The Collections

Short Stories
The Realms of Tartarus
The Cosmic Perspective/Custer's Last Stand (1985)
Sexual Chemistry (1991)
Fables & Fantasies (1996)
Swan Songs (2002)
Complications (2003)
Salome and Other Decadent Fantasies (2004)
Biotech Revolution
Designer Genes (2004)
Axel Rathenius
The Wayward Muse (2005)
Sheena and Other Gothic Tales (2006)
Biotech Revolution
The Cure for Love (2007)
Biotech Revolution
The Tree of Life (2007)
An Oasis of Horror (2008)
The Haunted Bookshop (2008)
The Gardens of Tantalus (2008)
Empire of the Necromancers
The Shadow of Frankenstein (2008)
The Innsmouth Heritage (2009)
Changelings (2009)
Biotech Revolution
In the Flesh (2009)
The Cosmic Perspective (2009)
The Return of the Djinn (2009)
Beyond the Colors of Darkness (2009)
Biotech Revolution
The Great Chain of Being (2009)
The Best of Both Worlds (2009)
Empire of the Necromancers:
Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (2009)
Valdemar's Daughter/The Mad Trist (2010)
Empire of the Necromancers:
Frankenstein in London (2011)
The Womb of Time & The Legacy of Erich Zann (2011)
Biotech Revolution
The Golden Fleece (2012)
The Legacy of Erich Zann (2012)

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