Short Stories
Black Coat Press

The Hermit of the Mysterious Tomb by Etienne-Léon de Lamothe-Langon
The Green Eyes and Other Stories by Henri de Saint-Georges
The Naiads and The Beauty and the Beast by Madame de Villeneuve
The Companions of Silence by Paul Féval
The Albigensian Treasure by Maurice Magre
The Angel of Lust by Maurice Magre
The Blood of Toulouse by Maurice Magre
The Brothers of the Virgin Gold by Maurice Magre
The Call of the Beast by Maurice Magre
Jean de Fodoas by Maurice Magre
Lucifer by Maurice Magre
The Marvelous Story of Claire d'Amour by Maurice Magre
Melusine by Maurice Magre
The Mystery of the Tiger by Maurice Magre
The Poison of Goa by Maurice Magre
Priscilla of Alexandria by Maurice Magre
The Flexible Mirror and Other Stories by Régis Messac
Stranglehold City by Régis Messac
The Ring of Light by Miral-Verger
Arrival in the Stars and Other Stories by Jean Rameau
In 1965 by Albert Robida
Jonathan the Visionary by X.B. Saintine
Penelope's Secret and Other Stories by Nicolas Ségur
Singular Amours by Edmond Thiaudiere

SideReal Press Monsieur de Bougrelon by Jean Lorrain
Snuggly Books Misanthropic Tales by S. Henry Berthoud
The Emerald Princess and Other Decadent Fantasies by Félicien Champsaur
The Latin Orgy by Félicien Champsaur
The Mirror of Legends by Bernard Lazare
Masks in the Tapestry by Jean Lorrain
The Soul-Drinker and Other Decadent Fantasies by Jean Lorrain
Wildside Press The Alchemy of Blood
The Death of Broceliande
The Elusive Shadows
Further Beyond
The Revelations of Time and Space
The Seventh Generation
(unknown) Marilyn in Manhattan by Philippe Laguerre
The Club by Michel Pagel

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