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15-Story Western ? WFI Missing: all issues; possibly phantom
Issue Checklist
Fifteen Western Range Romances ? WFI Missing: all issues; possibly phantom
Issue Checklist
Fifteen Western Tales - see under Western Tales
Fifteen Western Tales (Canada) Sep-1948 - ? WFI sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Fifteen Western Tales (UK) in 1950s WFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Fifth Avenue Series 1-Dec-1892 - 18-Mar-1893 DimeNvl incomplete
Fifth Column Stories Aug-1940 - Jan-1941 AFI Missing: Aug-1940
Issue Checklist
Fifth Di… Sep-1995 - present    
Fifty-Two Novels a Year 1893    
Fighting Aces Mar-1940 - Jul-1944 AFI; PMI1 Issue Checklist
Fighting Aces (Canada) in 1940s AFI Missing: all except Nov-1941, Nov-1942
Issue Checklist
Fighting Romances from the West and East Nov-1925 - Jun-1926 AFI Issue Checklist
Fighting Western Feb-1945 - Sep-1950 WFI Issue Checklist
Fighting Western (UK) c. 1950 WFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Fight Stories Jun-1928 - Spring 1952 SPFI Missing: Summer 1936
Issue Checklist
Fight Stories (Australia) in 1950s SPFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Fight Stories (Canada) in 1930s SPFI Missing: all issues
Fight Stories (UK) 1931? - 1950? SPFI Missing: all except Sep-1931
Issue Checklist
The Fig-leaf Dec-1922 - ? FicMags sample issue only
Figment #1, 1989 - #16, 1993 SFI Issue Checklist
File 770 1978 - present FicMags sample issue only
Film Fiction Aug-1921 FicMags  
Judge's Serials
» Judge's Library
» The Magazine of Fun
» Film Fun
1887 - Jan-1890
Feb-1890 - Jul-1912
Aug-1912 - Jun-1915
Jul-1915 - Sep-1942
  Issue Checklist
Film Fun (Canada) in 1930s   Issue Checklist
Film Fun (UK) in 1930s   Issue Checklist
Films and Fiction 1-Nov-1932 - 11-Apr-1933 FicMags first 5 issues only
Film Stories Magazine 26-Mar-1921 - 10-Nov-1921 FicMags sample issue only
Financial Times 9-Jan-1888 - present FicMags sample issues only
Finger Print Magazine 1919 - ?    
Fingerprints Detective in 1940s CFI Issue Checklist
Fire Fighters Mar-1929 - May-1929 AFI Issue Checklist
The Firefly 28-Feb-1914 - 13-Feb-1915    
Fireside Magazine Spring 2012 - present SFI Missing: any after #63, Jan-2019
Issue Checklist
The Fireside at Home 1880 - 1882    
The Fireside Companion 2-Nov-1867 - 18-Jul-1903 DimeNvl sample issues only
Fireside Confessions Jan-1952 - Mar-1952 FicMags  
Fireside Detective Casebook - see under Detective Casebook
Fireside Detective Cases Jan-1946 - ?    
Fireside Ghost Stories Dec-1937 SFI Issue Checklist
Fireside Library [1877] 10-Apr-1877 - 29-Jun-1882    
The Fireside Library [1894] 1894 DimeNvl sample issue only
Fireside Series 1866 - 1868    
Fireside Series late 1890s - Apr-1892 DimeNvl  
Fireside Series Sep-1886 - 1890 DimeNvl incomplete
Fireside Tales of Fact and Fiction 1886 - 1897    
First Intensity Summer 1993 - Fall 2007    
The First Line May/Jun-1999 - present    
Fisheye ? - Dec-1987?    
Fishing Adventures Summer 1955   Issue Checklist
Fission Jan-1954 - Mar-1955 FicMags sample issue only
Five-Cent Adventures 1932? AFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Five Cent Comic Library 1892 - 1898 DimeNvl sample issue only
Five-Cent Detective 18-Jun-1932 CFI Issue Checklist
Five-Cent Flying Stories 1932? AFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
The Five Cent Weekly Library 11-Dec-1882 - 12-May-1884 DimeNvl sample issues only
Five-Cent Western ? WFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
5-Detective Mysteries Oct/Nov-1942 - Feb/Mar-1943 CFI Issue Checklist
5 Detective Novels Magazine Nov-1949 - Fall 1953 CFI; PMI1 Issue Checklist
5 Detective Novels Magazine (Canada) c. 1949 CFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
580 Split ? - present    
Five Fingers Review ? - 2006    
Five Great Books by Charles Garvice 1896 DimeNvl  
5 Great Romances Nov-1982? - ? FicMags sample issues only
Five-in-One Schoolboys 1950s StyIdx sample issue only
Five-in-One Schoolgirls 1950s StyIdx sample issue only
Five-Novels Monthly
» Five-Novels Magazine
Feb-1928 - Mar-1943
Apr/Jun-1943 - Jan/Mar-1948
Issue Checklist
Five-Novels Monthly (Canada) in 1930s GFI Missing: all issues
Issue Checklist
Five Points Fall 1996 - present FicMags sample issues only
Five Sports Classics Magazines - see under Exciting Sports
Five-Star Detective 1954 - ?    
Five Star Detective (Canada) in 1940s    
Five Star Detective Stories Jul-1941 - Apr-1942? CFI Issue Checklist
Five Star Western Novelets Jan-1937 - 193? WFI sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Five Star Western Stories Jul-1941? - Aug-1941? WFI Missing: all issues; may be other issues
Issue Checklist
Five Western Novels Jan-1948 - Apr-1948 WFI Issue Checklist
5 Western Novels Magazine Nov-1949 - Winter 1954 WFI Issue Checklist
Fiyah Winter 2017 - present SFI Missing: any issues after #9, Winter 2019
Issue Checklist
The Flag Library for Boys Oct-1935 - Feb-1936 StyIdx  
The Flag of Our Union
» merges with The American Union
2-Jan-1846 - 31-Dec-1870
Flag Series 24-Jan-1896 - 8-Aug-1896 DimeNvl  
Flair Feb-1950 - ? FicMags sample issues only
Flame [1936] #1, 1936 - #4, 1936 FicMags only sf content indexed
Flame [1954] Spring 1954 - Spring 1963 SFI sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Flame [1959] in 1950s   Issue Checklist
The Flamingo 1927 - 1967    
The Flapper
» Experience "The World's Greatest Teacher"
» Flapper's Experience
May-1922 - May-1923?
Sep-1923 - Mar-1925
Apr-1925 - Aug-1926?
sample issues only
sample issue only
Issue Checklist
Flash Fantastic! Nov-2003 - Jul-2005    
Flash Fiction Online Dec-2007 - present    
Flash Gordon Strange Adventure Magazine Dec-1936 SFI; PMI2 Issue Checklist
Flashing Blades Aug-2015 - present SFI Missing: any after #5
Issue Checklist
Flashing Swords #1, 2004 - #12, 2009    
Flashlight Detective Series in 1910s DimeNvl incomplete
The Fleet Street Review Jan-1892 - May-1892? FicMags sample issue only
The Fleetway Novels 1919 - 1933    
Fleming Series 1905    
Flesh & Blood #1, 1998 - #16, 2004 SFI Issue Checklist
Flight Oct-1929 - Feb-1930 AFI Missing: Feb-1930
Issue Checklist
Flighty in 1950s    
Fling 1957 - ?   Issue Checklist
Flip Flap Sep-1950    
Flirt Dec-1947 - Apr-1955   possibly non-fiction
Issue Checklist
The Florida Review 1972 - present    
Fluff c. 1950 FicMags  
Flurb Fall 2006 - Spring 2012 SFI Issue Checklist
Flyers-Air Adventures - see under Air Adventures
Flyers and Fly-ettes in 1940s    
Flying Aces
» Flying Aces
Sep-1928 - Nov-1943
Missing: Sep-1928
Issue Checklist
Flying Aces (Canada) c. 1933 AFI Missing: all except Oct-1932
Issue Checklist
Flying Saucers from Other Worlds - see under Other Worlds Science Stories
Flying Stories Nov-1928 - Jul/Aug-1930 AFI; PMI4 Issue Checklist
» Flynn's Weekly
» Flynn's Weekly Detective Fiction
» Detective Fiction Weekly
» Detective Fiction
» Flynn's Detective
» Flynn's Detective Fiction
» merges with Dime Detective Magazine
» Detective Fiction
20-Sep-1924 - 22-May-1926
29-May-1926 - 11-Jun-1927
18-Jun-1927 - 26-May-1928
2-Jun-1928 - 2-Aug-1941
20-Aug-1941 - Jun-1942
Jul-1942 - Dec-1942
Jan-1943 - Aug-1944
Jan-1951 - Jul-1951
Issue Checklist
Detective Fiction Weekly (Canada)
» Flynn's Detective Fiction (Canada)
» merges with Dime Detective Magazine (Canada)
in 1930s
in 1940s
sample issues only
sample issues only
Issue Checklist
Flytrap Nov-2003 - Nov-2008 SFI Issue Checklist
Flyway Spring 1995 - present    
FMN Handy Stories
» Handy Stories
28-Jul-1906 - 9-Mar-1907
16-Mar-1907 - 13-Feb-1926
FMZ Digest Feb-1941 - Oct-1941 FicMags sample issue only
Focus (US) [1938] 1938 - ?    
Focus (New Zealand) [1955] Summer 1955 - Jan-1962 FicMags sample issue only
Focus (UK) [1979] Autumn 1979 - present FicMags sample issue only
Fogfire Feb-1998 - Aug-1998    
The Fog Horn Dec-2013 - May-2014 SFI Issue Checklist
Folio 1984 - present    
Folks at Home 31-Oct-1896 - 29-Apr-1897    
The Follies [1921]
» Fascinating Fiction
Jul-1921 - Apr-1922
May-1922 - Jul-1922
  Issue Checklist
Follies [1930s] - see also under Burten's Follies
Folly-ology May-1924? - ?    
Foma in 1960s    
Fools Motley Magazine Jul-2003 - Jul-2005    
Football Action Fall 1939 - Fall 1953 SPFI Issue Checklist
Football Favourite
» becomes boysftblfav
4-Sep-1920 - 30-Mar-1939
Football Novels 1930    
Football Novels - see also under Aldine Football Novels
Football Pocket Library Dec-1947 - 1948 StyIdx sample issues only
Football & Sports Favourite - see under Football Favourite
Football & Sports Library Nov-1921 - Oct-1938    
Football Stories Fall 1937 - Fall 1953 SPFI Issue Checklist
Football Stories - see also under Aldine Football Stories
Football Weekly
» incorporated into Sports Budget
22-Aug-1936 - 23-Jan-1937
Footlight Follies Jul-1949 FicMags  
Footsteps Summer 1983 - Summer 1993 SFI Issue Checklist
Forbidden Futures Summer 2018 - present SFI Missing: any issues after #3, Winter 2018
Issue Checklist
Forbidden Lines #1, 1990 - #16, 1994 SFI Issue Checklist
Forbidden Sweet! c. 1950    
For Boys Only Jun-1953 - Jul-1954    
For Boys Only (UK) 1959   ?
Ford's National Library 1886    
Foreign Legion Adventures Aug-1940 - Oct-1940 AFI Issue Checklist
Foreign Quarterly Review 1827 - 1846 Well2  
Foreign Service Magazine
» VFW Magazine
1912 - Dec-1950
Jan-1951 - present
sample issues only
The Forerunner (1909) Nov-1909 - Dec-1916    

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