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by Paul Féval

Short Stories

Translated, annotated and introduced by Brian Stableford

"At midnight, we were awakened by the sound of the crows, which were cawing plaintively. There was no moon, but there was another light, brighter and more vivid than moonlight. Where was it coming from? By means of that illumination we saw a huge cloud of fleeing crows. We saw, too, the gibbet, silhouetted in black against the strange aurora, with its two corpses slowly swinging.

"Two white horses with flowing manes ran right past us, bearing neither bridle nor saddle; they glided like arrows, but we heard not the slightest sound of their hoofbeats. They both halted beneath the gallows, one beneath the taller hanged man, the other beneath the shorter. We saw the four limbs of the executed men move, separating one from another.

"A sudden glare ripped through the cold November clouds like summer lightning; the two gallows-ropes broke at exactly the same moment and the two cadavers fell as one, legs apart, on to the two horses, which galloped away to the sound of a thunderclap...."

Cover and illustrations by Douglas Walters

Published in 2001 by Sarob Press Limited
ISBN:1 902309 17 0
Limited to 250 copies


In the middle of the Great Hungarian Plain, there are two graves. Each is covered by a black stone, which carry inscriptions in French. On the larger one: Jean Ténèbre, Chevalier; on the smaller: Ange Ténèbre, Priest. They are the Ténèbre brothers...

On many occasions, during the last four hundred years, those graves have been opened, to the terror and horror of the surrounding country...

"The brothers Ténèbre are the Eternal Adversaries against which Eternal Champions and Thousand-Faced Heroes are pitched." - Brian Stableford.

Cover by Ladrönn

Published in 2003 by Black Coat Press

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