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The following is a list of all the magazines that are (conceptually) covered by the Love Fiction Index. Each magazine name is hyperlinked to the associated illustrated checklist.

Ainslee's Smart Love Stories Affinity (Love Stories)
All Fiction Love Story Annual Authentic Romances
All Star Love Magazine Dazzling Romances
All-Story Love (Stories/Tales/Magazine) Ideal Love (UK)
Amoré Intimate Love Stories
Amour Love and Romance
Arabella Romances Magazine Love Book Magazine (UK)
Ardent Love Love Romantic Magazine (UK)
Army Romances Love Short Stories (UK) [1940]
Beautiful Womanhood Love Short Stories (UK) [1949]
Best Love Magazine Love Stories [1929]
Best Love Stories - Cupid's Ranch Romances (UK)
Charm Story Magazine Rangeland Romances (UK)
Complete Love Magazine Revealing Love Stories
Complete Love Novel Magazine Rodeo Romances (UK)
Complete Romance Magazine Romance (UK) [1923]
Complete Western Love Novelettes Romance (UK) [1934]
Confession Novel of the Month Romance (UK) [1946]
Cowboy Romances Romance (UK) [1949]
Cupid's Diary Romance (UK) [1975]
Daring Romances Romances
Dramatic Novels Romance Shorts
Dream World [1920] Romance Stories (UK)
Exciting Love Screen Romances (UK)
Fifteen Love Stories Secret Stories
Fifteen Range Romances Sprite
Fifteen Western Range Romances Thrilling Romances
5 Great Romances Unique Romances
Four Star Love Magazine [1936] Western Romances (UK)
Four Star Love Magazine [1942] The White Magazine
Gay Love Stories Woman [1924]
Girl Stories Women's Romance
Glamorous Love Stories [1938] Yankee Love Shorts
Glamorous Love Stories [1953] Yankee Romance Album
Golden Love Tales Yankee Romance Shorts
Golden West Romances  
Gothic Tales Of Love Australia
Harlequin (Newsletter) Magazine/Harlequin's Woman American Ranch Romances
Harlequin World's Best Romances Blue Book Romances
Hearts Diamond Romances
Heart Throbs Leisure Romance
Hollywood Love Romances Mi-Lady Magazine/Romance
Hollywood Romances Modern Romances (Australia)
Honeymoon Stories Real Love (Australia)
Honeymoon Tales Real Romances (Australia)
Husbands Triangle Romances
"I Confess"  
Ideal Love Canada
The Illustrated Love Magazine All-Story Love (Canada)
Intimate Romances Complete Love Magazine (Canada)
Leading Love Exciting Love (Canada)
Life's Romances Fifteen Love Stories (Canada)
Live Girl Stories Golden West Romances (Canada)
Love Adventures "I Confess" (Canada)
Love Affairs Love Book Magazine (Canada)
Love and War Stories Love Fiction Magazine (Canada)
Love Book Magazine Love Short Stories (Canada)
Love Classics Love Story Magazine (Canada)
Love Fiction (Monthly) New Love Magazine (Canada)
Love Magazine Popular Love (Canada)
Love Mirror Ranch Romances (Canada)
Love Novelettes Rangeland Romances (Canada)
Love Novel of the Month Rodeo Romances (Canada)
Love Novels Magazine [1934] Romance (Canada)
Love Novels Magazine [1940] Romance Range (Canada)
Love Novels Magazine [1943] Romance Round-Up (Canada)
Love Revelations Romance Western (Canada)
Love Romances Romantic Love Stories (Canada)
Love Romantic Magazine Smart Romance Stories
Lover's Lane Street & Smith's Love Story Magazine (Canada)
Lovers Magazine Sweetheart Stories (Canada)
Lovers: The Magazine of Enchantment Ten-Story Love Magazine (Canada)
Love Secrets Thrilling Love (Canada)
Love Short Stories Variety Love Stories (Canada)
Love Story Magazine Western Rodeo Romances (Canada)
Love Western Stories  
Loving Hearts  
Loving You!  
Lyric Love Stories  
Magic Love  
Marriage Confessions  
Marriage Stories  
Modern Girl Stories  
Modern Love  
Modern Love Stories  
Modern Romances  
Movie Love  
Movie Story Magazine [1937]  
My Love Story  
My Story  
Navy Romances  
New Love Magazine  
New Love Stories Magazine [2000s]  
Personal Confessions  
Pocket Love Magazine  
Popular Love  
Popular Romances  
Private Confessions  
Ranch Love Stories  
Ranch Romances (& Adventures)  
Rangeland Love Stories [1933]  
Rangeland Love Stories [1936]  
Rangeland Love Stories [1950]  
Rangeland Love Story Magazine  
Rangeland Romances  
Rangeland Sweethearts  
Real Breezy Romances  
Real Confessions  
Real Life Confessions  
Real Love  
Real Love Magazine  
Real Romances  
Real Western Romances  
Red Star Love Revelations  
Red Star Secret Confessions  
Rodeo Romances  
Romance [1914]  
Romance [1919]  
Romance [1937]  
Romance Range  
Romance Round-Up  
Romance Western (Round-Up)  
Romantic Detective  
Romantic Love Secrets  
Romantic Love (Stories)  
Romantic Magazine  
Romantic Movie Stories  
Romantic Novels [1925]  
Romantic Range  
Romantic Round-Up  
Romantic Short Stories  
Romantic Stories  
Romance Stories Magazine  
Romantic Story  
Romantic Suspense Stories  
Romantic West Annual  
Romantic Western  
Romantic Western Novel Magazine  
Screen Romances  
Screen Romance Stories  
Secret Confessions  
Secret Love Revelations  
Secrets [1936]  
Sentimental Stories  
Sizzling Romances  
Smart Love Stories  
Snappy Romances  
Sparkling Love Stories  
Strange Romances  
Street & Smith's Love Story Annual  
Street & Smith's Love Story Magazine  
Strictly Romance Magazine  
Sweetheart Love Stories  
Sweetheart Stories  
Tales of Temptation  
Tender Love Stories  
Ten-Story Love (Magazine)  
Three Love Novels Magazine  
Thrilling Confessions  
Thrilling Love  
Today's Love Stories  
True Love Stories [1928]  
True Marriage Stories  
Twice-a-Month Love Book Magazine  
2 Daring Love Novels  
Underworld Love Stories  
Underworld Romances  
Variety Love Stories  
Western Love  
Western Love Romances  
Western Love Stories  
Western Love Story Magazine  
Western Rodeo Romances  
Western Romance Anthology  
Western Romances  
Western Story Round Up [1955]  
Westland Love Magazine  
Winning Love  
Woman [1906]  
World's Greatest Love Stories  
Young Love