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True Love Affairs [1940]

Total Issues: 1

Issues & Index Sources:  Jan/Feb-1940: FictionMags Index
Publishers:   Frank A. Munsey
Formats:   standard pulp
Sources:   The Adventure House Guide to the Pulps, Ultimate Guide to the Pulps

True Love and Romance

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1940s: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Publishers:   Macfadden Publications
Editors:   Hilda Wright (in 1943)
Prices:   10c (in 1943)
Pagecounts:   72pp (in 1943)
Frequency:   monthly

True Love Magazine

Total Issues: 1?

Issues & Index Sources:  Nov-1937
Publishers:   Popular
Formats:   digest
Sources:   Ultimate Guide to the Pulps

True Love Series

Contains one long novel, 22,000 - 25,000 words... sensational, with strong love interest.

Issues & Index Sources:  1931 – ?
Publishers:   Wm. Stevens Ltd, 1 Crane Court, Fleet St., London EC4
Frequency:   twice-monthly
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True Love Stories

Total Issues: 1

Announced as "forthcoming" in #1 of Round-Up Magazine, but might not actually have appeared. May be the same as True Love from the Magazine Fiction Group.

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1940s (possibly phantom)
Publishers:   The City Libraries, 337 Victoria Road, Glasgow
Prices:   1/-

True Love Stories [1950s]

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1950s
Publishers:   Macfadden

True Love Stories [1928]

see also under Live Girl Stories

True Magazine

"Incorporating Sincerely... first-person complete stories, 2000 - 10,000; also first-person serials".

Issues & Index Sources:  ?
Publishers:   C. Arthur Pearson Ltd (Newnes), Tower House, Southampton St., London WC2
Editors:   Miss P. Lamburn (in 1962)
Frequency:   monthly

True Marriage Stories

See under Marriage Stories

True Medic Stories

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1950s

True Men Stories

Total Issues: 114

Issues & Index Sources

  Oct-1956 – Jul-1974: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)


  Oct-1956 – Nov-1965: Feature Publications, NY
  Jun-1966 – ?: Stanley Publications, 281 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10016


  Theodore S. Hecht (in 1968)


  35c (in 1968)

Sources:   It's a Man's World
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True Murder Detective Cases

True crime.

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1960s

True Mystery

True crime.

Issues & Index Sources:  1950 – ?
Publishers:   Skye Publishing Co., 270 Park Ave., New York, NY, 60 W 46th St., New York, NY, and Louisville, KY
Frequency:   bimonthly

True Mystic Confessions

Total Issues: 1

True Mystic Confessions featured articles on astrology and dreams but mainly carried fictionalized and sensationalized accounts of nudist camp orgies, drugs and sex crimes. Nearly all of the pieces are anonymous and that is understandable. Many of the stories do have a weird element to them but in general this magazine is only for the completist.

Issues & Index Sources:  #1, 1937: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Country Press, Greenwich, CT
Formats:   large pulp
Prices:   10c
Pagecounts:   76pp
Sources:   Ultimate Guide to the Pulps
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True Mystic Crimes

see under Mystic Magazine

True Mystic Science

Total Issues: 8

True Mystic Science contained articles on astrology, numerology, graphology, mediums, prophecies, famous crimes and unexplained events and various psychic phenomena. R.T.M. Scott was a frequent contributor, Talbot Mundy had an article on Mystic India in the second issue and Otis Adelbert Kline had articles in the second and fifth issues. Arthur J. Burks appeared in the eighth.

Issues & Index Sources:  Nov-1938 – Jul-1939: FictionMags Index
Publishers:   The Continental News, Inc.
Formats:   9 x 12 inches
Prices:   25c
Frequency:   monthly (with 1 missed month)
Sources:   Ultimate Guide to the Pulps
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True Photo Magazine

Total Issues: 2

The second issue was subtitled "Showdown for Men" and is often confused with the magazine of that name.

Issues & Index Sources:  1956
Publishers:   Sterling

True Pictorial Stories

Total Issues: 3?

The first issue exists with cover dates of both January and March.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jan-1940 – ?
Publishers:   Macfadden

True Police Cases

True crime.

Issues & Index Sources

  1936 – ?


  in 1930s: Country Press Inc., 1100 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY, and Broadway and 11th, Louisville, KY
  in 1940s: Fawcett Publications, Fawcett Place, Greenwich, CT, and 22 W Putnam Ave., Greenwich, CT



Sources:   Mystery, Detective, and Espionage Magazines

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