Short Stories

With an author as prolific as Brian Stableford, there will always be pieces that don't quite meet the grade for inclusion in a formal collection, particularly those written when Brain was still learning his trade. As these were mainly published in rather fugitive publications that it is now impossible to locate, Brian has given me permission to host some of these on the website so that they are accessible to his diehard fans.

Please note that many of these were unpaid contributions to amateur fanzines and the quality of reproduction (and, at times, of content) may leave something to be desired, but hopefully they will still be of interest. My thanks to Frédéric Jaccaud (of Maison d'Ailleurs) and to David Langford and Lynda Stevens for providing the relevant scans, and to Brian for allowing me to present them here.

The stories and poem(s) are hosted on the pages with the publication details of each item - just click on the thumbnail for a full scan. The articles and translations are hosted below until such time as that part of the website is fully developed.


The Burning Man
Carpe Diem
The Corridor
The End
First Paragraph of a Story
Goldilocks 2: This Time It's Personal!
Meeting at Eternity
1985; or, The Tower of Babel Mark II
The Psi Salamander
The Third Return of Captain Feature
The True Story of why Earth was Blackballed




The Enchanter's Mirrors
Lands of Legend
Millennial Fantasies
Should France's Angels Have Revolted After All?


The Princess of the Red Lilies by Jean Lorrain

The Enchanter's Mirrors

Proteus (fnz) #3, 1966

Lands of Legend

Proteus (fnz) #1, January 1966

Millennial Fantasies

The Seventh Seal #1, November 1999

Should France's Angels Have Revolted After All?

The Penny Dreadfull, #9, November 1997

The Princess of the Red Lilies by Jean Lorrain

The Seventh Seal #3, August 2000
Diabolique: A Journal of Lost Literature Summer 2002

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