Short Stories
Black Coat Press

Journey to the Isles of Atlantis and Other Fanciful Excursions
The Queen of the Fays
Tales of Enchantment and Disenchantment
The Land of Delights by Mme Caumont de La Force
The Tyranny of the Fays Abolished by Louise de Bossigny Comtesse d'Auneuil
The Impossible Enchantment by Anne-Claude de Caylus
Tecserion and Other Tales of Enchantment by Marie-Madeleine de Lubert
Princess Camion by Marguerite de Lubert
The Palace of Vengeance by Henriette-Julie de Murat
Humans in the Year 3000 by Gustave Guitton
Dieudonat by Edmond Haraucourt
Marilyn in Manhattan by Philippe Laguerre
Florine and Boca by Françoise Le Marchand
The Iron Man by Louis-Sébastien Mercier
Superhuman Tales by Victor-Emile Michelet
The Ring of Light by L. Miral & A. Viger
The Murdered City by Fernand Mysor
Pan's Flute and Other Stories by J.H. Rosny Aîné

SideReal Press Monsieur de Bougrelon by Jean Lorrain
Snuggly Books

Meat on the Bone: A Postmortal Romance
The Insubstantial Pageant
Decadence and Symbolism: A Showcase Anthology
The Demi-Sexes and The Androgynes by Jane de La Vaudère
The Double Star and Other Occult Fantasies by Jane de La Vaudère
The Mystery of Kama and Brahma’s Courtesans by Jane de La Vaudère
Syta’s Harem and Pharaoh’s Lover by Jane de La Vaudère
Three Flowers and The King of Siam’s Amazon by Jane de La Vaudère
The Witch of Ecbatana and The Virgin of Israel by Jane de La Vaudère
The Gate of Ivory by Bernard Lazare
The Torch-Bearers by Bernard Lazare
Errant Vice by Jean Lorrain
For Reading in the Bath by Catulle Mendes
Mephistophela by Catulle Mendès
Babels, Ballons and Innocent Eyes by Charles Morice
Misty Thule by Adolphe Retté
The Bull-Man and the Grasshopper by Jean Richepin
Faustina and Other Stories by Renée Vivien and Hélène de Zuylen de Nyevelt
Lilith’s Legacy: Prose-Poems and Short Stories by Renée Vivien
A Woman Appeared to Me by Renée Vivien

Wildside Press The Death of Broceliande
The Elusive Shadows
The Revelations of Time and Space
The Seventh Generation
(unknown) The Club by Michel Pagel

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