Unrecognised Cover Images
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Unrecognised Cover Images

The following are cover scans I have picked up over the years that I have been unable to pin down sufficiently to decide whether or not they warrant an entry in the Big List. In some cases I have partial information (e.g. an editor name for some of the fanzines) but not enough to form a decision.

Ideally I am looking for:

For fanzines I have checked against Ned Brooks' Fanzine Index, hereafter called NBFI for simplicity, and have included any info from there.

The images have been shrunk to 200 pixels wide for convenience but each is hyperlinked to the full image which might provide more detail.

Dated Spring 1993 and labelled "First Fandom Report" at the top. Clearly fannish but was it a fanzine or a booklet of some kind? Not in NBFI

#1, dated October 1972. Clearly a fanzine. Not in NBFI

Presumably a spoof but just a cover or an actual mag, and if latter when and by whom.

Spring 1995. I've been unable to determine if this published any fiction.

#1, 1986. Clearly a fanzine. Not in NBFI

Holiday Issue 2001. Possibly the Jerry Page & Jerry Burge fanzine mentioned in NBFI, but no details known.

Date unknown. Possibly another UK one-shot from the 1940s/50s?

1940s. Presumably UK or Australian, and the file name says "Atlas" so probably the former, but doesn't match any I know.

Jan-1969 UK, but not part of the known series.

1930s. Clearly a "saucy mag" but was it US or UK & did it contain fiction?

#1, Spring 1997. No idea what this is.

Private Heat #2/3, no date. No idea what this is.

Quick Close Your Eyes #2, 1977. Looks like a fanzine but not in the NBFI.

File name says Radix #3, Winter/Spring 1977 which could be the Ron Rogers fanzine in the NBFI. Not sure why the cover says The Outer Fringes.

v1 #2, 1960s. Clearly a mens/saucy mag of some kind but can't find any details.

No date. Looks like a fanzine. Not in NBFI.

No date. Clearly a mens/saucy mag but not same as the known series of this name.

"Jimi Higgins for Univ. Wisc.- Milwaukee SF Services" in NBFI, but don't know if it had any fiction.

#5, Feb-1992. UK fanzine. Not in NBFI.

Clearly a British Reprint Edition of Snappy Stories but I can't find any information on dates or publisher.

"David Singer for TANSTAAFL" in NBFI, but don't know if it had any fiction.

#2, october but no year. Possibly same as Dave Ish fanzine in NBFI but no other details known.

A Jan Howard Finder fanzine according to NBFI but don't know if it had fiction.

Looks like another spoof but I don't know if it was actually published or not.

No date. Unclear if this is US or UK or both, but doesn't match the main series and cover is taken from the April 1933 issue of Gayety.

Split Phase Motor #1, 1980s. Presumably a fanzine. Not in NBFI.

Starbound v4 #1, 1988. Presumably a fanzine, but not in NBFI.

This is supposedly an ashcan dated May-1945 and was presumably true crime, but unclear if it was ever published.

Sep-1923 & Oct-1923. Probably non-fiction but I can't pin it down.

Presumably a fanzine and supposedly dated 23rd June but no other details known. Not in NBFI

A fanzine published by Graham Daniels and Phil Petty in the UK but unclear if it had any fiction.

Presumably a fanzine but no details known. Not in NBFI

Another fanzine not in NBFI and doesn't match any of the three magazines of this name already in The Big List.

v1 #1, Fall 1956: "The Voice of Western America". Probably non-fiction but I can't track it down.

Wylde Star #2, Oct-1950. Clearly a fanzine but not in NBFI.

"Joni (Markwood) Rapkin, 1911 Riverview Dr, Endicott, N.Y. 13760" according to NBFI. Found some details online but nothing about fiction.