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Magazines Covered

The following is a list of all the magazines that form part of the General Fiction Index. Magazines for which we have incomplete information are flagged (*) (and a full list of the information needed for these can be found here). Magazines flagged (**) are those for which we have no concrete information at all (and which, indeed, may not even exist). Each magazine name is hyperlinked to the associated illustrated checklist.

Adventure Complete Movie Novel Magazine Live Stories (*) Sensational Startling Stories (*)
Adventure (Canada) (*) Complete Novel Magazine Medical Horrors Sensational Stories (*)
Ainslee's Magazine Complete Stories/Story Mag Miss 1929/1930 (*) Short Stories
All Around Magazine The Crusoe Mag. Modern Stories [1934] (*) Short Stories (Australia) (*)
The All-Fiction Quarterly Easy Money Movie Novel Magazine Short Stories (Canada) (*)
All Fiction Stories EconoClash Review Munsey's Magazine Short Stories (UK) (*)
All-Story (Cavalier) Weekly/Mag Everybody's Magazine (The) New (Story) Magazine (*) Smith's Magazine
Argosy (US/Canadian version) (*) Fame and Fortune National Novels Monthly (*) Stage Stories
Argosy (UK version) The Famous Story Magazine The New Fiction Library Stories Annual
The Avon Annual The Fiction Magazine [1943] (*) On-Time Railroad Stories Story Digest (*)
Avon Modern Short Story Monthly Fiction Parade People's (Ideal Fiction/Favorite/Story) Magazine StoryHack Action & Adventure
Best Stories (of All Time) (*) Five Novels Monthly/Magazine Pocket Magazine [1930] Strange Suicides (*)
Big Pulp Fortune Story Magazine The Popular [1937] Street & Smith's Complete Stories/Mag
The Black Cat (US) (*) Golden Book The Popular Complete Stories S&S Complete Stories/Mag (Canada) (*)
Blue Book Magazine Golden Book (UK) (*) The Popular Complete Stories (Canada) (*) Street & Smith's Sampler
Blue Book Magazine (Canada) The Golden Mag. (The) Popular (Magazine/Stories) Sure Fire Screen Stories
Brief Stories (Magazine) The Green Book Album/Mag (*) Prize Story Magazine (*) The Thriller [1916] (*)
The Cavalier [1908] Green Book Quarterly (*) Pulp Literature The 20-Story Magazine (*)
Cavalier Classics (The New) Gunter's Magazine Pulp Tales Presents Wall Street Stories (*)
Children's Book Digest Hardboiled Railroad (Man's) Magazine Wayside Tales [1921]
The Clack Book Harlem Stories Railroad Stories (Canada) (*) Women's Stories [1913]
Clever Stories (*) How 7 The Reader's Library (*) The World's Greatest Stories (*)
Clever Truths (*) (Illustrated) Novelets The Red Book Magazine (*) Zest [1925] (*)
Co-Ed Campus Comedy (*) Laughter (*) The Regent  
College Stories [1920s] (*) Lilliput The Scrap Book  
College Stories [1930s] Little Story Magazine (*) Screen Novel Quarterly (*)