystery Magazine [1948] (UK)
The Executioner Mystery Magazine Three Detective Novels (UK)
Famous Detective (Stories) The Thriller [1929]
Fast Action Detective and Mystery Stories Thrilling Crime Stories
F.B.I. Detective Stories Thrilling Detective (UK) (*)
Federal Agent Thrill Shorts
The Feds Triple Action Detective Tales
Fifteen Detective Stories Triple Detective (Novels) (UK) (*)
15 Mystery Stories True Gangster Stories (UK) [1939]
15 Story Detective (*) True Gangster Stories (UK) [1942]
Fingerprints Detective The Underworld [1930] (UK) (**)
Five-Cent Detective Underworld [1951] (UK)
5-Detective Mysteries Vengeance Shorts
5 Detective Novels (*) Verdict (UK)
Flynn's Weekly/Detective Fiction War Thriller
Four Star Mystery Wit
Futures (Mysterious Anthology Magazine) (*) Yankee Magazine Fiction
Gangland Detective Stories (*) Yankee Shorts
Gangland Stories  
The Gang Magazine Australia
Gangster Stories Action Detective Magazine (*)
Gang World Alfred Hitchcock's Suspense Magazine (Australia) (*)
Gem Detective American Crime Magazine (*)
The Ghost, (Super-)Detective American Detective Magazine (*)
Giant Detective American Detective Novels (*)
Giant Detective Annual American Sleuth (*)
Giant Manhunt (*) Carter Brown Long Story Magazine
Girl Rackets Colin Calhoun Detective (*)
Girl's Detective Mysteries Crime Factory
G-Men (Detective) Crime Story Magazine (*)
Gold Seal Detective Detective Fiction (*)
Great Detective (*) Detective Monthly (Australia) (*)
Greater Gangster Stories Detective Stories (*)
Great Mystery and Suspense Magazine Detective Story Magazine (Australia)
Great Mystery Novels Double Action Detective (Australia)
The Green Ghost Detective Downtown Detective (*)
Grift Magazine East-Side Detective (*)
Guilty Detective Story Magazine Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (Australia)
Gun Molls Magazine (*) English Suspense
Hank Janson Detective Magazine (*) GP Detective Stories (*)
Hardboiled [1985] Invincible Detective Magazine (*)
Hardboiled (Detective) John Creasey Mystery Magazine (Australia) (*)
Headquarters Detective Leisure Detective (*)
Headquarters Stories (*) Manhunt Detective Story Magazine (Australia)
Hollywood Detective (Magazine) Manhunt Stories
Hollywood Mystery (**) Mean Streets
Homicide Detective Story Magazine Mercury Mystery Book Magazine (Australia) (*)
Hooded Detective Mike Hervey Detective Monthly Magazine
Hunted Detective Story Magazine Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine (Australia)
The Illustrated Detective Magazine Modern Detective Magazine (*)
Inspector Malone's Mystery Magazine Phantom Suspense-Mystery Magazine (Australia)
International Detective Cases (*) Popular Detective (Australia) (*)
International Detective Magazine Pursuit--The Phantom Mystery Magazine (Australia) (*)
John Creasey Mystery Magazine (US) (*) The Saint Detective Magazine (Australia) (*)
Justice Smashing Detective (Australia) (*)
Kelly's Magazine (*) Thrilling Detective (Australia) (*)
Keyhole Mystery/Detective Story Magazine Tip-Top Thriller (Australia) (**)
Killers Mystery Story Magazine Underworld Stories (*)
Kracked Mirror Mysteries (*) Verdict Detective Story Magazine (Australia) (*)
Lone Wolf Detective Westend Detective (*)
Love-Crime Detective  
M Canada
MacKill's Mystery Magazine (US) (*) Ace G-Man Stories (Canada) (*)
Mack's Pocket Detective Stories Magazine All Detective Magazine (Canada) (*)
Malcolm's (*) Best Detective Magazine (Canada) (*)
Mammoth Detective Big-Book Detective Magazine (Canada) (*)
Mammoth Mystery Big Detective (Canada) (*)
Manhunt Black Book Detective Magazine (Canada) (*)
Mantrap Black Cat Mystery Magazine/Quarterly
Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine Black Mask (Canada) (*)
The Masked Detective (1933) Chief Detective Stories
The Masked Detective (1940) Clues (Canada) (*)
Masked Gun Mystery Complete Detective Novel Magazine (Canada) (*)
Master Mysteries Magazine (*) Complete Detective Stories (*)
Menace Complete Mystery Novelettes (Canada) (**)
Mercury Mystery-Book Magazine Crack Detective Stories (Canada) (*)
Midnight (Mysteries/Mystery Stories) (*) Daredevil Detective Stories (*)
Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Daring Detective
Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Annual Detective Fiction Weekly (Canada) (*)
Mobs Detective Mystery Novel Magazine (Canada) (*)
Mobsters Detective Novel(s) Magazine (Canada) (*)
Mouth Full of Bullets Detective Romances (Canada) (*)
Movie Detective (*) Detective Tales (Canada) (*)
Movie Mystery Magazine Dimebooks Detective Stories
Murdaland Dime Detective Magazine (Canada) (*)
Murder! Dime Mystery Magazine (Canada) (*)
Murder Mysteries [1929] (*) Exciting Detective (Canada) (*)
Murder Mysteries [1934] F.B.I. Detective Stories (Canada) (*)
Murderous Intent Fiction Quarterly (*)
Murder Stories 15 Mystery Stories (Canada) (*)
Mystery [1932] 15 Story Detective (Canada) (*)
Mystery [1979] (*) 5 Detective Novels (Canada) (**)
Mystery Book Magazine Five Star Detective Stories
Mystery Buff (**) Flynn's Detective Fiction (Canada) (*)
Mystery Digest Giant Detective (Canada) (*)
Mystery League G-Men Detective (Canada) (*)
Mystery Magazine [1917] (*) Mystery Book Magazine (Canada) (*)
Mystery Monthly Mystery Detective Stories (Canada) (*)
Mystery Novels and Short Stories Mystery Novels Magazine (Canada) (**)
Mystery Novels Magazine (Quarterly) Mystery Weekly
Mystery Stories New Detective Magazine (Canada) [1935] (*)
Mystery Tales [1938] New Detective Magazine (Canada) [1941] (*)
Mystery Tales [1958] Nick Carter Magazine (Canada) (*)
Mystery Time (*) Original Detective Stories
Naked Kiss The Phantom Detective (Canada) (*)
Needle Popular Detective (Canada) (*)
Nero Wolfe Mystery Magazine Private Detective (Canada) (*)
New Black Mask (Quarterly) Rex Stout Mystery Magazine (Canada) (*)
New Detective Magazine [1935] (*) The Shadow (Canada) (*)
New Detective Magazine [1941] Sleuth Magazine
New Mystery Strange Detective Mysteries (Canada) (*)
New York Stories Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine (Canada) (*)
Nick Carter (Detective) Magazine Super-Detective (Canada) (*)
Nickel Detective Sure Fire Detective (Canada) (*)
19 Tales of Intrigue, Mystery & Adventures Ten Detective Aces (Canada) (*)
Noir: The Illustrated Crime Quarterly 10-Story Detective (Canada) (*)
Off Beat Detective Stories (*) 10 Story Mystery Magazine (Canada) (*)
Out of the Gutter (*) The Thriller (Canada) (*)
Over My Dead Body! (*) Thrilling Detective (Canada) (*)
The Phantom Detective Thrilling Mystery (Novel Magazine) (Canada) (*)
Photo Detective Triangle Quarterly (*)
Pocket Detective Magazine [1936] Triple Detective (Canada) (**)
Pocket Detective Magazine [1950] Two-Book(s) Detective Magazine (Canada) (*)
Popular Detective World-Wide Detective Stories
Prison Life Stories  
Prison Stories New Zealand
Private Detective (Stories) F.P. Detective Stories (*)
Private Detective Stories [2007] The G.P. Detective Stories (*)
Private Eye [1953] Gripping Detective Stories (New Zealand) (*)
Private Investigator Detective Magazine  
Prize Detective Magazine South Africa
Public Enemy Popular Detective Stories
Pulp Modern Quest Detective News
Pursued Who? Detective Magazine (*)
Pursuit Detective Story Magazine  
Racketeer Stories  
Racketeer and Gangland Stories  
Racket Stories (**)  
Railroad Detective Stories (**)  
Rapid-Fire Detective Stories  
Real Detective Tales (and Mystery Stories) (*)  
Real Mystery Magazine  
Real Western Mystery Novels (**)  
Red Herring Mystery Magazine (*)  
Red Hood Detective Stories  
Red Mask Detective Stories  
Red Seal Detective Stories (**)  
Red Seal Mystery Magazine (**)  
Red Star Detective  
Red Star Mystery  
Rex Stout Mystery Monthly  
Romantic Detective  
The Saint (Detective/Mystery) Magazine  
The Saint Magazine [1984]  
The Saint Mystery Library  
The Saint's Choice  
Saturn Web Detective Story Magazine  
Saturn, The Magazine of Science Fiction  
Saucy Detective (Stories)  
Scarab Mystery Magazine  
Scarlet Gang Smashers (*)  
Scarlet Gang Stories  
Scientific Detective (*)  
Scientific Detective Annual  
Scientific Detective Monthly  
Scotland Yard  
77 Sunset Strip  
The Shadow Detective/Mystery Magazine/Monthly  
The Shadow Annual  
Shell Scott Mystery Magazine  
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine  
Shock Mystery Tales Magazine (*)  
Shock--The Magazine of Terrifying Tales  
Sizzling Detective Mysteries  
Sleuthhound (*)  
Sleuth Mystery Magazine  
Smashing Detective Stories  
Snappy Detective Mysteries  
Snappy Detective Stories  
Snappy Mystery Stories (*)  
Speakeasy Stories  
Special Detective  
Speed Detective  
Speed Mystery  
Spicy Detective Stories  
Spicy Mystery Stories  
Spinetingler Magazine  
Star Detective Magazine  
Startling Detective Adventures  
Startling Mystery Magazine  
Startling Mystery Stories  
Stirring Detective and Western Stories  
The Strand Magazine [1998]  
Strange Detective Mysteries  
Strange Detective Stories  
Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine  
Street & Smith's Mystery Magazine  
Super-Detective (Stories)  
Sure-Fire Detective Magazine  
Sure Fire Detective Stories  
Suspect Detective Stories  
Suspense [1946]  
Suspense Magazine [1951]  
Suspense Magazine [2000s] (*)  
Swift Story Magazine  
'Tec - The Five-in-One Detective Magazine  
Ten Detective Aces  
10-Story Detective  
Ten Story Gang  
10 Story Mystery Magazine  
Terror Detective Story Magazine  
Three Detective Novels (US) (**)  
Thrilling Detective  
Thrilling Detective (online)  
Thrilling Mysteries  
Thrilling Mystery (Novel Magazine)  
Top Detective Annual (*)  
Top-Notch Detective  
Tough Stories Magazine  
Trapped Detective Story Magazine  
Triple Detective  
True Gang Life (*)  
True Gangster Stories [1939]  
True Gangster Stories [1941]  
Two-Book(s) Detective Magazine  
2 Book Mystery Magazine  
Two Complete Detective Books  
2 Detective Mystery Novels Magazine  
Two-Fisted Detective Stories [1959]  
Two-Fisted Detective Stories [1984]  
Undercover Detective  
The Underworld (Detective/Magazine) (*)  
Underworld Love Stories  
Underworld Romances  
Variety Detective Magazine  
Verdict (Crime Detection Magazine)  
Vice-Squad Detective  
Web Detective Stories  
Web Terror Stories  
Whispering Willow (Mysteries) (*)  
Wild & Wooly Mammoth Detective  
The World of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine