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Our Sparkling Series

Total Issues: 7

Issues & Index Sources:  1878
Publishers:   Lee & Sheppard
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

Our World

While initially it published very little fiction, it absorbed World Fiction in March 1923 and thereafter ran a couple of stories per issue at least.

Issues & Index Sources:  Aug-1922 – Dec-1924: FictionMags Index
Publishers:   The Houston Publishing Company, 9 East 37th Street New York City
Editors:   Arthur Bullard, Herbert S. Houston, Malcolm W. Davis, Harriet V. Wishnieff, Harald Toksvig & Sara Robinson
Prices:   25c
Pagecounts:   128pp
Frequency:   monthly

Our Young Folks

Total Issues: 106

One of the first American children's magazines to focus on fiction rather than moralistic articles. Published work by Thomas Bailey Aldrich, J.T. Trowbridge (his Jack Hazard stories), Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, John Greenleaf Whittier, Horatio Alger, Mayne Reid, Edward Everett Hale.

Issues & Index Sources

  Jan-1865 – Oct-1873: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)

#merges with St. Nicholas


  Ticknor & Fields, Boston


  "Gail Hamilton" (Mary Abigail Dodge), John T. Trowbridge, Lucy Larcom


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Our Young Folks Weekly Budget

Noted for serialising three novels by Robert Louis Stevenson, "Treasure Island" (1881 - 1882), "The Black Arrow" (1883) and "Kidnapped" (1886), as well as the adventures of Tim (King) Pippin and of Jack Valiant by Roland Quiz (Richard Quittenton).

Entitled Our Young Folks Weekly Budget, 1-288; Young Folks Weekly Budget, 289-431; Young Folks Budget, 432-447; Young Folks, 448-733; Young Folks Paper, 734-1074; Old and Young, 1075-1353.

Incorporated into (?or Becomes): Folks at Home

Issues & Index Sources

  2-Jan-1871 – 21-Jun-1879, as Our Young Folks' Weekly Budget
  28-Jun-1879 – 27-Jun-1891, as Young Folks
  4-Jul-1891 – 11-Sep-1896, as Old and Young
  18-Sep-1896 – 29-Apr-1897, as Folks at Home


  James Henderson, Manchester (based in London from 1873)


  James Henderson (to #108)
  Miss Sarah Holland
  c. 1878 – ?: H. Clinton
  1884 – 1885: Robert Leighton
  J. Harwood Panting


  large tabloid (folio)




  16pp; 8pp



Our Young Men

"Articles by and about young men of note, examples of self-help, inspiring stories of success, literary sketches, and high-class fiction."

Issues & Index Sources:  c. 1904
Publishers:   Partridge
Prices:   1d
Pagecounts:   24pp
Frequency:   monthly

Ouseley's Magazine

Total Issues: 3+3=6

Issues & Index Sources

  Jul-1909 – Nov-1909
  Feb-1910 – Apr-1910


  John Ouseley, London


  Walter Burton Baldry


  monthly, though no issues for Aug-1909, Sep-1909, Dec-1909 or Jan-1910

Outdoor Adventure(s)

Total Issues: 16+

Issues & Index Sources:  Aug-1955 – Apr-1959
Publishers:   Outdoor Adventures Publications
Sources:   It's a Man's World
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Outdoor Antics

Total Issues: 1

Issues & Index Sources:  May-1950: FictionMags Index
Publishers:   Utopian Press, 22 Roland Gardens, London SW7
Prices:   2/6d
Pagecounts:   32pp

Outdoor Stories

Total Issues: 13

Last issue cover in Pulp Culture (p.172). Followed immediately by Over the Top.

Issues & Index Sources:  Sep-1927 – Sep-1928: Adventure Fiction Index
Publishers:   Street & Smith Publications, Inc.
Editors:   Edmund C. Richards
Formats:   standard pulp
Prices:   20c
Frequency:   monthly
Sources:   The Adventure House Guide to the Pulps, Ultimate Guide to the Pulps
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Paperback sized magazine that features writers from various countries, including both fiction and non-fiction.

Issues & Index Sources:  in 2000s

Outer Darkness

Total Issues: 35

Also published annuals in 1995 & 1997.

Issues & Index Sources:  199? – 1998: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   1312 N. Delaware P1, Tulsa, OK 74110
Editors:   Dennis Kirk
Formats:   octavo
Prices:   $2.95
Pagecounts:   52pp
Frequency:   mainly quarterly
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The Outer Limits: An Illustrated Review

Total Issues: 2

The Outer Limits was a television program that ran from September 16, 1963 to January 16, 1965. It offered 48 first run episodes (one episode ran for two weeks). The stories were both science fiction and horror. Each show featured a monster and some surprisingly good writing. This "magazine" was an affectionate backward glance at the show. The two issues contain a synopsis of the stories as well as commentaries on each, photos and interviews. There were supposed to be two more issues.

Issues & Index Sources:  1977 – 1978: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Scorpio13 Publishing; Cleveland, Ohio
Editors:   Ted C. Rypel
Frequency:   annual
Sources:   Science Fiction Index
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Outer Reaches

Total Issues: 1

"We're looking for stories of high adventure in the deepest reaches of space. Whether it's good old-fashioned space opera such as early Robert Heinlein or grand visions such as the writings of Stephen Baxter, we want to see it and everything in between."

Issues & Index Sources:  Winter 2010: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Black Matrix Press; Grants Pass, OR.
Editors:   Guy Kenyon
Related Sites:   Science Fiction Encyclopedia
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Originally a magazine promoting the fresh outdoors and active pursuits; by early 1900s ran a lot of adventure fiction: authors included Jack London ("White Fang," 1905); plus Clarence E. Mulford's first "Hopalong Cassidy" stories (1906 - 1907).

Absorbed The Wheelman, a bicyling enthusiast magazine, in January 1884. Full title was Outing, a journal of recreation from May-1882 - Dec-1883.

Issues & Index Sources

  May-1882 – Dec-1883: Index to Periodical Literature
  Jan-1884 – Mar-1885, as Outing and the Wheelman Magazine: Index to Periodical Literature (FicMags sample issues only)
FictionMags Index
  Apr-1885 – Jun-1905, as Outing: Index to Periodical Literature (FicMags sample issues only)
FictionMags Index
  Jul-1905 – Apr-1913, as The Outing Magazine: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
  May-1913 – Apr-1923, as Outing


  in 1882: W.B. Howland, Albany
  1882 – 1883: Outing Pub and Printing Co, Albany
  1884 – 1885: The Wheelman Co, Boston


  Caspar Whitney (from 1900)


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The Outlander


Issues & Index Sources:  in 1950s
Publishers:   The Outlander Society, South Gate, California
Editors:   Rick Sneary and Len Moffatt


Total Issues: 1

Semi-professional magazine.

Issues & Index Sources:  #1, 1946: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Outlands Publications, Liverpool
Editors:   Leslie J. Johnson
Formats:   digest
Prices:   1/6d
Pagecounts:   40pp
Related Sites:   Science Fiction Encyclopedia
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