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The Human Paradise

by Nicolas Ségur
adapted by Brian Stableford

Short Stories

The Human Paradise (1930) is a scathingly sarcastic satire in which God offers to grant wishes expressed unanimously by the entirety of humankind. The wishes voiced are carefully extrapolated in such a way as to suggest that, however effective individuals might be at screwing up their wishes, a committee composed of the whole human race could do a far more comprehensive job.

An Isle of Amour (1921) is interesting addition to a sequence of French utopian novels that attempted to get to grips with the thorny question of how best to organize sexual relations in a utopia, and what the social consequences would be of instituting a system of “free love.”

Cover by Mike Hoffman

Published by Black Coat Press in May 2017
ISBN: 978-1-61227-617-5

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