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Boys' and Girls' Companion for Leisure Hours
» Companion for Youth
4-Apr-1857 - 27-Feb-1858
1-Oct-1858 - 1-Dec-1861
Boys' and Girls' Magazine c. 1902    
The Boys' and Girls' Magazine, and Fireside Companion
» Forrester's Boys' and Girls' Magazine, and Fireside Companion
» The Student and Schoolmate, and Forrester's Boys' and Girls' Magazine
Jan-1848 - Dec-1850
Jan-1851 - Dec-1857
Jan-1858 - Dec-1866
Boys and Girls of America
» Boys of America
14-Mar-1896 - 16-May-1896
23-May-1896 - 6-Jun-1896
Boys' and Girls' Penny Magazine [1832] 11-Sep-1832 - 31-Mar-1833    
The Boys' and Girls' Penny Magazine [1835] 1835 - 1838    
Boys' and Girls' Picture Gallery 21-Sep-1872 - 23-Nov-1872    
Boys' and Girls' Picture Newspaper
» Boys' and Girls' Picture Newspaper
28-Apr-1923 - 5-Jul-1924
  Special Trial Issue
Boys and Girls Weekly - see under Frank Leslie's Boys' and Girls' Weekly
Boys' Arrow - see under Arrow Schoolboy Series
Boys' Athenaeum 1-Jan-1875 - 1-Feb-1875    
Boys' Best Story Paper 7-Oct-1911 - 22-Jun-1912    
The Boys' Best Weekly 15-Jan-1909 - 24-Jun-1910 DimeNvl  
The Boys Book of Romance 20-Apr-1868 - 28-Sep-1868    
Boys' Book of Romance and Adventure 1874    
Boys' Broadcast
» incorporated into Boy's Cinema
27-Oct-1934 - 29-Jun-1935
Boys' Champion 1881    
The Boys' Champion Journal
» incorporated into The Boys' Standard
1-Apr-1889 - 28-Dec-1891
Boys' Champion Paper
» becomes Comrades
26-Sep-1885 - 11-Sep-1886
Boys' Champion Story Paper
» becomes Pocket Budget Stories of Short and Serial Stories
18-Dec-1900 - 25-Apr-1903
Boy's Chum in 1930s    
Boy's Cinema 13-Dec-1919 - 18-May-1940 StyIdx incomplete
Boys' Coloured Pictorial 28-Feb-1903 - 6-Sep-1903    
The Boy's Comic Journal 17-Mar-1883 - 16-Apr-1898 StyIdx sample issues only
The Boys' Comic Library
» The Comic Library
22-Feb-1912 - 22-Jul-1912
Nov-1912 - Jan-1913
The Boy's Comic Novels - see under The Boy's Comic Journal
Boys' Companion and British Traveller
» Boys' Own Reader and Companion
13-May-1865 - 23-Dec-1865
30-Dec-1865 - 14-Apr-1866
Boys' Dashaway Series 1892 - 1896    
Boy's Favourite [1870]
» incorporated into Boys of England
11-Nov-1870 - 15-Sep-1871
Boys' Favourite [1879] 24-May-1879 - 26-Jul-1879    
Boys' Favourite [1929]
» becomes The Startler
4-May-1929 - 22-Feb-1930
Boys' Favourite [1953] Aug-1953 - Feb-1954    
Boys' Favourite Library Mar-1948 - 1950    
Boys' Favourite Monthly 1865    
Boys' First-Rate Pocket Library 1890 - 21-Oct-1905 StyIdx incomplete
Boys' Football Favourite
» becomes Boys' Favourite
6-Apr-1929 - 27-Apr-1929
Boy's Friend [1864] 7-Jun-1864 - 7-Aug-1867    
The Boys' Friend [1895]
» The Boys' Friend [1895]
» merges with The Triumph
29-Jan-1895 - 8-Jun-1901
15-Jun-1901 - 31-Dec-1927
Boys' Friend Library
» Boys' Friend Library
» becomes "boysfrndlib2"
Sep-1906 - 4-May-1925
Jun-1925 - Jun-1940
Boys' Fun Nov-1952 - Dec-1954 StyIdx Missing: #9, #10, #11, #24
Boys' Graphic [1890] 8-Mar-1890 - ?    
Boys' Graphic [1902] 11-Oct-1902 - 13-Dec-1902    
Boys' Guide Philosopher and Friend 27-Oct-1888 - 2-Mar-1889    
Boys' Half Holiday
» merges with The Boys' Leisure Hour
30-Apr-1887 - 17-Jul-1887
Boy's Halfpenny Journal of Miscellaneous and Entertaining Literature - see under The Halfpenny Journal
Boys' Halfpenny Paper 30-Jul-1864 - ?    
Boys' Halfpenny Weekly Budget 1870 - ?    
Boys' Hearts Delight Library in 1890s    
Boys' Herald [1866]
» incorporated into Boys' Own Reader and Companion
6-Jan-1866 - 24-Mar-1866
The Boys' Herald [1877]
» incorporated into The Halfpenny Journal
6-Jan-1877 - 30-Nov-1878
Boys' Herald [1903]
» The Herald
» Cheer Boys Cheer
» superseded by The Boys' Journal
1-Aug-1903 - 3-Feb-1912
10-Feb-1912 - 18-May-1912
25-May-1912 - 13-Sep-1913
The Boys' Herald [1921] - see under The Greyfriars Herald
The Boys' Holiday
» The Holiday
14-Jan-1890 - 7-Oct-1890
14-Oct-1890 - 13-Jun-1891
Boys' Home Journal 5-Apr-1895 - 3-May-1895    
Boys' Home Library Sep-1887 - Jun-1890 DimeNvl  
The Boy's Home Weekly 17-May-1911 - 14-Feb-1912 DimeNvl  
Boys' Illustrated Magazine 1865    
Boys' Illustrated News
» incorporated into The Boys' Newspaper
6-Apr-1881 - 31-May-1882
The Boys' Journal [1863]
» merges with The Youth's Play Hour
Jan-1863 - Feb-1871
sample issue only
The Boys' Journal [1913]
» incorporated into Dreadnought
20-Sep-1913 - 30-Jan-1915
Boys' Jubilee Journal
» becomes Young Briton's Journal
16-Apr-1887 - 9-Jun-1888
The Boys' Leader [1878]
» merges with Boys of New York
17-Nov-1878 - 29-Jun-1879
Boys' Leader [1880]
» Boys' Leader [1880]
» incorporated into Boys of London and Boys of New York
1-May-1880 - 1882
11-Sep-1895 - 14-Feb-1900
Boys' Leader [1903]
» incorporated into Big Budget
18-Sep-1903 - 12-Aug-1905
The Boys' Leisure Hour
» merges with The Boys' Standard
23-Aug-1884 - 28-Nov-1891
Missing: all after 15-Aug-1885
Boys' Library of Adventure and Romance 1890 DimeNvl  
Boys' Library (UK) 28-Feb-1879 - 16-May-1879    
Boys' Library (US) 4-Sep-1915 - 6-Nov-1915 DimeNvl  
Boys' Life (UK)
» incorporated into The Captain
20-Apr-1907 - 12-Oct-1907
Boys' Life (US)
» Boys' Life (US)
» Boys' Life (US)
1-Mar-1911 - Dec-1969
Jan-1970 - present
Missing: Jan-1912; Jan-1913 - Dec-1913; Jan-1941
sample issues only
Issue Checklist
The Boys' Magazine [1886] Aug-1886 - Aug-1961    
The Boys' Magazine [1910] Jan-1910 - 1925? StyIdx sample issues only
Boys' Magazine [1922]
» incorporated into The Champion
27-Feb-1922 - 20-Jan-1934
sample issues only
The Boys' Magazine [1927] - see also under Our Boys' Magazine
The Boys' Mail 3-Sep-1907 - 1907    
Boys' Mailbag Oct-1892 - Oct-1909    
The Boys' Miscellany 7-Mar-1863 - 30-Jul-1864    
Boys' Monster Monthly ?    
The Boys' Monster Weekly 27-Feb-1899 - Jan-1900    
Boys' Monthly Magazine - see under Boys' Penny Magazine
The Boys' Newspaper
» becomes Youth
15-Sep-1880 - 26-Jul-1882
Boy's Novelettes 1885? DimeNvl sample issue only
Boys' Novelist 18-Jan-1887 - ?    
Boys' Novel Library in 1930s    
Boys of Albion 1888 - ?    
Boys of America [1901] 5-Oct-1901 - 17-Oct-1903    
Boys of America [1873/1896] - see under Frank Leslie's Boys of America and Boys and Girls of America
Boys of Britain [1870] 22-Nov-1870 - 19-Sep-1871    
Boys of Britain [1871] 1871 - 1872    
Boys of Britannia ?   19th century
Boys of England [1866]
» incorporated into Up-to-Date Boy's Journal and Novelettes
24-Nov-1866 - 30-Jun-1899
Boys of England [1874] 20-Apr-1874 - 14-Apr-1885    
Boys of England and the British Empire - see under Boys of the Empire
The Boys of England Pocket Novelette 1880 - 1883    
Boys of Liberty Library 1904 DimeNvl sample issues only
Boys of London and Boys of New York 1-Jun-1877 - 15-Sep-1900    
Boys of New York
» Happy Days
23-Aug-1875 - 13-Oct-1894
20-Oct-1894 - 12-Sep-1924
FicMags; DimeNvl
sample issues only
sample issues only
The Boys of New York Pocket Library 1880 - 1885 DimeNvl  
Boys of Our Empire - see under Boys of the Empire
Boys of the British Empire 9-May-1882 - 29-Apr-1884    
Boys of the Empire [1888]
» Boys of the Empire [1888]
» Boys of the Empire: An Up-to-Date Boy's Journal
» Boys of England and the British Empire
6-Feb-1888 - 22-May-1893
9-Oct-1900 - 18-Jun-1901
25-Jun-1901 - 15-Sep-1905
22-Sep-1906 - 22-Dec-1906
Boys of the Empire [1900]
» Boys of Our Empire
27-Oct-1900 - 22-Jun-1901
29-Jun-1901 - 10-Oct-1903
Boys of the Isles
» becomes Bad Boy's Paper
22-Jan-1889 - 28-Sep-1889
Boys of the Nation 5-Sep-1895 - 28-Nov-1895    
Boys of the United Kingdom
» incorporated into Boys' Popular Weekly
26-Nov-1887 - 21-Apr-1888
Boys of the World [1869]
» incorporated into Boy's Favourite
21-Sep-1869 - 16-Nov-1870
The Boys of the World [1875] 21-Oct-1875 - 19-Apr-1877 DimeNvl incomplete
Boys of the World Weekly Storyteller - see under Boys of the World
The Boys' Own 11-Oct-1873 - Mar-1876 DimeNvl incomplete after #76
Boys' Own Journal [1883] 17-May-1883 - 4-Aug-1883    
Boys' Own Journal - see also under Guy Rayner's Boys' Own Journal
Boys' Own Journal and Youths' Miscellany
» merges with The Boy's Own Magazine (UK)
14-Jun-1856 - 20-Jan-1857
Boys' Own Library [1861] 1-May-1861 - 1-May-1866    
Boys' Own Library [1870] 1870 - 1871    
Boys' Own Library [1907]
» Boys' Own Library [1907]
» becomes Aldine Football Stories
Oct-1907 - Aug-1914
1920 - Aug-1922
The Boy's Own Magazine (UK)
» Beeton's Boy's Own Magazine
1-Jan-1855 - 1874
1888 - 1890
sample issue only
The Boys' Own Magazine (US) Dec-1925 - Apr/May-1926?    
The Boys' Own Novelette 13-Sep-1879?    
Boys' Own Novel Library 1914    
Boy's Own Novels in 1870s    
The Boy's Own Paper
» The Boy's Own Paper
18-Jan-1879 - 28-Sep-1911
5-Oct-1911 - Feb-1967
Boys' Own Picture Gallery 21-Sep-1872 - 23-Nov-1872    
Boys' Own Reader - see under Boys' Companion and British Traveller
The Boys' Own Story Teller
» superseded by Our Boys
23-Dec-1875 - 17-Feb-1876
Boys' Own Times and News of the World 1-Jan-1859 - 1-Dec-1859    
Boys' Peep Show
» incorporated into Boys' Star
25-Sep-1901 - 19-Mar-1902
Boys' Penny Magazine
» Boys' Monthly Magazine
1-Jan-1863 - 1-Nov-1863
1-Dec-1863 - 1-Dec-1866
The Boys' Penny Monthly Jul-1864?    
Boys' Penny Novelist 1848 - ?    
Boys' Pictorial
» becomes Sports Pictorial
15-Oct-1921 - 25-Mar-1922
Boys' Pocket Library Sep-1931 - Sep-1932    
Boys' Popular Weekly
» becomes Boys of the Isles
21-Apr-1888 - 19-Jan-1889
The Boys' Realm
» The Boys' Realm
» The Boys' Realm of Sport and Adventure
» The Boys' Realm of Sporting Stories
» Boys' Realm of Sport and Adventure
» Boys' Realm of Fun and Fiction
» becomes Realm of Fun and Fiction
14-Jun-1902 - 1-Apr-1916
5-Apr-1919 - ?
? - 3-Oct-1925
10-Oct-1925 - 16-Jul-1927
23-Jul-1927 - 26-Jan-1929
2-Feb-1929 - 9-Feb-1929
Boys' Realm Football Library
» becomes Nelson Lee Library (Original Series)
18-Sep-1909 - 5-Jun-1915
Boys' Realm of Fun and Fiction - see under The Boys' Realm
Boys' Realm of Sport and Adventure - see under The Boys' Realm
Boys' Realm Sports Library - see under Boys' Realm Football Library
Boys' S.O.S. Library in 1940s    
The Boys' Standard
» The Boys' Standard
6-Nov-1875 - 7-May-1881
14-May-1881 - 18-Jun-1892
sample issues only
sample issues only
Boys' Star
» becomes Boys' Star Library
3-Feb-1902 - 15-Jul-1902
The Boys' Star Library [1887] 11-Jul-1887 - 22-May-1896 DimeNvl  
Boys' Star Library [1891] 1891    
Boys' Star Library [1902] 22-Jul-1902 - 23-Sep-1902    
Boys' Stories of Adventure and Daring 27-Mar-1898 - 23-Jan-1899    
Boys' Story Teller 4-May-1897 - 8-Jun-1897    
Boys' Sunday Monthly May-1897 - ?    
The Boys' Sunday Reader
» The Boys' Weekly Reader
8-Jan-1879 - 31-Dec-1879
7-Jan-1880 - 29-Dec-1880
Boys' Thrill Library 1949 - 1950 StyIdx sample issue only
Boys' Torch Adventure Library 1928 - 1936    
Boys' War News 2-Dec-1899 - 9-Dec-1899    

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