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The Vampire Countess

by Paul Féval

Short Stories

In vita mors, in morte vita! In life, death; in death, life!

The particular gift of Countess Addhema was to be reborn beautiful and young every time she could apply to the hideous bareness of her skull a living head of hair, a scalp, torn from the head of a living victim. This was why her tomb was full of the skulls of young women...

René recoiled in horror at the sight of his mistress restored to her real condition: the cadaver of an old woman, fleshless, cold, totally bald and already turning to dust...

"After 1856, it would be a long time before any other writer contrived a vampire as perversely charismatic as Addhema; she is really three vampires in one. She is, first and foremost, the vampire-as-libido-run-wild, but she is certainly vampire-as-gold-digger too, and she may well have something of the vampire-as-muse to complete her mystique."

Cover by Ladrönn

Published in 2003 by Black Coat Press

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