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Covers Control File (Covers.cvt)

The Covers Control File provides a link between the magazines indexed in one of the indexes and the associated cover scans to be displayed with them. Each record in the file contains 4 fields, separated (for historic reasons) by ␢.␢ rather than the more usual ~

  1. Image file name

    This contains the file name of the associated cover scan without folder names or extension. All such files must be jpeg files and are assumed to have an extension of .jpg

  2. Publication Details

    This contains the publication details of the issue with which the cover scan is to be associated. By convention, cover scans are added to the file even if there is no associated abbreviation for the magazine and in this case a single lowercase 'x' is placed here (as that will never match a real set of publication details). Note that the same publication details may be associated with multiple image file names, in which case each of the cover scans will be displayed with the issue in question.

  3. Source ID

    This identifies the source of the image file. It currently will always contain the value PSP which indicates the images come from the Galactic Central website and are located in subfolders of with corresponding thumbnails in subfolders of

  4. Folder Prefix

    This contains the folder prefix to be inserted between the image path names listed above and the image file name to identify the full path to the image concerned. These will always currently consist of the first letter of the image file name followed by a /


action_western_195x_n41 . 195?+ActnW#41 . PSP . a/
expose_detective_195709 . x . PSP . e/
fantasy_and_science_fiction_195612 . 1956FSFDec . PSP . f/