Science Fiction, Fantasy and Weird Magazines

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In an attempt to avoid over-lengthy page load times, the list of magazines has been split into a number of sections as follows:

Äardwolf -- Author's Choice Monthly
The Avalonian -- Chanticleer
Chaos Theory: Tales Askew -- Digital Catapult
Digital Dragon -- Fantastic Story Quarterly
Fantastic Story Quarterly (Canada) -- Ghoul
Giallar -- The Journal of Canadian Content in Speculative Literature
Journal of Pulse-Pounding Narratives -- The Mysterious Wu Fang (Canada)
Mystic -- Padwolf Presents: Fantasy and Science Fiction
Pages [1988] -- Science Fiction (UK)
Science Fiction (Canada) [1941] -- Space-Wise
Spearhead -- Terror Hunters Journal
Terror Tales [1934] -- Weird Story Magazine
Weird Tails -- The Zone

The magazine indexes themselves are listed on a separate page, cross-referenced from the above pages as appropriate.