Men's Adventure Magazines
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The following is a list of all known Men's Adventure Magazines – each magazine name is hyperlinked to the associated illustrated checklist.

Ace Epic [1957] Man's Magazine Savage Adventures for Men
Action [1953] Escape to Adventure Man's Odyssey Sea Adventures
Action Caravan Exotic Adventures Man's Peril See (for Men)
Action for Men Expose for Men Man's Power Sensation [1958]
Action Illustrated Fact Spy Stories Man's Prime 7 War Books
Action Life Fishing Adventures Man's Smashing Stories Showdown for Men
Adam (Australia) For Men Only Man's Story Sir!
Adventure for Men [1965] Fury Man's Thrills South Sea Stories [1961]
Adventure Life Girl Spies Man's Time Spies Confidential
Adventures for Men [1959] Great Adventures (UK) Man's Trend Sport Adventure
Adventure Trails Great War Adventures (UK) Man's True Action Sport Life
Adventure True Story Gusto Man's True Danger Sportsman
After Dark Guy Man's Western Sport Trails
All Man High Adventure [1959] Man's World Spur
All Man (UK) His (World) Man to Man Spy [1967]
American Man Hunting Adventures Men Stag
American Manhood Impact [1953] Men in Action Target (US)
Animal Life Impact [1957] Men in Adventure [1950s] Thrilling Adventure
A-OK for Men Impact [1964] Men in Adventure [1960s] Triple-Length Adventure
Argosy Jumbo Man's Magazine Men in Combat True
Atlas for Men Ken for Men Men in Conflict True Action
Battle Attack Lancer Men in Danger True Adventures [1925]
Battle Cry Lion Adventures Men's Pictorial True Adventures [1955]
Battlefield Male Men Today True Adventures (Australia)
Battle Station The Male Home Companion Miniature Men's Magazine True Adventure Tales
Big Adventure Man's Action Mr. America True Battles of World War II
Bluebook (for Men) Man's Adventure New Man True Danger
Bold Man's Age New Man's Life True Men (Australia)
Bold Men! Man's Best O.K. For Men True Men Stories
Brave Man's Book Outdoor Adventures True Prize-Winning War Stories
Brigade Man's Cavalcade Peril True Spy and War Stories
Cavalcade (US) Man's Combat Prize Sea Stories True War [1956]
Cavalier (for Men) Man's Conquest Rage [1956] True War [1975]
Cavalier (for Men) (Australia) Man's Conquest (UK) Rage (for Men) [1960] True War Stories
Challenge for Men Man's Courage Rage [1996] True Woman's Adventure
Champ Man's Daring (Action) Real True World
Champion for Men Man's Daring Adventures Real Action Untamed
Clash [1957] Man's Day Real Action for Men Valor (for Men)
Clash [1965] Man's Epic Real Adventure Valor [1968]
Climax [1953] Man's Epic (Australia) Real Combat Stories War [1964]
Cloak 'n' Dagger Man's Era Real Life Adventures War [1967]
Combat [1959] Man's Escape Real Men War Adventures (UK)
Complete Man Man's Exploits Real Men (Australia) War Criminals
Complete Man's Magazine Man's Fate Real Men in Action (UK) War Stories [1963]
Conflict [1955] Man's Guts Real War War Story
Conquest Man's Illustrated Rugged (Men) Wild
Connoisseur's World Man's Illustrated (Australia) Safari Wildcat Adventures
Courage (US) Man's Illustrated (UK) Saga [1935] Women-in-War
Danger Man's Life Saga [1950] World of Men
Daring [1960] Man's Life (Australia) Salvo!  
Duel Man's Look Savage Adventure