Short Stories
Black Coat Press

Living with the Dead
The Painter of Spirits
The Quiet Dead
The Tyranny of the Word
William's Angel by S. Henry Berthoud
The Alluring by Félicien Champsaur
The Human Seed by André Couvreur
Double-Head by Gaston Danville

The Bad Dream by Jules Hoche
The Sacred Fire by Gabriel de Lautrec
The Prince of Fools by Gérard de Nerval
The Angel and the Sphinx by Edouard Schuré

SideReal Press Monsieur de Bougrelon by Jean Lorrain
Snuggly Books

The Elusive Shadows
Meat on the Bone: A Postmortal Romance
The Truths of Darkness
Elsewhere and Other Stories by G. Albert Aurier
From a Faraway Land by Remy de Gourmont
The Mystery of Kama and Brahma’s Courtesans by Jane de La Vaudère
The Priestesses of Mylitta by Jane de La Vaudère
Syta’s Harem and Pharaoh’s Lover by Jane de La Vaudère
Three Flowers and The King of Siam’s Amazon by Jane de La Vaudère
The Witch of Ecbatana and The Virgin of Israel by Jane de La Vaudère
Hauntings by Edouard Dujardin
The Gate of Ivory by Bernard Lazare
Fards and Poisons by Jean Lorrain
Mephistophela by Catulle Mendès
The Enchanted Ring by Philothée O’Neddy
The Blonde Tress and The Mask by Gilbert-Augustin Thierry
Stigma and the Pompeiian Fresco by Gilbert-Augustin Thierry
Reincarnation and Redemption by Gilbert-Augustin Thierry
Isis by Auguste Viliers de l’Isle Adam
A Woman Appeared to Me by Renée Vivien

Wildside Press The Revelations of Time and Space
(unknown) The Club by Michel Pagel

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