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Boys' Herald [1866]
» incorporated into Boys' Own Reader and Companion
6-Jan-1866 - 24-Mar-1866
The Boys' Herald [1877]
» incorporated into The Halfpenny Journal
6-Jan-1877 - 30-Nov-1878
Boys' Herald [1903]
» The Herald
» Cheer Boys Cheer
» superseded by The Boys' Journal
1-Aug-1903 - 3-Feb-1912
10-Feb-1912 - 18-May-1912
25-May-1912 - 13-Sep-1913
The Boys' Herald [1921] - see under The Greyfriars Herald
The Boys' Holiday
» The Holiday
14-Jan-1890 - 7-Oct-1890
14-Oct-1890 - 13-Jun-1891
Boys' Home Journal 5-Apr-1895 - 3-May-1895    
Boys' Home Library 1887 - 1889    
The Boy's Home Weekly 17-May-1911 - 14-Feb-1912    
Boys' Illustrated Magazine 1865    
Boys' Illustrated News
» incorporated into The Boys' Newspaper
6-Apr-1881 - 31-May-1882
The Boys' Journal [1863]
» merges with The Youth's Play Hour
Jan-1863 - Feb-1871
sample issue only
The Boys' Journal [1913]
» incorporated into Dreadnought
20-Sep-1913 - 30-Jan-1915
Boys' Jubilee Journal
» becomes Young Briton's Journal
16-Apr-1887 - 9-Jun-1888
The Boys' Leader [1878]
» merges with Boys of New York
17-Nov-1878 - 29-Jun-1879
Boys' Leader [1880]
» Boys' Leader [1880]
» incorporated into Boys of London and Boys of New York
1-May-1880 - 1882
11-Sep-1895 - 14-Feb-1900
Boys' Leader [1903]
» incorporated into Big Budget
18-Sep-1903 - 12-Aug-1905
The Boys' Leisure Hour
» merges with The Boys' Standard
23-Aug-1884 - 28-Nov-1891
Missing: all after 15-Aug-1885
Boys' Library of Adventure and Romance 1890    
Boys' Library (UK) 28-Feb-1879 - 16-May-1879    
Boys' Library (US) 4-Sep-1915 - 6-Nov-1915 DimeNvl  
Boys' Life (UK)
» incorporated into The Captain
20-Apr-1907 - 12-Oct-1907
Boys' Life (US)
» Boys' Life (US)
» Boys' Life (US)
1-Mar-1911 - Dec-1969
Jan-1970 - present
Missing: Jan-1912; Jan-1913 - Dec-1913; Jan-1941
sample issues only
Issue Checklist
The Boys' Magazine [1886] Aug-1886 - Aug-1961    
The Boys' Magazine [1910] Jan-1910 - 1925? StyIdx sample issues only
Boys' Magazine [1922]
» incorporated into The Champion
27-Feb-1922 - 20-Jan-1934
sample issues only
The Boys' Magazine [1927] - see also under Our Boys' Magazine
The Boys' Mail 3-Sep-1907 - 1907    
Boys' Mailbag Oct-1892 - Oct-1909    
The Boys' Miscellany 7-Mar-1863 - 30-Jul-1864    
Boys' Monster Monthly ?    
The Boys' Monster Weekly 27-Feb-1899 - Jan-1900    
Boys' Monthly Magazine - see under Boys' Penny Magazine
The Boys' Newspaper
» becomes Youth
15-Sep-1880 - 26-Jul-1882
Boy's Novelettes 1885? DimeNvl sample issue only
Boys' Novelist 18-Jan-1887 - ?    
Boys' Novel Library in 1930s    
Boys of Albion 1888 - ?    
Boys of America [1901] 5-Oct-1901 - 17-Oct-1903    
Boys of America [1873/1896] - see under Frank Leslie's Boys of America and Boys and Girls of America
Boys of Britain [1870] 22-Nov-1870 - 19-Sep-1871    
Boys of Britain [1871] 1871 - 1872    
Boys of Britannia ?   19th century
Boys of England [1866]
» incorporated into Up-to-Date Boy's Journal and Novelettes
24-Nov-1866 - 30-Jun-1899
Boys of England [1874] 20-Apr-1874 - 14-Apr-1885    
Boys of England and the British Empire - see under Boys of the Empire
The Boys of England Pocket Novelette 1880 - 1883    
Boys of Liberty Library 1904 DimeNvl sample issues only
Boys of London and Boys of New York 1-Jun-1877 - 15-Sep-1900    
Boys of New York
» Happy Days
23-Aug-1875 - 13-Oct-1894
20-Oct-1894 - 12-Sep-1924
FicMags; DimeNvl
sample issues only
sample issues only
The Boys of New York Pocket Library 1880 - 1885 DimeNvl  
Boys of Our Empire - see under Boys of the Empire
Boys of the British Empire 9-May-1882 - 29-Apr-1884    
Boys of the Empire [1888]
» Boys of the Empire [1888]
» Boys of the Empire: An Up-to-Date Boy's Journal
» Boys of England and the British Empire
6-Feb-1888 - 22-May-1893
9-Oct-1900 - 18-Jun-1901
25-Jun-1901 - 15-Sep-1905
22-Sep-1906 - 22-Dec-1906
Boys of the Empire [1900]
» Boys of Our Empire
27-Oct-1900 - 22-Jun-1901
29-Jun-1901 - 10-Oct-1903
Boys of the Isles
» becomes Bad Boy's Paper
22-Jan-1889 - 28-Sep-1889
Boys of the Nation 5-Sep-1895 - 28-Nov-1895    
Boys of the United Kingdom
» incorporated into Boys' Popular Weekly
26-Nov-1887 - 21-Apr-1888
Boys of the World [1869]
» incorporated into Boy's Favourite
21-Sep-1869 - 16-Nov-1870
The Boys of the World [1875] 21-Oct-1875 - 19-Apr-1877    
Boys of the World Weekly Storyteller - see under Boys of the World
The Boys' Own 11-Oct-1873 - Mar-1876 DimeNvl incomplete after #76
Boys' Own Journal [1883] 17-May-1883 - 4-Aug-1883    
Boys' Own Journal - see also under Guy Rayner's Boys' Own Journal
Boys' Own Journal and Youths' Miscellany
» merges with The Boy's Own Magazine (UK)
14-Jun-1856 - 20-Jan-1857
Boys' Own Library [1861] 1-May-1861 - 1-May-1866    
Boys' Own Library [1870] 1870 - 1871    
Boys' Own Library [1907]
» Boys' Own Library [1907]
» becomes Aldine Football Stories
Oct-1907 - Aug-1914
1920 - Aug-1922
The Boy's Own Magazine (UK)
» Beeton's Boy's Own Magazine
1-Jan-1855 - 1874
1888 - 1890
sample issue only
The Boys' Own Magazine (US) Dec-1925 - Apr/May-1926?    
The Boys' Own Novelette 13-Sep-1879?    
Boys' Own Novel Library 1914    
Boy's Own Novels in 1870s    
The Boy's Own Paper
» The Boy's Own Paper
18-Jan-1879 - 28-Sep-1911
5-Oct-1911 - Feb-1967
Boys' Own Picture Gallery 21-Sep-1872 - 23-Nov-1872    
Boys' Own Reader - see under Boys' Companion and British Traveller
The Boys' Own Story Teller
» superseded by Our Boys
23-Dec-1875 - 17-Feb-1876
Boys' Own Times and News of the World 1-Jan-1859 - 1-Dec-1859    
Boys' Peep Show
» incorporated into Boys' Star
25-Sep-1901 - 19-Mar-1902
Boys' Penny Magazine
» Boys' Monthly Magazine
1-Jan-1863 - 1-Nov-1863
1-Dec-1863 - 1-Dec-1866
The Boys' Penny Monthly Jul-1864?    
Boys' Penny Novelist 1848 - ?    
Boys' Pictorial
» becomes Sports Pictorial
15-Oct-1921 - 25-Mar-1922
Boys' Pocket Library Sep-1931 - Sep-1932    
Boys' Popular Weekly
» becomes Boys of the Isles
21-Apr-1888 - 19-Jan-1889
The Boys' Realm
» The Boys' Realm
» The Boys' Realm of Sport and Adventure
» The Boys' Realm of Sporting Stories
» Boys' Realm of Sport and Adventure
» Boys' Realm of Fun and Fiction
» becomes Realm of Fun and Fiction
14-Jun-1902 - 1-Apr-1916
5-Apr-1919 - ?
? - 3-Oct-1925
10-Oct-1925 - 16-Jul-1927
23-Jul-1927 - 26-Jan-1929
2-Feb-1929 - 9-Feb-1929
Boys' Realm Football Library
» becomes Nelson Lee Library (Original Series)
18-Sep-1909 - 5-Jun-1915
Boys' Realm of Fun and Fiction - see under The Boys' Realm
Boys' Realm of Sport and Adventure - see under The Boys' Realm
Boys' Realm Sports Library - see under Boys' Realm Football Library
Boys' S.O.S. Library in 1940s    
The Boys' Standard
» The Boys' Standard
6-Nov-1875 - 7-May-1881
14-May-1881 - 18-Jun-1892
sample issues only
sample issues only
Boys' Star
» becomes Boys' Star Library
3-Feb-1902 - 15-Jul-1902
The Boys' Star Library [1887] 11-Jul-1887 - 22-May-1896 DimeNvl  
Boys' Star Library [1891] 1891    
Boys' Star Library [1902] 22-Jul-1902 - 23-Sep-1902    
Boys' Stories of Adventure and Daring 27-Mar-1898 - 23-Jan-1899    
Boys' Story Teller 4-May-1897 - 8-Jun-1897    
Boys' Sunday Monthly May-1897 - ?    
The Boys' Sunday Reader
» The Boys' Weekly Reader
8-Jan-1879 - 31-Dec-1879
7-Jan-1880 - 29-Dec-1880
Boys' Thrill Library 1949 - 1950 StyIdx sample issue only
Boys' Torch Adventure Library 1928 - 1936    
Boys' War News 2-Dec-1899 - 9-Dec-1899    
Boys' War Weekly - see under Dreadnought
Boys' Weekly 3-May-1919 - 13-Sep-1919    
Boys' Weekly Magazine 23-Nov-1867    
The Boys' Weekly Novelette 28-Jun-1892 - 14-Sep-1895    
The Boys' Weekly Reader - see under The Boys' Sunday Reader
Boys' Weekly Reader Novelette 28-Nov-1853 - 1-Apr-1884    
Boys' Weekly Revue - see under The Boys' Sunday Reader
Boy's Welcome 21-Jul-1897 StyIdx  
Boys' Wonder Book 1865 - 1866    
Boys' Wonder Library 30-Jul-1932 - Jul-1933 StyIdx  
The Boys' World [1879] 12-Apr-1879 - 27-Dec-1886    
The Boys' World [1885] Dec-1885 - May-1887    
Boys' World [1905]
» becomes New Boys' World
30-May-1905 - 6-Mar-1906
The Boys' World [1940s] 5-Apr-1902 - 24-Apr-1949    
Boys' World [1950] 2-Mar-1950 - 12-Oct-1950    
Boys' World Pocket Library 30-Aug-1880 - 22-Feb-1881    
Bradley, His Book May-1896 - Jan-1897    
Brady's Champion Stories 1869 - 1870 DimeNvl sample issues only
Brady's Mercury Stories in 1860s DimeNvl  
Brady's People's Novelettes in 1860s    
Braeme Series c. 1904 DimeNvl sample issue only
The Braeme Stories 1905 DimeNvl  
Braille Monitor - see under All Story Braille Magazine
Brain Harvest Mar-2009 - Sep-2012    
Brandur Magazine 20-Sep-1902 - 11-Oct-1902    
Brash Bedtime Stories in 1950s    
» Savage Adventures for Men
Nov-1956 - Sep-1958
Mar-1959 - Sep-1959
  Issue Checklist
Brave and Bold (Weekly) 27-Dec-1902 - 11-Mar-1911 DimeNvl sample issues only
Brave and True 7-Oct-1893 - 23-Jun-1894    
Brave Lads and True Jan-1900 - Dec-1900    
Breezy Science Stories c. 1935   probably phantom
Issue Checklist
Breezy Stories
» Breezy Stories and Young's Magazine
» Breezy Stories
» Breezy Stories and Young's Magazine
» Breezy Stories
Sep-1915 - Sep-1933
Oct-1933 - Jul-1935
Aug-1935 - Nov-1936
Dec-1936 - Jun-1939
Aug-1939 - Sep-1949
Missing: 2nd Dec 1925
Missing: Apr-1937; Apr-1938
Issue Checklist
Breezy Stories (Canada) c. 1948   Issue Checklist
Breezy Stories (UK) c. 1948 FicMags  
Brett's Pocket Budget 5-Oct-1901 - ?    
Brevities in 1930s    
The Briarcliff Quarterly Jan-1944 - Jan-1947 Sader1  
The Briar Cliff Review Spring 1989 - present    
The Bridge (UK) Apr-1946 FicMags  
The Bridge (US) Fall 1990 - 2002?    
Brief 1953 - 195?    
Brief Confessions in 1950s    
Brief Fantastic Tales 1950 SFI Issue Checklist
Brief Smoker Stories in 1950s    
The Little Story Magazine
» Brief Stories
» Brief Stories Magazine
» Brief Stories
Jun-1919? - Jun-1921
Jul-1921 - Nov-1923
Dec-1923 - Dec-1926
Jan-1927 - May-1930
sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Brief True Crime Cases in 1950s    
Brigade Oct-1961 - May-1963   Issue Checklist
Brigadier 1901 - 1904    

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