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Full-Text Links Control File (Ft-Links.cvt)

The Full-Text Links Control File provides a link between the magazines indexed in one of the indexes and any identified online sources that contain the full-text of the associated issue (such as The Pulp Magazines Project or HathiTrust. Each record contains three fields:

  1. Sort Field

    This field is used solely to allow the file to be sorted into a coherent order (i.e. all issues of a given magazine together and in order). By default this is the same as would be used for the cover scan image in Covers.cvt

  2. Publication Details

    This contains the publication details of the issue with which the full-text link is to be associated. The programs will ignore any entries in this field that do not match for the index in question and hence may also be used to hold general links pointing to entry listings for magazines rather than issues and/or for non-magazine items such as books.

  3. Full Text Link

    This contains the full link to be associated with the issue identified by the preceding publication details.