Index Structure

The FictionMags Index Family
Index Structure

Each index in the FictionMags Index Family is (potentially) divided into the following main sections:

Stories, etc.:
Biographical Notes Magazine Issues with Full-Text Links New Additions Missing Issues In the Next Update
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Issue Checklist

This contains a matrix of issues for each magazine hyperlinked to the Issue-by-Issue Index. Note that an issue is highlighted with a yellow background if details for the issue are missing or incomplete and with a green background if a link to the full text of the issue is believed to exist (the link itself is displayed in the Issue-by-Issue Index).

Issue-by-Issue Index

A listing of the contents of each magazine issue, in alphabetical order of magazine title, with links to the Author and Series indexes for each entry. Where a magazine appeared under multiple titles, all issues are listed together under the most common title, with cross-reference links from all other magazine names used. Note that, as discussed below, some author names and/or entry titles may appear in a “standardised” form in the other indexes, but will always be listed in this index exactly as specified in the magazine (as far as is known). Where the same item is listed in different ways within the magazine issue, preference is given to the name/title that appeared at the head of the entry concerned with a note of any significant variations elsewhere.

Where possible, the entry in the issue index is either accompanied by a thumbnail cover scan of the issue concerned, hyperlinked (where possible) to a larger version of the same image (in the main Fictionmags Index) or accompanied directly by the larger image of the cover scan (in the specialist indexes). In addition, if a copy of the magazine text is known to exist online, a "Full Text" link will be displayed on the first line for the issue linking to this text.

by Author

An alphabetical listing of each author's works. The basic layout of each entry is:
Author (dates); (about) (chron) {pseudonym information}
  • * Title · (Type) · Source Publication
    • Reprint Publication


Note that the listing may be divided into multiple sections, as follows:

Note also that stories which were published under a group title are typically listed both under the group title and separately under their own title.

by Title

An alphabetical listing of story/article titles with links to the Author index.

by Date

This is similar to the Author index, but lists each author's work in publication date order, omitting reprints.

by Series

A listing by series name of any entries which are known to form part of a series, hyperlinked to the associated entries in the Author, Title and Issue indexes. By default entries for each series are grouped by author, and then listed in chronological order of the original publication date. In selected cases this ordering may be supplemented, or replaced (as appropriate), by two alternative orderings:

Note that when a series relates to a character who is identified by name and also has a nickname (e.g. “Kent Allard (The Shadow)”) then the series is listed under the character name with a cross-reference from the nickname.


This is similar to the Author index, but lists the work by cover and interior illustrators.

Biographical Notes

This contains brief biographical notes for a number of authors in the index.

Magazine Issues with Full-Text Links

This contains a listing of all magazine issues for which copies are believed to exist online, in alphabetical order of magazine title, with links to the online copies. Note that in some cases (such as Hathi Trust) these copies may only be accessible from the United States.


This is only present in a small number of indexes and provides an alphabetical listing of the magazine publishers represented in the index, together with a list of the magazines they published, hyperlinked to the appropriate entry in the Issue-by-Issue Index.


This is just a single page containing some (possibly) interesting statistics about the index, such as number of issues indexed, number of authors represented, and so on.

New Additions

This contains a list of issues that have been added since the last time the index was published.

Missing Issues

This is just a link to the genre-specific pages of "missing issues" in the FictionMags Index Portal or, for the FictionMags Index itself, to the list of missing issues for the "General Fiction Magazines" group.

In the Next Update

This contains a list of issues that have been submitted which will appear the next time the index is published.


This is just a link to the first page of this documentation.

Index Structure

This is just a link to this page.


This is just a link to the part of this documentation describing item types and other abbreviations.

How to Add to the Index

This is just a link to the part of this documentation describing how you can contribute to this (and other) indexes.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is just a link to the part of this documentation which addresses some questions we are frequently asked.

Background Notes

This is just a link to the part of this documentation containing a number of detailed notes about the way in which the indexes have been constructed.