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Baal & The Devil's Lovers

by Renée Dunan
adapted by Brian Stableford

Short Stories
In Baal (1924), the great and seductive sorceress Palmyre teaches her assistant Renée the secret of her magic, including her ability to interact with creatures from other worlds, such as the unspeakable Baal, whose octopus-like form is the three-dimensional projection of an unfathomable four-dimensional entity.

The book includes The Devil's Lovers (1929), a heroic saga about Satanism and Witchcraft that follows the adventures of a poacher and his daring wife in war-torn 16th century France.

These two ground-breaking supernatural thrillers from early feminist writer Renée Dunan, also known for her crime fiction and erotic historical novels, depict witchcraft as having its psychological origins in sexuality, reflecting the repression of the sexual impulses by the social norms of the times. "Highly original works that fully deserve translation for the benefit of fans of modern horror fiction and exotic erotica."

Cover by Yoz

Published by Black Coat Press in October 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61227-046-3

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