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Garfield Library (New Series)

Total Issues: 8

Reprints the first eight numbers of the original Garfield Library from 1890.

Issues & Index Sources:  Feb-1901 – Mar-1901
Publishers:   Aldine Publishing Co.
Prices:   2d
Frequency:   4 per month

Gargoyle [1920s] (France)

Carried fiction by Malcolm Cowley, Robert Coates, and others as well as poetry and articles reflecting on the Paris literary scene of the day.

Issues & Index Sources:  Aug-1921 – Oct-1922?
Publishers:   7, Rue Campagne-Premiere, Paris, France
Editors:   Arthur Moss
Frequency:   monthly

Gargoyle [1950] (US)

Total Issues: 1

One-shot fanzine.

Issues & Index Sources:  Summer 1950: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Michael DeAngelis, 1526 East 23 Street, Brooklyn 10, NY
Editors:   Michael DeAngelis
Related Sites:   ZineWiki

Gargoyle [1970s] (US)

Total Issues: 63 (as at Aug-2015)

Issues & Index Sources:  Aug-1976 – present
Publishers:   Atticus Books, P.O. Box 6216, Arlington, VA 22206-0216; 1508 U Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009 (in 1998 - 2002)
Editors:   Richard Peabody & Lucinda Ebersole (in 1998 - 2002)
Frequency:   irregular
Sources:   O. Henry Awards Website (in 2002)
Email Address:

The Garland

Total Issues: 209

A boys' story paper.

Issues & Index Sources

  1-Aug-1896 – 29-Jul-1900

#incorporated into Nuggets


  James Henderson


  Alfred W. Barratt






Total Issues: 9

A professional looking small press publication which ran both stories and poetry.

Issues & Index Sources:  v1 #1, 1992 – v4 #1, 1995: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Strait-Jacket Publications, c/o Gaiman Enterprises LTD, PO Box 68, Cleveland, MN 56017
Editors:   Melissa Gish
Email Address:
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The Gate

Total Issues: 3

Semi-professional magazine.

Issues & Index Sources

  #1, 1989 – #3, 1990: Science Fiction Index


  W Publishing, Peterborough


  Maureen Porter


  #1, 1989: pocketbook
  #2, 1990 – #3, 1990: large format


  #1, 1989: 160pp
  #2, 1990 – #3, 1990: 42pp



Related Sites

  Science Fiction Encyclopedia
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Gateways [1980s]

Total Issues: 14

RPG Gaming Magazine that occasionally featured fiction.

Issues & Index Sources:  1986 – 1989
Publishers:   Gateways Publications Inc.
Editors:   Laura Antoniou
Formats:   quarto
Prices:   $2.25
Pagecounts:   64pp

Gateways [1990s]

Issues & Index Sources

  Jan-1992 – #11, 1994: Science Fiction Index (Missing: #2 - #7)


  Jan-1992 – 1993: FanTek Publications, Ft. Washington, MD
  1994: Fantek Publications, Philadelphia


  Adrienne Reynolds


  8½" x 11", perfect bound




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GateWay S-F Magazine

Total Issues: 5

Christian science-fiction magazine, subtitled "Stories of Science and Faith". Continued as a webzine after #5.

Issues & Index Sources:  Winter 2000 – Fall 2002: Science Fiction Index
Related Sites:   Science Fiction Encyclopedia
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Gathering Darkness

Fanzine newsletter that published some fiction. The first four issues were called The Nightside.

Issues & Index Sources:  1989 – ?
Publishers:   Nightside Press
Editors:   Dan Good
Prices:   $1.50


Total Issues: 24

A magazine of free expression, dealing with censorship. Mostly non-fiction but early issues featured quite a few stories.

Issues & Index Sources:  #1, 1990 – 2002?: Science Fiction Index (first 4 issues only)
Publishers:   Gauntlet, Inc., Springfield, PA
Formats:   large format
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Gauntlet! The Magazine of Heroic Tales

Total Issues: 5?

Small press magazine with issues from #4 on also on the web.

Issues & Index Sources:  Fall 1999 – Winter 2001?
Editors:   George Smith, Northglenn, Colorado

Gay Bedtime Stories

Total Issues: 1?

Issues & Index Sources:  c. 1951
Publishers:   Paget Publications, 106 Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith, London
Pagecounts:   36pp

Gay Blade

Issues & Index Sources:  Dec-1956 – ?: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
Publishers:   Bachelor Magazine
Prices:   50c
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Gay Book Magazine [1938]

Total Issues: 34

Issues & Index Sources:  Jan-1933 – Mar-1945: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
Publishers:   Gay Book, Philadelphia
Editors:   William H. Kofoed
Prices:   25c
Frequency:   monthly
Sources:   Ultimate Guide to the Pulps, Uncovered: The Hidden Art of Girlie Pulps
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