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The Communicator in 1970s FicMags sample issue only
Communities ? - 2000?    
Compact: The Young People's Digest in 1950s FicMags sample issue only
Companion for Youth - see under Boys' and Girls' Companion for Leisure Hours
Companion Library [1870] 1870   ?
Companion Library [1919] 1919 - 1932    
Compass: Current Reading Dec-1945 - 1946 FicMags  
Compelling Science Fiction Apr-2016 - #15, 2020 SFI Issue Checklist
The Competitors' Journal - see under Everybody's Weekly
Complete Jan-1951 FicMags  
Complete Action Novel Mar-1932 AFI Issue Checklist
Complete Adventure Magazine Dec-1937 AFI Issue Checklist
Complete Adventure Novelettes Feb-1932 - Feb-1933 AFI Issue Checklist
Complete Aviation Novel Magazine
» Complete Flying Novel Magazine
Apr-1929 - Oct-1929
Nov-1929 - Feb-1930
Issue Checklist
Complete Bestsellers
» Bestsellers
May/Jun-1981 - 1982
sample issue only
Complete Cowboy
» Complete Cowboy Novel Magazine
Jan-1939 - Winter 1946
Jul-1946 - Apr/May-1950
Missing: Jan-1939; Feb-1941; Jun-1942; Nov-1942; Jan-1943
Issue Checklist
Complete Cowboy (UK) 1943 WFI Issue Checklist
Complete Cowboy Novel Magazine - see under Complete Cowboy
Complete Cowboy Wild Western Stories - see under Complete Cowboy
Complete Detective May-1938 - Oct-1939 CFI; PMI2 Issue Checklist
Complete Detective Cases Dec-1939 - Jun-1953 FicMags sample issue only
Complete Detective Novel Magazine Jun-1928 - Jan/Feb-1935 CFI; PMI3 Issue Checklist
Complete Detective Novel Magazine (Canada) in 1930s CFI sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Complete Detective Stories [1941] Jun-1941 CFI Issue Checklist
Complete Detective Stories [1945] c. 1945    
Complete Detective Stories [1946] Feb-1946 CFI  
Complete Flying Novel Magazine - see under Complete Aviation Novel Magazine
Complete Gang Novel
» Complete Gang Novel Magazine
Apr-1931 - May-1932
Issue Checklist
Complete Love Magazine Mar-1938 - Oct-1951 FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Complete Love Magazine (Canada) late 1940s FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Complete Love Novel Magazine Jan-1930 - Sep/Oct-1930 FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Complete Man - see under Ken for Men
Complete Man's Magazine - see under Ken for Men
Complete Movie Novel Magazine Jun-1931 - Aug-1931 GFI Issue Checklist
Complete Mystery Novelettes Dec-1931 - Apr-1933 CFI Issue Checklist
Complete Mystery Novelettes (Canada) c. 1933 CFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Complete Northwest Novel Magazine
» Complete Northwest Magazine
» Complete Northwest
Sep-1935 - Jan-1938
Mar-1938 - Dec-1938
Feb-1939 - Apr-1940
Missing: Oct-1938
Missing: Jul-1939; Apr-1940
Issue Checklist
Complete Novel Magazine
» Wild West Stories and Complete Novel Magazine
» Western Novelets
May-1925 - Jun-1928
Jul-1928 - Sep-1939
Missing: #24, Apr-1927; #35, Mar-1928
Issue Checklist
Complete Novel (UK)
» merges with Smart Novels
7-Nov-1925 - 15-Jun-1940
sample issues only
Complete Novel Western ? WFI Missing: all issues; possibly phantom
Issue Checklist
Complete Police Cases 1954 - ?    
Complete Romance Magazine Dec-1949 - Feb-1950? FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Complete Sensational Library 1895? StyIdx incomplete
Complete Sky Novel Oct-1930 - Apr-1931 AFI; PMI1 Issue Checklist
Complete Sports Mar-1937 - Oct-1955 SPFI Missing: Sep-1937; Jul-1938
Issue Checklist
Complete Story Magazine
» Complete Stories
» Street & Smith's Complete Stories
» The Popular Complete Stories
» Street & Smith's Complete Stories
» Street & Smith's Complete Magazine
» Complete Stories
1-Jul-1924 - 25-Sep-1926
Nov-1926 - Mar-1931
Apr-1931 - 1-Oct-1931
15-Oct-1931 - 15-Jun-1932
1-Jul-1932 - 22-Apr-1935
May-1935 - Jan-1936
Feb-1936 - Oct-1937
Issue Checklist
The Popular Complete Stories (Canada)
» Street & Smith's Complete Stories (Canada)
» Street & Smith's Complete Magazine (Canada)
c. 1932
1932 - 1935
c. 1935
Missing: all issues
Missing: all issues
Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Complete Story Magazine - see under Complete Stories
The Complete Story-Teller
» The Complete Story Magazine (UK)
» The Complete Story-Teller
» merges with Magazine of Fiction
Jun-1912 - 1923
1923 - 1927
1927 - 14-Jan-1928
sample issue only
sample issue only
Complete Underworld Novelettes May-1932 - Oct-1934 CFI Issue Checklist
Complete War Novels (Magazine) Sep-1942 - May-1943 AFI; PMI1 Issue Checklist
Western Supernovel Magazine
» Complete Western Book Magazine
Jul-1933 - Jun-1957
Issue Checklist
Complete Western Book Magazine (UK) c. 1950 WFI sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Complete Western Love Novelettes Nov-1931 - Mar-1933 WFI Issue Checklist
Computer Weekly Sep-1966 - 5-Apr-2011 FicMags sample issues only
Computing: The Magazine 1973 - present FicMags sample issues only
Comrade 24-Mar-1923 - ?    
Comrades [1886]
» becomes Boys' Jubilee Journal
18-Sep-1886 - 9-Apr-1887
Comrades [1893]
» becomes Pals
14-Jan-1893 - 1-Oct-1895
Comrades [1900] 1900 - 1901    
Comrades Pocket Library 21-Oct-1901 - ?    
Comrades (Second series) 10-Jan-1898 - 27-Feb-1899    
Concentrate 1986 FicMags  
Concept Sci-fi E-zine Jul-2008 - Aug-2009    
Concho River Review Spring 1987 - present    
Concordia Magazine Jan-1906 - Dec-1901    
Conditions c. 1977 - 1988    
» Confession!
1946 - 1950
Apr-1953 - 1954
sample issues only
Confession Novel of the Month May-1940 - Feb-1941 FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Confessions of a Federal Dick 1930? AFI Issue Checklist
The Confessions of a Stool Pigeon 1931    
Confidential in 1960s FicMags sample issue only
Confidential Detective (Cases) 1942 - ?    
Conflict [1933] Summer 1933 - Sep/Oct-1934 AFI; PMI1 Issue Checklist
Conflict—Stories of Suspense Fall 1953 CFI Issue Checklist
Conflict [1955] Dec-1955 - Feb-1956   Issue Checklist
Confrontation 1968 - present FicMags sample issue only
Congress Magazine Jun-2016 - Oct-2016    
Conjunctions Fall 1981 - present website; FicMags FicMags sample issues only
Conjurings Jun-2013 SFI Issue Checklist
Conkey's Home Journal - see under American Home Journal
Connecticut Fireside in 1970s    
The Connecticut Quarterly Jan/Feb/Mar-1895 - Oct/Nov/Dec-1898 FicMags fiction in sample issues only
Connecticut Review 1968 - present    
Connoisseur's World Apr-1964 - Jul-1964 FicMags Missing: Apr-1964
Issue Checklist
Conquest - see under Man's Conquest
The Constance Library 1894    
Constelación Jan-2021 - Oct-2021 SFI Issue Checklist
Constellary Tales Nov-2018 - Dec-2019 SFI Issue Checklist
Contact [1923]
» Contact [1923]
Dec-1920 - Jul-1923
Feb-1932 - Oct-1932
partial issues only
Contact [1958] 1958 - Feb/Mar-1965 FicMags sample issues only
Contempo May-1931 - 1934 FicMags partial issues only
Contemporary Poetry and Prose May-1936 - Autumn 1937 Sader1  
The Contemporary Review Jan-1866 - ? Well1; Poole Well1 to 1900 only; Poole to 1906 only
Contemporary TV Fiction Magazine in 1990s FicMags sample issues only
ConTexas ? - 199?    
The Continent (Weekly) - see under Our Continent
Continental Library 1887 DimeNvl Missing: #1
The Continental Monthly Jan-1862 - Dec-1864 Poole  
Continuum Science Fiction Winter 2004 - Fall 2006 SFI Issue Checklist
Contortions Summer 1996 - ?    
Conversations 2000 - ?    
Convoy [1943] Mar-1943 - 1945    
Convoy [1944] 1944 - 1947 FicMags  
Cookie in 1950s    
Cooper's Novels 1885 DimeNvl  
Copper Cuties Jan-1968 - May-1969? FicMags sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Copper Nickel Mar-2003 - present    
Copper Toadstool
» The Storyteller
Dec-1976 - Jan-1979
Issue Checklist
Copy Magazine Spring 1950 SFI Issue Checklist
Coq Jan-1974 - May-1974? FicMagsMissingallafterMar1974 Issue Checklist
Coquette [1950s] in 1950s    
Coquette [1960s] 1963 - 1964 FicMags sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Cordial in 1960s FicMags sample issue only
The Cork Magazine Nov-1847 - Dec-1848    
Cornell Review Spring 1977 - ?    
The Corner Magazine [1922]
» merges with The Red Magazine
Sep-1922 - Feb-1935
incomplete after Sep-1929
Issue Checklist
The Corner Magazine [2006] Jun-2006 - ? FicMags sample issue only
The Cornhill Magazine Jan-1860 - Spring 1975 FicMags Issue Checklist
The Cornhill Booklet
» The Cornhill Booklet
Jul-1900 - 1904
Oct-1914 - Dec-1914
The Cornish Magazine Jul-1898 - May-1899 FicMags  
Coronet Nov-1936 - Oct-1961 FicMags sample issues only
Coronet Story Annual for Girls 1956? - 1959? StyIdx  
The Corpse Apr-2004 - Jul-2004 SFI Issue Checklist
» Wordworks
Jan/Feb-1971 - #5, 1974
#6, 1975 - #7, 1976
Cosmag Mar-1951 - Sep-1952? SFI Missing: #1, #2, #3
Issue Checklist
Cosmic Crime Stories
» Cosmic Crime Stories
Jan-2011 - Jan-2013
2020 - present
Missing: any after Mar-2023
Issue Checklist
Cosmic Horror Monthly Jul-2020 - present SFI Missing: any after Jun-2023
Issue Checklist
Cosmic Science Stories - see under New All-Action Stories
Cosmic Speculative Fiction Spring 2004 - Winter 2006 FicMags Missing: all except #1
Cosmic Stories Mar-1941 - Jul-1941 SFI Issue Checklist
Cosmic Tales Summer 1937 - Aug-1941 SFI Issue Checklist
The Cosmic Unicorn in 1990s    
Cosmopolis Jan-1896 - Nov-1898    
Cosmopolitan Mar-1886 - present Poole; FicMags incomplete after Dec-1971
Issue Checklist
Cosmopolitan (UK) 1972 - present    
Cosmopolitan Magazine Autumn 1946 FicMags  
Cosmopolitan Series 2-Jul-1889 - 21-Jan-1890 DimeNvl incomplete
Cosmos [1938] 1938 SFI Issue Checklist
Cosmos [2005] Jul-2005 - Dec-2015/Jan-2016 SFI fiction only
Issue Checklist
Cosmos Complete Novel 1978 SFI Issue Checklist
Cosmos Science-Fantasy Review Apr-1969 - Jun/Jul-1969 FicMags  
Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy Sep-1953 - Jul-1954 SFI Issue Checklist
Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine May-1977 - Nov-1977 SFI Issue Checklist
Cosmos Science Fiction Series #1, 1973 - #2, 1973 SFI Issue Checklist
Cossmass Infinities Jan-2020 - Jul-2022 SFI Issue Checklist
The Cosy Corner Novels
» Cosy Corner: The Girls' Home Paper
» Cosy Corner: The Girls' Home Paper
» superseded by The Ladies' Home Paper
17-Feb-1905 - 10-Feb-1906
17-Feb-1906 - 30-Jun-1906
7-Jul-1906 - 6-Feb-1909
» New Coterie
May-1919 - Winter 1920/1921
Nov-1925 - Summer/Autumn 1927
Sader1; FicMags
FicMags sample issue only
Cottonwood ? - present    
Counterthrust Fantasy #1, 1976 SFI Issue Checklist

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