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Bibliography of Ellis Parker Butler

Archived Papers with Ellis Parker Butler material

  1. Dartmouth College   Letter to Harold Goddard Rugg, 28-OCT-1917.  [HARPER]
  2. John Hay Library, Brown University "Manuscript Collection"   Letter to Mrs. Howard, 12-JAN-1916.  [HARPER]
  3. Library of Congress "Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection"   Letter to Helen Boudin, 08-NOV-1926. Collection Name: Butler, Ellis Parker, . (1869-1937.) Repository Name: Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Washington DC LC Reference: mm97006376 Type: Letter of Ellis Parker Butler. Collection Dates: 1926. Extent: 1. Description: TLS (8 Nov. 1926; Flushing, N.Y.) signed Ellis Parker Butler "Pigs is Pigs" (from the title of Butler's book, Pigs is Pigs, published in 1906), to Helen Boudin, New York, N.Y., concerning Butler's writings. Author. Forms part of: Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection. Index Terms: NUCMC  [HARPER, WEB]
  4. Library of Congress "Perriton Maxwell Collection"   Correspondence, c. 1931.  [HARPER]
  5. Lilly Library at Indiana University "Pigs is Pigs"   An unused radio script from Orson Welles. See WEB.  [WEB]
  6. New York Public Library "Ellis Parker Butler Papers"   Three boxes donated to the library by Mrs. Ida A. Butler.  [NYPL]
  7. New York Public Library "New Yorker Records Collection"   Correspondence, ca. 1930.  [HARPER]
  8. Princeton University Libraries, Princeton, New Jersey "Charles Scribner's Sons Papers"   Correspondence with the publishing house, 1929.  [HARPER]
  9. Princeton University Libraries, Princeton, New Jersey "F. Scott Fitzgerald Papers"   Letter to Fitzgerald, 1923.  [HARPER]
  10. Princeton University Libraries, Princeton, New Jersey "General Collections"   Correspondence with Robert H. Davis (1923), Hamlin Garland (1915) and Frances Bragdon West (1916).  [HARPER]
  11. Princeton University Libraries, Princeton, New Jersey "Julian Street Papers"   Correspoondence with Julian Street, 1912-1934 and a letter from Butler to Edward H. Dodd, Jr., 1934.  [HARPER]
  12. Princeton University Libraries, Princeton, New Jersey "Story Magazine and Story Press Papers"   Four letters and one document, ca. 1935.  [HARPER]
  13. Special Collections Department, University of Iowa Library "A Lifetime of Letters to a Daughter"   Unpublished typescript by Elsie Butler Waller.  [HARPER]
  14. Special Collections, Indiana State University "Eugene V. Debs Collection"   Letter to Debs from the Authors' League of America, 10-APR-1918. Signed by Butler and Eric Schuler.  [HARPER]
  15. Special Collections, Tufts University   Authors digest : the world's greatest stories in brief, prepared by a staff of literary experts, with the assistance of many living novelists. Loose leaf extension / Volume [3] selected and edited by William Griffith, in association with the ... committee of the Authors Club of New York: Ellis Parker Butler ... [et al.]./ Supplement to: Authors digest / edited by Rossiter Johnson. 1927. Selected and edited by the ... committee of the Authors Club of New York, John Erskine, Chairman ; George S. Hellman, Montrose J. Moses, Harold Pulsifer.  [WORLDCAT]
  16. Special Collections, University of Iowa, Iowa City "Ellis Parker Butler Papers"   Six hundred and thirty-five Authors' League and personal letter and other manuscripts, 1897-1937. See WEB.  [HARPER, WEB]
  17. Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville "Ellis Parker Butler Papers"   Approximately 20 miscellaneous papers.  [HARPER, WORLDCAT]
  18. State Historical Society of Iowa, Des Moines   Letter to E. R. Harlan, 24-FEB-1912.  [HARPER]
  19. State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City "Ellis Parker Butler Papers"   Autograph collection. One folder.  [HARPER]
  20. State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City "Iowa Press and Authors' Club Records."   Manuscript Division. Four scrapbooks of press clippings, correspondence (1896-1946). Includes four letters by Butler.  [HARPER]
  21. Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York "Street and Smith Collection"   Typescripts of "The Kidnapping of Anne Vanderham" and "Home Town Boy Makes Good." See WEB and WEB.  [HARPER, WEB]
  22. Van Pelt Libraries Special Collections, University of Pennsylvania "Theodore Dreiser Papers"   Correspondence with Dreiser, 1915-1934 and with H. L. Mencken and Harold Hersey, 1916-1923.  [HARPER]
  23. Yale Collection of American Literature   American Literature Collection Manuscript Miscellany. Letter asking the recipient to "tell a couple more stories" at the Niantic Club in Flushing on February 4, or instead to lend a copy of verses parodying "The Pope he is a happy man." Butler has humorously annotated his autograph, "Full signature with the curlycue very rare. Worth 5 c." Accession: 20040524-n. See WEB.  [WEB]
  24. University of Virginia   Letters to Nathan N. Wallack, 1935-1937. Butler writes to Wallack about the fate of the original manuscript of "Pigs is pigs," its first printing in American Magazine in October, 1905, the true first edition by Railway Appliances Company, 1905, the English edition of 1906, and the fate of the original manuscript and the two first editions he owned. He also gives directions to his house in Flushing, and, in a letter written the year he died, notes that his doctor is allowing him one highball a day.  [WORLDCAT]


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