Short Stories
Black Coat Press

Argentine by Comte de l'Estoille

Snuggly Books

After the Revelation
Beyond the Mountains of Madness
Meat on the Bone: A Postmortal Romance
The Snuggly Satanicon
The Snuggly Sirenicon
Snuggly Tales of Femmes Fatales
Snuggly Tales of the Afterlife
My Lunatic Asylum by Charles Barbara
Stirring Stories by Charles Barbara
The Last Rendezvous: Stories and Prose Poems by May Armand Blanc
Hannibal’s Ring by Barbey d’Aurebilley
Morose Vignettes by Remy de Gourmont
The Priestesses of Mylitta by Jane de La Vaudère
The Witch of Ecbatana and The Virgin of Israel by Jane de La Vaudère
Amanit by Lucie Delarue-Mardrus
An Idyll in Sodom by Georges de Lys
A Decadent Woman by Georges de Peyrebrune
The Enchanted Castle by Alphonse Esquiros by Georges de Peyrebrune
Penthesilea by Georges de Lys
Red Spider by Delphi Fabrice
The Four Talismans and Other Stories by Charles Nodier
Jean Sbogar and Other Stories by Charles Nodier
The Memoirs of Maxime Odin by Charles Nodier
Outlaws and Sorrows by Charles Nodier
Perfectibility and Resurrection by Charles Nodier
The Story of the King of Bohemia and His Seven Castles by Charles Nodier
Double Heart by Marcel Schwob
The Inn of Tears: Stories and Poems in Prose by Alice Télot
The Blonde Tress and The Mask by Gilbert-Augustin Thierry
Stigma and the Pompeiian Fresco by Gilbert-Augustin Thierry
The Confessions of a Madman by Leo Trezenik

(unknown) The Club by Michel Pagel

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