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Short Stories

After the Stone Age - BBC Vampire Page
Brief Encounter in the Smoking Area
Fans From Hell - Steel Caves
In the Flesh - Infinity +

Articles by Brian

Cymrucon 1981 Report
Introduction to a volume of S. Fowler Wright short stories
The Origin of Man in Science Fiction
The Third Generation of Genre Science Fiction
Haunted by the Pagan Past - An Introduction to Vernon Lee
Ian McDonald - Best Science Fiction Writer in Britain
Visit to Jerusalem
Afterword to Three Go Back by J Leslie Mitchell 1932
Outside the Human Aquarium: The Fantastic Imagination of Clark Ashton Smith
The Adventures of Lord Horror Across the Media Landscape
Biotechnology and Speculative Fiction

Reviews by Brian

The Garments of Caean by Barrington J Bayley
Soul of the Robot by Barrington J Bayley
Collision with Chronos by Barrington J Bayley
The Knights of the Limits by Barrington J Bayley
The Seed of Evil by Barrington J Bayley
The Rod of Light by Barrington J Bayley

Articles on Brian

Wikipedia Page
Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Entry
Reviews of the work of Brian Stableford
Helicon 2 Author Page
International Science Fiction Database
Six and a Half Things You Didn't Know About Brian Stableford


BBC Thinking Allowed - 16/07/2003
Confuse 1991
Strange Horizons


Asimov's Science Fiction
Strange Horizons


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