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The Crime, Mystery & Gangster Fiction Magazine Index (or Crime Fiction Index in short) was an attempt to provide an index to crime fiction magazines in the same style as the classic Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Weird Fiction Magazine Index originally compiled by Stephen T. Miller and William G. Contento. It has now been updated and made freely available online as part of the Fictionmags Index Family.

The index is based (with permission) on the two classic indexes in this field (both now long out of print):

  1. Mystery, Detective, and Espionage Fiction: A Checklist of Fiction in U.S. Pulp Magazines, 1915-1974 compiled by Michael L. Cook and Stephen T. Miller
  2. Monthly Murders: A Checklist and Chronological Listing Of Fiction In The Digest-Size Mystery Magazines In The United States And England compiled by Michael L. Cook

While Cook & Miller managed to identify and locate a huge number of magazine issues, they were only too aware themselves of some of the shortcomings and omissions in their indexes. From the beginning, a key focus of the current index has therefore been to:

As well as expanding the “width” of the index, an attempt has also been made, where possible, to expand the “depth” of the index. The previous indexes listed only the fiction content of the magazines and then gave only the author name and story title. The current index attempts also to:

All of these areas presented problems of their own – some of which are discussed in more detail here – and are often “best guesses”, but hopefully this is more useful than not making the attempt. There are also a number of titles that users might expect to find in this index which have been explicitly excluded – these are discussed in more detail here.

As can be imagined with a project of this magnitude (comprising over 15,000 issues from over 850 different magazines), the compilers would welcome any offers of assistance from anyone who has access to some of these magazines and is prepared to help out.

In particular:

  1. The core of the index has been compiled from OCR scans of the two original indexes, rather than from the magazines themselves, and as such inevitably reproduce some of the mistakes inherent in those indexes (as well as introducing new ones). We would love to hear from anyone who has a collection (whether large or small) of crime fiction magazines and would be prepared to compare the relevant sections of the index against their collections.

  2. There are still a number of small gaps in earlier magazines (see here for a full list), but we would particularly love to hear from anyone who has any copies of a handful of US magazines for which there are significant gaps:
    • Mystery Buff
    • Over My Dead Body!
    • Red Herring Mystery Magazine
    • Scientific Detective (Annual) (not the same as Scientific Detective Monthly)
    • True Gang Life
  3. Although the index contains many hundred issues of magazines published outside the US, the coverage of these is still woefully incomplete and we would love to hear from anybody who has crime magazines published in the UK (particularly reprint editions of US pulps), Australia, Canada, South Africa or New Zealand (or, indeed, any other country publishing crime magazines in the English language).

A list of all the magazines that are included in the index can be found here while a detailed list of the magazines and issues for which contents information is still needed can be found here.

If you think you can help with any of the above, or would just like more detail on the project, then please – all contributions are welcome, no matter how small! Even though the index has now been published, there will (hopefully) be new editions every year or so which will include new and corrected information.


Thanks, in particular, must go to the spirit of the late Mike Cook, who started the whole process off, and to my collaborators on the project:

However, the index would not have been possible without the many contributors mentioned above, and I would like to thank all of those who have already contributed (directly or indirectly) to the project:

Bob Adey Joseph Erhardt David Kelleher Joe Rainone
Tiziano Agnelli Larry Estep Paul Kenny James Reasoner
John Apostolou James Felton Bruce Kiefer John Rebelo
Mike Ashley Richard Fidczuk Carol Kilgore Stephen D. Rogers
René Beaulieu David Fingerman Chris La Tray Nichole Rounds
Kimberley Becker Graeme Flanagan David LePlae Richard Saunders
Guy Belleranti Jessica Frasca Tom Lesser Paulette Schmidt
John Benson Sara Frommer Ron Lewis Robert Silverberg
Dave Benz James Furlong Steve Lewis Steven Slutsky
Victor Berch Gary Garner Lance Liddle David Lee Smith
Paul Berglund Matthew Asprey Gear Dennis Lien David W. Smith
Dennis Billows Terry Gibbons John Locke Brett Snyder
Terry Black Millie Gill John Loder Earl Staggs
Richard Bleiler Scott Green Matt Louis Peter Stekel
Jerry Boyajian Douglas Greene Gary Lovisi Doug Stewart
Brian Earl Brown John Gunnison Joel Lyczak Kate Stine
Donal B. Buchanan Peter Haining Jeffrey Marks Pierre Stolte
Jan Burke Mark Halegua Todd Mason Carter Swart
Jeffrey B. Burton Andrew Hall Andy McAleer Larry D. Sweazy
Tony Burton Rick Hall Kevin McCoy Robert Thompson
Chad Calkins Katherine Harper Alastair McLean Paul Tomlinson
Ben Chapman Geoff Harrison John J. Miller Al Tonik
Sarah M. Chen Darren Heil Steve Miller Virgil Utter
Steve Cherry Monte Herridge Richard Moore Randy Vanderbeek
Jan Christensen Marion Moore Hill Kelly Mordaunt Morgan Wallace
Bill Cissna Joyce Holland Marv Morrison Rodney Walters
Michele Combs Steve Holland Frank Motler Mike Ward
Bill Crider Elorise Holstad Tim Myers Robert Weinberg
Tom Daniels Joe Horka, Jr. Kris Neri Mike Whale
O'Neil de Noux Kathryn Hore Francis M. Nevins Chris Wood
William Denton Maria Huybens Scott Owen Martin Morse Wooster
Kate Derie Bob Iles Terry O'Neill Peter Youngman
Paul Di Filippo Patrick Irelan Chris Parente Terry Zobeck
Alistair Durie Alfred Jan Curt Phillips Gene Zombolas
Steven Edwards Keith Jeffrey Rob Preston Endre Zsoldos
John Eggeling Kenneth R. Johnson John Pugmire  
Peter Enfantino Tom Johnson John Raab  
Barry Ergang Chuck Juzek David Rachels  
Tracey Caulfield and the staff at Baillieu Library, University of Melbourne
Tom Tytor and the staff at Library & Archives Canada
My apologies to anyone I have missed – please remind me!