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The Doctored Man and Other Stories

by Maurice Renard

Short Stories
The Doctored Man, a collection of 14 stories, features a man blinded during WWI who, through the grafting of "electroscopic" eyes, can see into other dimensions, the classic The Man Who Wanted To Be Invisible in which Renard exposes the scientific fallacy inherent in Wells' famous novel, as well as other ground-breaking tales of time-travel, prehistoric wing-men, intangibility, robotic cars and interplanetary travel!

M. d'Outremort (1913)
The Cantatrice (La Cantatrice, 1913)
The Man with the Rarefied Body (L'Homme au Corps Subtil, 1913)
The Fog of October 26 (Le Brouillard du 26 Octobre, 1913)
The Doctored Man (L' Homme Truqué, 1921)
The Man Who Wanted to be Invisible (L' Homme qui Voulait Etre Invisible, 1923)
Since Sinbad (Depuis Sinbad, article, 1923)
The Frog (La Grenouille, 1926)
Hypothetical Fiction (Le Roman d' hypothèse, article, 1928)
The Discovery (La Découverte, 1929)
The Truth About Faust (La Vérité sur Faust, 1929)
Them (Eux, 1934)
The Shark (Le Requin, 1939)
When Hens Had Teeth (Quand les Poules Avaient des Dents, 1939)
On the Planet Mars (Sur la Planète Mars, 1939)
Introduction and Afterword by Brian Stableford

Cover by Gilles Francescano

Published by Black Coat Press in 2010
ISBN: 978-1-935558-18-7

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