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The Driller

Non-fiction magazine that published vignettes by Fredric Brown.

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1930s
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Subtitled "Variegated Stories" and offering "Complete Fiction by Local and Overseas Authors".

Issues & Index Sources:  1948? – Apr-1950?: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
Publishers:   Droll Publications, Box No. 100211, G.P.O., Melbourne
Prices:   6d
Frequency:   monthly

Droll Stories

Total Issues: 52

Another of Young's saucy light-hearted magazines.

Issues & Index Sources:  Mar-1923 – Jun-1927: FictionMags Index
Publishers:   C.H. Young Publishing Co. Inc.
Formats:   standard pulp
Frequency:   monthly
Sources:   The Adventure House Guide to the Pulps, Ultimate Guide to the Pulps
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Droll Stories (Australia)

Issues & Index Sources:  Jun/Jul-1930 – ?
Publishers:   Henry Lawson, Sydney
Prices:   1/-
Frequency:   bimonthly


Total Issues: 1?

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1950s
Publishers:   Paget Publications, 106 Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith, London
Prices:   2/6d

Drum: Sex in Perspective

A LGBTQ magazine published by the Janus Society, a homophile activist group founded in Philadelphia in 1962.

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1960s: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Publishers:   Janus Society of America, Philadelphia, PA
Editors:   Clark F. Polak


A gay leather magazine that published such authors as Phil Andros, John Preston, Anne Rice, Steven Saylor, and Larry Townsend, as well as a number of important leather artists, including Robert Mapplethorpe.

Issues & Index Sources:  1975 – 1999: The Leather Research Reference Shelf (issues #20-42 only)
Editors:   Jack Fritscher

Dublin and London Magazine

Total Issues: 42

Nationalist magazine that carried a lot of fiction, much by the editor under pen names.

Issues & Index Sources

  Jan-1825 – Dec-1826
  Jan-1827 – Jan-1828, as Robins's London and Dublin Magazine,
  Feb-1828 – Jun-1828, as Dublin and London Magazine


  J. Robins, London


  M.J. Whitty



The Dublin Journal of Temperance, Science and Literature

Carried a high percentage of fiction.

Issues & Index Sources:  1842 – 1843
Publishers:   Dublin
Frequency:   weekly

The Dublin Literary Gazette

Total Issues: 26+12=38

Certain amount of fiction. Authors include Mrs S.C. Hall, Charles Lever, William Carleton. Full magazine title is The Dublin Literary Gazette, or Weekly Chronicle of Criticism, Belles-Lettres and Fine Arts.

Issues & Index Sources

  Jan-1830 – Jun-1830
  Jul-1830 – Jul-1831, as The National Magazine


  in Dublin


  Jan-1830 – Jun-1830: Charles Lever
  Jul-1830 – Jul-1831: Philip Dixon Hardy


  standard octavo


  Jan-1830 – Jun-1830: weekly
  Jul-1830 – Jul-1831: monthly

Sources:   British Literary Magazines Vol. 2

The Dublin Magazine

A literary magazine of reviews, essays, opinion and fiction.

Issues & Index Sources

  Aug-1923 – Aug-1925: Index to English-Language Little Magazines, 1890-1970
  Jan-1926 – Jun-1958: Index to English-Language Little Magazines, 1890-1970


  New Square Publications, Dublin, Eire


  James Sullivan Starkey (Seamus O'Sullivan)


  Aug-1923 – Aug-1925: monthly
  Jan-1926 – Jun-1958: quarterly

Sources:   British Literary Magazines Vol. 4

The Dublin Monthly Magazine [1830]

Total Issues: 6

Published several anonymous serials.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jan-1830 – Jun-1830
Publishers:   Tyrrell & Tims, Dublin
Formats:   octavo
Frequency:   monthly

The Dublin Monthly Magazine [1842]

Total Issues: 10

Authors include William Carleton, Sheridan Le Fanu; really a continuation of The Citizen. The last issue was retitled The Dublin Magazine and Citizen.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jan-1842 – Mar/Apr-1843
Publishers:   Samuel J. Machen, Dublin.
Formats:   octavo
Frequency:   mostly monthly

The Dublin Museum

Published a few short stories and one serial.

Issues & Index Sources:  1807
Publishers:   Charles, Dublin
Formats:   duodecimo

The Dublin Penny Journal

Total Issues: 208

Published a lot of fiction, including many stories by William Carleton.

Note: there was a new series under this title from 1902 - 1905 which published many anonymous short stories. Authors known include J.K. Cotton, Ethel Goddard.

Issues & Index Sources

  30-Jun-1832 – 25-Jun-1836


  in Dublin


  1832 – 1833: J.S. Folds
  1834 – 1836: Philip Dixon Hardy



Dublin Review

Issues & Index Sources:  1836 – 1961: Index to Periodical Literature (Poole to 1906 only; Well2 to 1900 only)
The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals Volume 2
Sources:   British Literary Magazines Vol. 2

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