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The Western & Frontier Fiction Magazine Index (or Western Fiction Index in short) is an attempt to provide an index to western fiction magazines in the same style as the classic Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Weird Fiction Magazine Index compiled by Stephen T. Miller and William G. Contento, and the recent Crime, Mystery, & Detective Fiction Magazine Index compiled by Phil Stephensen-Payne, Stephen T. Miller and William G. Contento. Unlike previous genres, very few issues have been formally indexed previously, with the notable exception of:

Larry has kindly given permission for the inclusion of his data in the current data, as well as the contents of several hundred other issues that he collected a decade or so ago when planning a similar project.

This index is currently a work in progress and will not be completed until some time in 2014 (probably). Even then it is much more fragmentary than other indexes in the FictionMags Index Family and the compilers would welcome any offers of assistance from anyone who has access to some of these magazines and is prepared to help out.

In particular:

  1. The core of the index has been compiled from secondary sources such as eBay, rather than from the magazines themselves, and as such inevitably reproduce some of the mistakes inherent in such listings (as well as undoubtedly introducing some new ones). We would love to hear from anyone who has a collection (whether large or small) of western fiction magazines and would be prepared to compare the relevant sections of the index against their collections.

  2. There are still a number of significant gaps in a number of magazines (see here for a full list), but we would particularly love to hear from anyone who has any copies of a handful of magazines for which there are significant gaps:
    • Complete Western Book Magazine
    • Dime Western Magazine
    • Double Action Western
    • Famous Western
    • .44 Western Magazine
    • Lariat Story Magazine
    • New Western Magazine
    • Wild West Stories and Complete Novel Magazine
  3. Although the index contains many issues of magazines published outside the US, the coverage of these is still woefully incomplete and we would love to hear from anybody who has western fiction magazines published in the UK (particularly reprint editions of US pulps), Australia, Canada, South Africa or New Zealand (or, indeed, any other country publishing western fiction magazines in the English language).

A list of all the magazines that are being included in the index can be found here while a detailed list of the magazines and issues for which contents information is still needed can be found here.

If you think you can help with any of the above, or would just like more detail on the project, then please – all contributions are welcome, no matter how small!


Thanks, in particular, must go to my collaborators on the project:

However, the index would not have been possible without the many contributors mentioned above, and I would like to thank all of those who have already contributed (directly or indirectly) to the project:

Tiziano Agnelli John Eggeling Morbus Iff Frank M. Robinson
Richard Aldrich Doug Ellis Jonathan G. Jensen Peter Rogner
Mike Ashley Peter Enfantino Ken Johnson Karl Juergen Roth
Rene Beaulieu Joseph Erhardt Bruce Kiefer James Rouse
Kimberly Becker Larry Estep John Larson Bob Sankner
Paul Berglund Shane Farmer Steve Lewis David Saunders
Richard Bleiler James Felton Dennis Lien Richard Saunders
David Blyth Richard Fidczuk John Locke Frank Shortt
Dave Brzeski Dave Fox Glenn Lord David Lee Smith
Daniel Buck Gary Garner Ray Luce Ray Steptoe
Rusty Burke Douglas Greene Todd Mason Joel Thoreson
Keith Chapman Hal Hall Steve Miller Al Tonik
Mike Chomko Rick Hall Richard Moore Virgil Utter
Michael Colpitts Geoff Harrison Jess Nevins Morgan Wallace
Tom Daniels Monte Herridge Juri Nummelin Mike Ward
Paul Di Filippo Steve Holland Jeff Pennington Martin Morse Wooster
Alistair Durie Larry Hopper Rob Preston  
Stefan Dziemianowicz Richard Horton James Reasoner  
Scott Edwards Theo Hristakos Len Robbins  
Paul Herman and colleagues at the Robert E. Howard Foundation
Paulette Schmidt and the researchers at AustLit