Short Stories

Short Stories
Welcome to the short stories pages! Brian has kindly given me his complete bibliography to work from, so this is the list folks.

Where a title starts with a word such as 'The' or "A", I've listed it under the initial letter of the second word so, for example, The Growth of the House of Usher is filed under 'G'.

The number in the square brackets after the title is the length of the story in thousands of words and [v] stands for vignette, which is 500 words or fewer.

The stories are primarily listed alphabetically, but there is also a chronological cross-reference at the bottom of the page.

A's After the Stone Age
The Age of Innocence
Alfonso the Wise
All You Inherit
Alternate Worlds
And He Not Busy Being Born…
And Justify The Ways Of God To Men
And the Hunter Home from the Hill
The Annual Conference of the Prophets of Atlantis
Another Bad Day in Bedlam
Another Branch of the Family Tree
Aphrodite and the Ring
The Architects of Worlds
The Arms of Morpheus
Art in the Blood
Ashes and Tombstones
The Astral Trail
B's The Bad Seed
The Beauty Contest
Bedside Conversations
Behind the Wheel
The Best of Both Worlds
Between the Chapters
Beyond Bliss
Beyond Repair
Beyond the Colours of Darkness
Beyond Time's Aegis
The Black Blood of the Dead
Black Nectar
Brief Encounter in the Smoking Area
Burned Out
The Burning Man
Busy Dying
C's Can't Live Without You
Captain Fagan Died Alone
The Cards Speak
Carpe Diem
The Child-Stealers
A Chip off the Old Block
A Christmas Cure-All
Cinderella's Sisters
The Colour of Envy
Coming to Terms with the Great Plague
Community Service
The Conqueror
The Copper Cauldron
The Corridor
The Cosmic Perspective
The Countryman (poem)
The Cult of Selene
The Cure for Love
Curiouser and Curiouser
Custer's Last Stand
D's Danny's Inferno
Danse Macabre
Degrees of Separation
The Devil's Comedy
The Devil's Men
Doctor Muffet's Island
Dr. Prospero and the Snake Lady
The Dream
The Dreams of Doctor Faustus
The Dreams of Yrilene (poem)
Dreams: The Tale of Asper

The Earth and the Moon (poem)
Ebony Eyes
The Elixir of Youth

The Enchanted Incompetent
The End
The Engineer and the Executioner
Et in Arcadia Ego
The Evil That Men Do
The Exploration of Inner Space
F's The Face of an Angel
The Facts of Life
Fans From Hell
Fantasies of the Flesh
First Paragraph of a Story
The Fisherman's Child
Les Fleurs du Mal
The Flowers of the Forest
Following the Pharmers
The Furniture of Life's Ambition
Further Beyond
A Further Experiment in the Effects of Mesmerism
The Fury That Hell Withheld
G's A Gardener in Parravon
The Gardens of Tantalus
The Gateway of Eternity
The Gift of the Magi
Given by the Sun
Going to the Dogs
Goldilocks 2: This Time It's Personal!
Gothic Quest (poem)
The Great Armada
The Great Chain of Being

The Grey Men
The Growth of the House of Usher
H's The Haunted Bookshop
The Haunted Nursery
Hidden Agendas
The Highway Code
The Holocaust of Ecstasy
The Home Front
Hot Blood
The House of Mourning
How the Dragons Yetzirah and Alziluth…
The Hunger and Ecstasy of Vampires
I's Ice and Fire
The Immortals of Atlantis
The Incredible Whelk
The Incubus of the Rose
Inherit the Earth
Innocent Blood
The Innsmouth Heritage
Inside Out
In the Flesh
The Invertebrate Man
The Invisible Worm
J's Jehan Thun's Quest
Judas Story
K's Kalamada's Blessing
Kid Zero and Snake Eyes
L's The Ladykiller, As Observed From a Safe Distance
The Lamia's Soliloquy
The Last Man
The Last Supper
The Last Worshipper of Proteus
Layers of Meaning
The Legacy
The Legacy of Erich Zann
The Light of Achernar
The Light of Transfiguration
Limelight (prose poem)
The Lock (translation)
Loki (poem)
The Lost Archetype
The Lost Romance
Lucifer's Comet
M's The Mad Trist: A Romance of Bibliomania
The Magic Bullet
The Mandrake Garden
The Man Who Came Back
The Man Who Invented Good Taste
The Man Who Loved the Vampire Lady
A Man with Morals
A Matter of Evidence
Meat on the Bone
Meeting at Eternity
Mens Sana in Corpore Sano
The Milk of Human Kindness
Mime for Silent Music
The Miracle Of Zunderburg
Mr Brimstone and Dr Treacle
Molly and the Angel
Molly and the Men in Black
Mortification of the Flesh
Mortimer Gray's History of Death
Murphy's Grail
My Evil Twin
My Mother, The Hag
N's The Necromancers of London
Next to Godliness
1985; or, The Tower of Babel Mark II
Nobody Else to Blame
O's An Oasis of Horror
The Oedipus Effect
An Offer of Oblivion
O for a Fiery Gloom and Thee
O Goat-Foot God of Arcady!
Only in the Twilight
The Oracle
Out of Touch
P's The Path of Progress
The Phantom of Teirbrun
The Phantom of Yremy
The Philosopher's Stone
The Picture
The Piebald Plumber of Haemlin
The Pipes of Pan
Plastikkmennesket(Plastic Man)
The Plurality of Worlds
The Poisoned Chalice
The Power of Prayer
Prisoner in the Ice
The Psi Salamander
Q's Quality Control
R's Reconstruction
Reflection and Refraction
The Requiem Masque
The Return of Frankenstein
The Return of the Djinn
The Riddle of the Sphinx
Riding the Tiger
The Road to Damnation
The Road to Hell
Rogue Terminator
Rose, Crowned with Thorns
S's Sad Story
Sailing into Night
A Saint's Progress
The Scream
Second Chance
The Secret Exhibition
The Serpent
The Seventh Generation
Sexual Chemistry
Shadows of the Past
The Shepherd's Daughter
Shores of a Shattered Cosmic Sea (poem)
The Singer of Dreams
Skin Deep
The Skin Trade
Skinned Alive
The Sleeping Soul
Slumming in Voodooland
Snowball in Hell
Some Like it Hot
Sortilege and Serendipity
Story with a Happy Ending
The Storyteller's Tale
The Sun's Tears
T's Taken for a Ride
Taking the Piss
The Temptation of Saint Anthony
Thicker Than Water
The Third Return of Captain Feature
Three prose poems
Three Versions of a Fable
Time (poem)
The Titan Unwrecked; or, Futility Revisited
To the Bad
The Tour
A Transitory Awakening (poem)
Tread Softly
The Tree of Life
The Trial
True Collectors
The True Story of why Earth was Blackballed
The Truth About Pickman
Tsathoggua's Breath
U's The Ugly Cygnet by Hans Realist Andersen
The Unkindness of Ravens
The Unluckiest Thief
Upon the Gallows Tree
V's Valdemar's Daughter: A Romance of Mesmerism
The Valley of the Shadow
The Vampire in Paris
The Vampire Sabbat
The Vines
Virtuous Reality
W's The Way of the Witchfinder
What Can ChloŽ Want?
When Molly Met Elvis
Where Zombie Armies Clash by Night
Who Mourns a Necromancer?
Why Flying Carpets Became Extinct
The Widow Who Grieved Too Much
The Will
The Winter Wind
The Womb of Time
The Woman in the Mirror
Worse than the Disease
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