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The Ark

by Arnyvelde
adapted by Brian Stableford

Short Stories

The King of Galade (1910) is a fantasy in which the eponymous hero emerges from his idyllic valley kingdom, surrounded by seemingly insurmountable mountains, to explore the outside world and investigate its wonders and vicissitudes.

The Ark (1920) was begun shortly after the author was conscripted during the Great War and finished after he was demobilized. A deliberately extravagant fantasy, it is a psychological Ark meant to carry him through the Deluge of the war, permitting him-as long as he avoids being killed-to endure the devastation of his personal happy valley.

Introduction and Notes by Brian Stableford
THE KING OF GALADE [Le Roi de Galade] (1910)
THE ARK [L'Arche] (1920)

Cover by Jean-Félix Lyon

Published by Black Coat Press in September 2015
ISBN: 978-1-61227-432-4

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