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The Vampire and the Devil's Son

by Ponson du Terrail
adapted by Brian Stableford

Short Stories
1723. The fearless Baron de Nossac returns from a daring military mission in Eastern Europe when, crossing the forests of Bohemia, he is captured by the legendary Black Huntsman, a 900-year-old wraith who is none other than the Devil's own son. Held prisoner at the Hunstman's enchanted castle, the Baron is then seduced by a female vampire who resembles his dead wife.

Written in 1852 by the creator of Rocambole, The Vampire and the Devil's Son is a significant contribution to the development of modern horror fiction and a foreshadowing of literary things to come, bringing together for the first time two major modern archetypes: the seductive female vampire and the Son of the Devil.

Cover by Nathalie Lial

Published by Black Coat Press in 2007
ISBN: 978-1-932983-55-5

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