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The World of the Variants and Other Strange Lands

by J. H. Rosny aîné
adapted by Brian Stableford

Short Stories
A precursor in the genre, Nymphaeum features a Lost World located in Siberia inhabited by amphibious humans lived. The Depths Of Kyamo and The Wonderful Cave Country are exotic versions of Journey To The Center Of The Earth and feature giant, intelligent bats who live in underground caverns. The Wild Boar Men take place on a mysterious island inhabited by savage Boar-Men, with locales such as the Blue Forest, the Red Forest, The Infernal Rocks, the Vlugt Pass. The World of the Variants feature a parallel world which certain privileged humans can inhabit.

Nymphaeum (Nymphée) (1893)
The Depths of Kyamo (Les Profondeurs de Kyamo) (1896)
The Wonderful Cave Country (La Contrée Prodigieuse des Cavernes) (1896)
The Voyage (Le Voyage) (1900)
The Great Enigma (La Grande Enigme) (1920)
The Treasure in the Snow (Le Trésor dans la Neige) (1910)
The Boar Men (Les Hommes-Sanglier) (1929)
In the World of the Variants (Dans le Monde des Variants) (1939)
Introduction and Afterword by Brian Stableford

Cover by Vincent Laik

Published by Black Coat Press in 2010
ISBN: 978-1-935558-36-1

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