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The Tyranny of the Fays Abolished

by Comtesse D.L.
adapted by Brian Stableford

Short Stories

The story’s representation of marriage as a matter of innocent young women falling into the brutal hands of disgusting Ogres who abuse them is only par for the course, but what is unusual is the conclusion, in which the bold Prince, eager to do battle against the monsters guarding the cave where his beloved princess is being held captive, is told to put away his sword, this particular rescue being women’s work.

When the rescue is complete, the prince is graciously permitted to continue adoring the princess, provided that he never lays a finger on her, while she enjoys a perfect bliss with her steadfast female best friend, under the tutelage of their benign protectress, the fay Clementine.

Tales produced at Louis XIV’s court were not usually allowed to end like that, but that one sneaked in under the radar. The mysterious Comtesse D.L. disappeared from view, censored out of history, and to this day, she has only been replaced in the official record by a phantom who probably originated as a spelling mistake. In her own peculiar fashion, however, she was a heroine.

CONTENTS: La Tiranie des Fées Détruite (1702)
The Tyranny of the Fays Abolished
The Story of Cleonice
The Story of Melicerte
Agatie, Princess of the Scyths
Princess Leonice
Prince Curious
The Knights Errant
The Story of Princess Zamea and Prince Almanson
The Story of Prince Elmedor of Granada and Princess Alzayde
The Story of Zalmayde, Princess of the Canaries, and the Prince of Numidia
The Story of the Prince of Numidia
The Story of the Prince of Mauretania and the Princess of Castile
The Story of the Fay of Grandeurs and Prince Salmacis
The Story of the Fay of Pleasures and the Cruel Amerdin
The Familiar Spirit: Persian Tales Translated from the Arabic
The Story of Istherie
The Story of the Validated Sultana
Princess Patientine in the Forest of Erimente
Introduction and Notes by Brian Stableford.

Cover by Mike Hoffman

Published by Black Coat Press in October 2018
ISBN: 978-1-61227-792-9

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