Short Stories
The Mysteries of Modern Science (1977)
A Clash of Symbols: The Triumph of James Blish (1979)
Masters of Science Fiction (1981)

Future Man (1984)

The Third Millennium (1985)
Scientific Romance in Britain 1890-1950 (1985)
The Sociology of Science Fiction (1987)
The Way to Write Science Fiction (1989)
Algebraic Fantasies and Realistic Romances (1995)
Opening Minds (1995)
Outside the Human Aquarium (1995)
Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction (1998)
Yesterday's Bestsellers (1998)
Glorious Perversity (1998)
The Dictionary of Science Fiction Places (1999)

Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction Literature (2004)

Historical Dictionary of Fantasy Literature (2005)
Science Fact and Science Fiction: An Encyclopedia (2006)
Slaves of the Death Spiders and Other Essays (2006)
Space, Time and Infinity and Other Essays (2006)
Heterocosms: Science Fiction in Context and Practice (2007)
The Devil's Party: A Brief History of Satanic Abuse (2009)
Gothic Grotesques: Essays on Fantastic Literature (2009)
News of the Black Feast and Other Random Reviews (2009)
Jaunting on the Scoriac Tempests and Other Essays on Fantastic Literature (2009)
Against the New Gods and Other Essays on Imaginative Fiction Writers (2009)
Narrative Strategies in Science Fiction and Other Essays (2009)
Exotic Encounters (2010)
Creators of Science Fiction (2010)
The Decadent World-View (2010)
The New Atlantis: A Narrative History of Scientific Romance (2016)
The Plurality of Imaginary Worlds (2016)

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