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Bibliography of Ellis Parker Butler

Ellis Parker Butler of the Vigilantes


  1. VIGILANTES: Mansfield News (October 16, 1917) "Jim Dale"   A poem. Mansfield (Ohio) News; October 16, 1917; p 4. Chillicothe (Missouri) Constitution; October 31, 1917. Stevens Point (Wisconsin) Gazette; October 24, 1918; p 11.  [NPA]
  2. VIGILANTES: Indianapolis Star (November 9, 1917) "Helping Take the Hell out of War"   Article. Indianapolis Star; November 9, 1917; p 3.  [NPA]
  3. Robinson Crusoe and Thrift Stamps (1917)
  4. VIGILANTES: Robinson Crusoe and Thrift Stamps (1917) Click here to see a picture of this item.The byline reads: "Ellis Parker Butler (Of the Vigilantes)." World War I literature to promote the purchase of Thrift Stamps. Eight pages in a basic saddle-stitched booklet. The book is undated but there is an internal reference to the year "1697, 220 years ago" placing the writing, at least, at 1917. HARPER dates this booklet as being printed in 1919. Newark, NJ: National War Savings Committee for New Jersey.  [HARPER]
  5. VIGILANTES: What the Victory or Defeat of Germany Means to Every American (1917)   A single-page 27x15 cm. handbill or newspaper insert. New York: National Security League.  [HARPER]
  6. VIGILANTES: Why We Are at War; Why You Must Help; What You Can Do (1917)   A twelve page booklet urging thrift, support of the government and military preparedness. (Uncredited and unconfirmed.) New York: National Security League.  [HARPER]
  7. 1918

  8. VIGILANTES: Elyria Evening Telegram (February 25, 1918) "The Vigilantes"   Article by Butler about the Vigilantes organization. Elyria (Ohio) Evening Telegram; February 25, 1918; p 4.  [NPA]
  9. VIGILANTES: Hopewell Herald (February 27, 1918) "Thrift-Spending and Spend-Thrifting"   A short article. Patriotic call for use of thrift stamps. Reprinted from "The Billboard." Hopewell (New Jersey) Herald; February 27, 1918; p 8.  [NPA]
  10. VIGILANTES: Bridgeport Telegram (March 4, 1918) "The High Heart"   Bridgeport (Connecticut) Telegram; March 4, 1918; p 15.  [NPA]
  11. VIGILANTES: Monessen Daily Independent (May 29, 1918) "Blue Gray and Khaki"   Monessen (Pennsylvania) Daily Independent; May 29, 1918.  [NPA]
  12. VIGILANTES: Elyria Evening Telegram (July 5, 1918) "Old Glory"   Elyria (Ohio) Evening Telegram; July 5, 1918; p 3.  [NPA]
  13. VIGILANTES: Clearfield Progress (July 16, 1918) "Dark Age Brutes"   Article. Clearfield (Pennsylvania) Progress; July 16, 1918; p 2.  [NPA]
  14. VIGILANTES: Trenton Evening Times (August 20, 1918) "You Won't Care"   Article. "Member, Author's Committee American Defense Society." Trenton (New Jersey) Evening Times; August 20, 1918; p 6. Coshocton (Ohio) Tribune; August 28, 1918; p 3.  [NPA]
  15. VIGILANTES: Steven's Point Gazette (October 24, 1918) "Why We Did It"   Article about Flushing. Stevens Point (Wisconsin) Gazette; October 24, 1918; p 10.  [NPA]
  16. VIGILANTES: Elyria Evening Telegram (October 28, 1918) "Of Old the Good Ships Thundered"   Poem. Elyria (Ohio) Evening Telegram; October 28, 1918.  [NPA]
  17. VIGILANTES: Miss Liberty's School for Bond Buyers (1918)   New York: Liberty Loan Committee, Second Federal Reserve District.  [HARPER]


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