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Vampire City

by Paul Féval

Short Stories

Translated, edited, with an introduction, afterword and notes by Brian Stableford

This volume is an English translation of a French Gothic Parody first published in book form in 1875. The fictitious heroine of the novel, "Anne Radeliffe", is based upon a famous 18th century author. Ann Radcliffe published six classic (and much reprinted) Gothic novels including The Romance of the Forest, The Mysteries of Udolpho and The Italian.

Paud Féval was born in Rennes in 1816. The son of a lawyer, he abandoned a similar career in 1838 and went to work in a bank in Paris before becoming a writer and novelist.

Sarob Press is proud to be able to bring this forgotten French vampire novel to the attention of the English language readers it has eluded for over one hundred years.

Cover and illustrations by Tim Denton

Published in 1999 by Sarob Press Limited
ISBN:1 902309 07 3
Limited to 250 copies - Sold Out


Some tell of a great city of black jasper which has streets and buildings like any other city but is eternally in mourning, enveloped by perpetual gloom. Some call it Selene, some Vampire City, but the vampires refer to it amoung themselves by the name of Sephuchre...

To destroy the dreaded vampire lord Otto Goetzi, writer Ann Radcliffe, Merry Bones the Irishman, and Grey Jack her faithful servant, launch an all-out attack on Selene...

"We can easily see in Vampire City the ultimate literary ancestor of buffy the Vampire-Slayer." - Brian Stableford.

Cover by Ladrönn

Published in 2003 by Black Coat Press

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